Sex with uncle
I am reema here coming out with the new story i received lot of response for the story how i surrender to my uncle adesh everyday their where more then 50 mail hence i could not respond to all the mail.any way i am writing my new reality with my uncle adesh involving his dil (daughter in law seema ) many had asked about my vital statues my figure is 38. 36. 38. I am little plum in figure but quite fair. After my encounter with uncle adesh that night we had one more night to have sex as my fil was discharged uncle went back to his native. After around 3 month has passed uncle adesh along with his dil & son came to visit us as his son was going abroad they came to see him off to the airport they arrived in the morning & his flight was in the midnight. As they came to our house seema was insisting my mil to send me to the native & my hubby did not had any objection so my mil also agreed to send me my daughter & son with them. We where about to leave the place next day early morning.

We started our journey from delhi at 7 am which was around 5 hours drive uncle adesh was driving the car (suv) where as seema was sitting in the front seat with uncle & i along with my kids sitting in the rare seat. As we left the place uncle started talking & telling jokes we all where laughing my daughter & son was sleeping we where on the highway with light music & some of uncles joke after some time my son started crying i lifted him on my lap & gave him the breast feed keeping my sari palloo on his face uncle was seeing from the front mirrior & said to remove my sari palloo & show the breast to which seema & i laughed, i behaved as he said then he started telling that his penis are hard, seema touched his penis & said to remove it she will shag it & seema was pressing his penis. After some time my son went to sleep i kept him aside uncle told me to remove both the breast out as he wanted to see. I told him to keep patience & concentrate on driving. Then uncle kept quite & kept driving. I was getting bored & seema was sleeping i some how taught of teasing uncle. I droped my sari palloo & showing him the cleavage he was looking into it & said let us reach home i will give you the best sex of your life, i said laughing really then i was sitting by keeping my palloo down. After some time uncle told that he want to stop for a loo he stopped the car in an idle place where their was lot of farms. Seema also got up uncle while getting down said if you people also want to loo do the same, as i had never loo in open i was feeling awkward . Uncle opened his pant zip & removed his penis which was long & hard i was just seeing it, in the meanwhile seema lifted her sari removed her panty & sat down to loo, uncle was seeing seemas cunt & told me to do. Hesitantly i lifted my sari removed my panty & sat down i was feeling ashamed uncle was continuously staring at my cunt, then when i got up he hugged me & pressed my breast from the side & said you are too sexy, we all will enjoy. I was somehow got hot.& sat in the car, while entering the car uncle pressed my ass very hard & then we followed the journey we reached the native at 12 noon aunty was waiting for us she hugged me & my children & took us in. I was given the separate room i was settling down in the room & my daughter had gone out in the veranda to play. After some time we all had lunch & i had left to my room with seema to rest ,aunty was getting ready to go out to the market i and seema was resting in the room aunty had taken my daughter to the market. We both where drowsing as we where tired, suddenly uncle came in our room we did not realised he came next to me & started pressing my breast. I woke up as also seema, he took both of us in his arm & started pressing my breast in one hand & seema’s breast on other hand & kissing both of us. We where scared as aunty will come he said the main door is locked & aunty will take at least 30 min to come he was caressing with his hand, he hugged me in both the hand & said i always have sex with seema, today he want to enjoy with me as last time, i was surrender myself to him, he put me on the bed & uncle came upon me he was pressing my breast & rubbing his hard penis on my cunt he lifted my sari & removed my breast out from my blouse & started to suck my nipple i was getting horny & started making noise like aaahhhhh hooooooaahhhh. Seema was seeing all this, as the time was short, and aunty was expected any time uncle was rubbing his penis on my cunt, after some time i licked in my panty & he also licked in his underwear. We separated & suddenly their was a bell on the door. Uncle made him self comfortable & went to open the door.

I locked our door, as my condition was not very good, if aunty will see me in this condition unnecessarily will become an issue. I adjusted my sari & went to sleep. Seema condition was not good she was hot & wanted to lick, she hold me tight & started pressing her breast with my arm, i was bit annoyed with her action then she freed her self & started pressing her breast & lifted her sari & rubbing her clit she was going in good pace & sounding aaahhhhh ahooooo ahhhaaaaa i remember myself doing the same when my hubby is out on tour. She came out with her spumes & she was very much relaxed. & was sleeping in the bed, after some time i asked how she surrender to uncle, as she knew my story, as uncle has said her about his encounter with me & that’s why they planned to bring me to their village.

