Sex with my teen cousin
Hai friends. My name is raj. I am from kolkata, now at mumbai doing my job. This is for the first time that i am writing a story. It was my long time desire to put my own experience in this web site. But due to several reasons, i was not able to do so. Anyway, here it is. It’s all about my cousin rekha and me. Let me first describe her. She is a beautiful girl having long hairs and small eyes. Overall she is slim but amazing boobs! My god, it’s really great. It’s as big as of an aunty’s.

The incident happened about two months ago rekha my cousin came to our home to stay for few days. She is only 18 years old. Looks slim, fare, short hair, very cute, small cups brest, just growing.

Some day night cricket match was going on the tv. After finished the match it would be around 1.30 all went to go to sleep. I just get out of the drawing room, planning to go sleep. When i was crossing the next room i saw that rekha and one of my sisters daughter is sleeping on the floor. And my two sisters and one of her daughter are sleeping on the bed. Due to very hot the door was open. Due to too many people stayed our house on that day. Rekha was sleeping by door side backing her back and her orna was just falling beside her and her newly grown breasts were showing very smartly. Seeing her in this position my cock became rock hard and instantly i get a bad idea of touching her breast. So i carefully observe all and her who is sleeping in that room, i saw that all are sleeping deeply and i came near to rekha and touched her one breast then i cupped her breast and was squeezing it firmly and was enjoying its softness’ was amazed. Suddenly she moved little and i thought she became awake. But after a while i could understand that she is sleeping. Then again i touched her for several times and left the room for my room.

Next day i thought that what i enjoyed last night nobody knows even rekha do not know about it. But at the evening suddenly the electricity has gone and i was standing at the door of our dining room and rekha was passing me to take something. While passing me she just pinched me. I was surprised at her behavior, because she never does any thing like that with me ever. So i asked her why you have pinched me. She replied don’t you understand why. I replied no. She told me that you are very brave. What you have done last night if some one could see that sleeping on the bed. I told her that i saw that all are sleeping that’s why i courage to do that. And she left that place. No body could notice that cause there was no electricity. After one day my sisters have left for their husbands place. And i see that rekha is sleeping with my aunt that room but the door was closed.

Next morning when rekha was passing me she told me that she wants to give me something if i am interested i said am interested and will come to her room at night and asked her to keep open the door after every one sleeps. According to that at around 12.30 i want to her room and find the door is open and i silently entered into the room and saw that my aunt and she is sleeping. I came near to her lie down quietly beside her and touched her boobs tightly. She wake up with little frightened i whisper to her hare that it’s me don’t be frightened. Then she assured and gives me a kiss. I also kissed her deeply and was rubbing her boob’s ferociously. She became much exited and was kissing me passionately. I then take her to the floor from the bed so that aunt could not hare the noise and voice making by us.

Then i opened her kamiz and salwar in the dark it was not possible to see her boobs but i was feelings her amazing soft boobs. Oh i was in heaven. Then i opened my lungi and asked her to hold it, she grabbed it with her arm and i put my one hand on to her sweet soft pussy. I put my middle finger into her clit she was shivering. Her pussy became wet in her juices, it was so tight. It was paining to her. Then i put two fingers into her and was finger fucking her about 5 minutes. She was feeling great. Meantime my dick became hard by her continuous rubbing.

Then i opened her legs and placed my dick towards her pussy and pressed to get into her pussy but it was so tight against my 8 inch hard cock. I pushed again get half of my penis in to her pussy. It was paining her but i told to wait few moment it will be ok and i inserted the full length by making one more jerk and was moving it slowly. I was in heaven as my first experience and hard rock cock was penetrating her soft pussy, she was also enjoying the move. And after fucking of about ten minutes she has loaded her orgasm and was holding me tightly i also came into climax and loaded my sperm into her pussy. It was so exiting that i cannot express my self properly.

We were in that position holding each other for about ten minutes then i get out my penis from her hole and kissed her passionately and silently get out of the room. After two days she left our home and asked me to visit their home. After that i get one more chance to fuck her in her house when there was nobody. That was another story. I will tell you later.

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