Sex with two sisters
Hi everyone this is NIKKU again I am here to share another of my experience with swati Let me tell you about myself I am NIKKU with a average built body and live in Punjab. I have been enjoying sex with a girl named swati who lives near my place. We study in the same class and mostly study together and enjoy ourselves in between.

As the time passed we used to visit each other’s house more frequently. With time I had formed an image of really good boy in her parents eyes. Our families also came to know each other very well. Swati has brother who studies in 6th class and a sister named priyanka who studies in 11th standard.
Our school exams were about to start from next week and swati and I used to study together. We spent our whole day in each other’s house studying or feeling each other. I used to stay at her home for quite late. Her parents never objected to it as I was a really good boy in their eyes but her sister priyanka was quite suspicious about us and used to keep away from me. She was making things difficult for me as we had always the fear of being caught due to her constant eye on us. One day their mother told me that next day they have to go out of punjab due to death of their relative but swati and priyanka couldn’t go due to their exams. She asked me if I could stay at their place for one night as she was feeling it unsafe to leave the two girls behind alone at night. I instantly agreed to it. Next day when I went to swati’s place at 8 pm I was surprised to see the ever-suspicious priyanka welcoming me at the door. She was wearing a black gown and was looking quite good. When I entered swati was sitting in the room wearing a pink coloured gown and she was just looking stunning. I asked her what led to such a change she told me that she has told priyanka that we were having sex and she is missing all the fun. So priyanka thought that she should also enjoy her life. Then priyanka entered the room and swati asked her to join us in the bed. Priyanka was quite nervous but then got hold of her and tore her gown. She was not wearing anything under her gown. She was looking as beautiful as her sister but she is heavier than her sister as swati is very slim. Priyanka had boobs of size of a tennis ball which were larger than those of swati who had them of lemon size. But swati has made progress with me massaging her tits. Priyanka’s butt was also quite heavier.

Swati started to disrobe me and priyanka was watching with curiosity. As swati pulled my underwear down priyanka closed her eyes as she had never seen a fully-grown cock. I went close to priyanka and put her hand on my penis she opened her eyes and started to feel my manhood. I caught her face and started kissing her we both fell on the bed while kissing. Swati started to give me blowjob while I was kissing her sister I inserted my finger in priyankas cunt. She screamed with as she was still a virgin.
Swati pushed her sister aside and started to kiss me priyanka started to fondle with her pussy as she was getting hotter and hotter. Priyanka said to me “come fuck me I am dyeing to have your lund inside me”. They both wanted me to fuck them first they were fighting with each other then told her that first she should watch her elder sister getting fucked because you are still a newcomer to the world of sex.
I grabbed swati and gave her a long kiss. Then she took her position and I took mine behind her. I opened her legs wide and inserted my entire rod in her in a single shot as she is quite big now with all my fucking. I fucked her very hard moving my penis very fast in her cunt swati cried with pain as I had never fucked her so hard. She came in no time and after few I also came in her cunt. After watching all this priyanka was scared of getting fucked. I consoled her that I will not fuck her so hard swati also told her that pain would go with time. I started to lick her tits then her belly to arouse her again so that its easier for me to enter her. I pressed her pussy lovingly then brought my prick on her entrance and exerted pressure and had not even entered an inch when tears came in her eyes so I stopped for a moment. I told swati to come and suck her sister’s nipple to keep her aroused. Priyanka said that don’t care about my pussy just fuck me. I again began slowly I had entered her completely and moved my horn slowly in and out. She came in no time and Her pain turned into pleasure which was clearly visible on her face. Then I increased my speed and emptied my remaining lot in her. When removed my penis from her pussy it was having some blood on it. My manhood had become limp so we entered into the bathroom were a water tub was waiting for us. That was surprise gift by swati for priyanka and me. We three entered the bathtub easily it was quite large in size. We started to fondle with each other’s body. It was a lot of fun being in water with two sisters who have lost their virginity to me only. I fucked swati once again in the water and priyanka sucked her breasts.Both sisters started to give me a bath applying soap on me especially on my prick. They opened the shower and removed all the soap from me. Then it was my turn and I also washed both sisters with all my love and affection. We dried each and moved into the room.

Swati asked whether I would like to have some tea or coffee I asked her some coffee. While swati went out in the kitchen to make me the drink Priyanka said she was still not satisfied and urged me to fuck her again I fucked priyanka once more quickly as I was also getting tired but it didn’t hurt her that much. Swati came in and we all drank the coffee in the same mug. It was looking very funny to me drinking coffee sitting nude. It was 3 am and I was feeling sleepy so I asked them if I could sleep. We three slept on the same bed completely nude. I told swati that I want to perform an experiment and my penis in her cunt and slept like that hugging each other. When I woke up in the morning it had become small but was still inside her. I wore my clothes and came home as everything was normal. I enjoyed sex with another of my classmate in that month after our exams finished but that is another story so look for it.

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