Seema said when she came newly married to this house uncle was very free from the first day, as she went to touch his feet on first day, uncle took her in his arm & gave a tight hug, after some time when she was settled in house uncle was always free to talk with her, as her husband use to be out all the days, uncle got very friendly with her & started telling jokes, sometime even with some dirty jokes. One day as aunty was out for full day & even her husband was out of house, she was alone with her fil ( uncle adesh ) that day she realised that look of her fil. He was looking at her breast , ass & her walk & many times he use to touch his penis in front of her, anyhow she did not take the things seriously. Same day she realised that while taking bath her fil was peeping from the hole in the door this made her situation little awkward & he also use to touch her when ever it was possible. This was going down for quite a while, one day she had a fight with her husband as he was leaving in the night for some business tour. She got angry had a fight & also that night her mil was not in the house, her husband said something which made her cry & left the house she locked her room & sat inside after some time her fil was knocking the door for long time she opened the door & went to her bed, he came near her & started moving his hand on her head & telling her to relax. She was still crying he took her near her in his arm & started moving his hand in her back she was relaxing & did not object what he was doing, he some how relaxed her & made her laugh with his jokes. She was still in his arm feeling warm he was moving his hand on her back & her face. She was getting hot with his movement she did not say anything he slowly moved his hand on her breast she bit objected but as she was hot & she did not had sex with her husband for a week she was enjoying the moment. Her fil did not move his hand from the breast ,she also left him on his own, he was moving his hand on her breast & slowly on the tits & started pressing it softly, she was now enjoying his move he made her lay down on the bed & he also lied next to her he started removing her blouse & started sucking her nipple. She had already surrender herself without thinking he is her fil. She was enjoying the moment after some time he lifted her sari & started rubbing her cunt. She was moaning with sound ahahhhahahhhhhhhh ahoooooahooooo he slowly mad her nude & he also become nude & started inserting his penis in her cunt he made her cum & stroked her hard. She enjoyed the moment, after that they regularly started having sex. They both experienced many position & had sex wildly since last one year.

This was the first time that fil would have two dil in his arm, after hearing seema story we had gone for a sleep, we slept for few hours got up & went to fresh up. Had tea & sat in the evening in varandha chatting around, after sometime aunty told us that she will be going to meet her sister for three days in a near by village. At around 7 o clock she left with uncle ( who had gone to drop her ) that was around 2 hours drive & they both left. I & seema went for cooking food for our self, as uncle told that he will have his dinner in his sister in laws house. After finishing our dinner we went to our room & made my children sleep, it was around 11 pm seema came to my room & called me out, she took me to her room & gave me a nighty it was silky & quite loose, she was also wearing the same type of nighty her nighty was blue, where as mine was pink.

seema was looking very sexy she has a good figure 34. 32. 34 i changed myself with transparent black bra & panty, with sexy looking pink nighty. We where sitting in her room talking about here & their. At around 12.30 the door bell rang & uncle was on the door, seema went to open the door as uncle entered the room, he was amazed to see seema with this dress he got horny & started pressing seemas breast & lifted her in his arm & brought in the bedroom & kept her in the bed he saw me & came near me & started smooching me & moving his hand on my back & breast. Seema came from behind uncle & was holding him tight uncle took both of us in his side with both his hand on our shoulder, with touching his palm on our brest & took us in the bed, he removed his dress & was totally nude he came upon us & started lifting our nighty & he came upon me & after removing my nighty he was wild & removed my breast from my bra & started sucking my nipple & then told seema to remove her nighty. She was on her bra & panty she came closer to uncle he was pressing her breast with his hand & told seema to suck his penis seema was sucking uncles penis & uncle was sucking my nipple & moving his hand on my cunt & sometime on seemas breast, uncles penis was hard & strong he removed my panty & bra made me nude & he lifted my leg & started inserting his penis ( with condom ) in my cunt . Seema was very hot too he made seema stand & while inserting his penis in my cunt he was sucking seema cunt, we both where moaning ahhhhahhhhahhh ahoooooaoooo ahhhhahhhh hhhhhhhhhhh uncle was inserting very hard, i was wild he pushed harder & harder aaaaahhahhhahha ahhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhh he came with his spume. I also discharged my spume, he started licking my spumes with his tongue. Seema was wild in the other side she lied on her back, seeing this uncle got up & went near seema & started licking her cunt she was holding uncle hair & trying to push him as hard as possible towards her, seema was pressing her breast with her hand uncle told me to suck his penis, i started sucking his penis after some time uncles penis was hard & strong has he had while inserting in my cunt he then lifted seemas leg & started inserting in her cunt she was moaning aaahhhahhhhahh hooooooahhhhhh he was stroking harder & harder after some time both of them licked & all of us were very tired, we went to the bathroom & cleaned our self, after that i went to my childrens room to check them, they where asleep. I came back uncle me & seema slept in the same bed totally nude, in the early morning 5 am again we all had sex this continued for 3 nights after that aunty came.

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