Sex with own sister
There is something i always wanted to share with other like-minded readers for some time. I want to share the experience i had with my own sister who is now married to my friend. We are not that much orthodox and we sometimes share jokes, but not to the extent of having sex within family members. My sister was two years younger to me and at that time she had just completed her graduation and waiting for admission to post-graduate course. We had two bedrooms in our house and our father used one. My mother and my sister used the other bedroom and i usually sleep in the front hall in the night. But during daytime i sleep in the other bedroom my mother and sister were occupying. Sometimes i have seen her changing her dress after coming from college while i was lying in the bed thinking that i was sleeping. After watching her body with just an in-skirt and bra many a times i have fantasized her while masturbating. She was having an attractive body and tiny breasts. We were usually closer to each other and realized our temptation for each other. Sometimes she would give more sweet views of her beautiful body. She would be scratching at her pretty boobs or rubbing her groin, always staring at me while doing all those. Sometimes she would be scratching her armpits. But when our parents were around, she wouldn’t do anything. I was very excited for the very chance of being alone at home with her. It all happened at the time when i had completed my degree course and preparing for competitive exams .it was during one afternoon after the servant left after the lunch. As both of my parents were working in a local school at that time, my sister and i were alone at home. I was referring to some books for an exam next week. My sister was watching a cinema in tv lying on the sofa. She was wearing a sleeveless nightgown and she was fingering her armpit hairs while watching the tv and she does not shave it off normally.

Her night-gown was slightly pulled up and her legs and thighs were slightly visible from my table. I did not know whether she was doing it intentionally but i could not concentrate on my studies. When she told me” why are you looking this side? Concentrate on your studies!” now i found that she was doing it intentionally to attract me. I told her to switch off the tv and go to bed. She said “ok. I’m feeling sleepy and going to bed. You also close your books and take rest” and she went to the bedroom. That day the fan in the hall was not working so i was sleeping in the bedroom along with my mother and sister. That bedroom was very small and my cot was placed next to her with a small gap in between. After some time i also went to bed. I couldn’t sleep and i noticed that my sister was also moving in her bed. I told her “if you watch movies like that you would not get sleep”. She replied that there was nothing in the movie and that is why she switched off the tv and came to bed. I asked her “what you wanted in the movie” and she told “some kind of romantic stuff”. I told her “you are becoming a bad girl”. For that she told, “you only are the bad boy and i saw you watching my legs and thighs”. I told her “if somebody is showing her beautiful inner things, any guy would watch it even if it were his sister”. She then smiled and turned the other side. I then got up and moved my cot closer to her cot and she said nothing. I slowly moved my legs nearer to her, slightly touching her back. She asked me what you want. I said “i could not see your thighs fully that time and i want to see it now” and there was no reply from her. She moved her body slightly and gave me space to lie down. I lied on her cot next to her and remained still for sometime. Slowly i moved my waist towards her buttocks. Now my rod was slowly becoming harder and was touching her back slightly. There was no movement from her and i could feel my erection and she must have noticed the bulge on her buttocks. Her hips were soft, but firm, round and sexy. I pressed my rod still harder on her buttocks. I slowly picked up the courage, took an initiative and placed my hand on her thighs and on seeing no resistance from her i slowly moved my hands towards inner thighs. She slightly shifted her body towards my side and held my hands tightly. Taking this as a signal i dropped my left leg over her legs and gently started rubbing her thighs. I lifted her nightgown up to her thighs and started massaging her bare thighs. When i slowly reached her pussy, i noticed that she had already removed her panty and i could sense that her pussy was wet. I slowly lifted her nightgown further up and placed one of my hands on her tummy and the other on her sexy buttocks. I started to press her naval part and her belly-button softly. She then turned over to her back now, eyes closed and moved her hands slowly into my shorts and laid her hands for a few seconds.

I pulled my shorts down and moved my penis a little closer to her hand and positioned such that her whole hand covered my prick. She moved closer to me and now her beautiful breasts were very near my hands. She moved her hands over my prick, squeezing it and slowly pulled up the outer skin to rub my rod tip with her fingers and i was already very wet. I fully removed her nighty and loosened her bra. The smell from her armpit was so arousing i first kissed her armpit. She was feeling excited when i started licking the soft hairs while my left hand was fondling the hairs in her pussy. I moved slowly to her lips and gave a gentle lovely kiss. We totally forgot we were brother and sister. We started kissing each other and i found her tongue touching mine. She held me tight in her arms and now my hands were in her beautiful breasts, holding it tight. We kissed each other so much and i started biting her lips hard, but not that hard to make her hurt. I then kissed her chin and her cheeks and she was giving soft moans. Aaahhh…it was great a feeling. I licked her ears and armpits again. She was out of control and moaned. I was getting so much excited by her uuuhhhs and ooohhhs and it was so great. She then stood up and looked at me and smiled. She helped me remove my shorts and she came over me and took off her bra fully. The most beautiful boobs hanging there her nipples were hard and were poking out waiting for me to suck them. I put my lips on her nipples and started sucking them. She lifted her body, as she couldn’t take it any more. While i was enjoying her boobs she asked me to lift up my left hand to look at my armpit. As i never shave off my hairs in my armpit, she fondled the hairs for sometime, sniffed and kissed the armpits. She said the smell was too exciting and i was feeling much excited as it was first time someone and that too my own sister was giving me the pleasure of my life. She also touched my balls and played with them. She was a little reluctant to take my rod into her mouth but i slowly pushed her head over my rod. Once it went inside her mouth, she started moving her mouth in and out. I could feel her tounge over my rod’s tip licking the juice that was oozing out. It was wonderful. I asked her to lie down so that i can kiss her pussy. She laid on the bed and spread her legs. I went on top of her and started to suck her hard beautiful nipples heavily. I lowered more and licked her shapely tummy and gave her a big kiss on her big belly button. She moaned loudly as i licked it like a dog. She spread her legs further to show her pussy to me. I could see her vagina, which was tight and with pinky soft flesh. I could see the love juice coming out of the lovely hole. I then lowered my tongue spreading her cunt with my fingers and started licking her clit. Her juice was tasteless but i enjoyed licking it fully dry. I slowly increased my intensity and pushed my tongue hard against her clit. I licked every part of it. My hand instinctively went on her cunt and started exploring it. I kissed her cunt and i could hardly take my mouth of it. My fingers went into her cunt and her fingers were fondling my stick’s tip and shaking it to and fro. I told her i was going to insert my thing into her. She nodded and moved into correct position. Then i guided my rod through her legs into her wet pussy and it slided smoothly into her hole. I later learnt that she had already enjoyed sex before with my friend whom she married later. She screamed with pleasure and me too. I started the to and fro motion slowly.

She was moving her buttocks up and down to match with my movements. I could see the love juice coming out and she was enjoying every bit of it at that time. Now the penetration became easy and she was moaning for every movement. I removed my rod out when i felt i was going to come out and asked her to shake it as i did not want my cum to go into her to avoid any unwanted pregnancy problems. But she asked me fuck her cunt and told on that day even if the cum goes inside there would be no problem. When i was coming out into her we both screamed, as we could not control our emotions.we held each other tightly and kept on kissing with tongues touching each others. We laid side by side for sometime and finally gave such a passionate kiss we would never forget in our life. Then we went to sleep again. After that incident we never had an opportunity to have sex until she got married to my friend and moved to north india. Now she is mother of two children and i am with one child settled in the south. After our marriage everything got changed and we never attempted to have sex though it is still in my mind. I don’t know how she would respond if i approach her for sex, but i am still waiting for an opportunity to make love with her again.

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