Sex with my elder widow sister
My name is bunny. I have three sisters and one brother. All got married except me. This is the story about one of my elder sister’s. We had a big house. When I was in 9th class, my elder sister is used to stay with her husband and one child in our house. Her son age is also same as mine. That was simmering so all of us used to sleep outside fro cool air. That was around 10pm. All of us went to bed and in deep sleep. Suddenly O woke up and went for bath room. I found that some was bathing in side. I observed that no one is watching me so I can see who is bathing in side. Immediately I climb up the steps. From there I could see that my sister is bathing. I could see her whole naked body. She was around 30 years old. I enjoyed myself by seeing her naked body. She has hairy pussy, big ass her back side and big size boos. I know that I am doing wrong thing and it is a sin. But I couldn’t control myself.

She finished her both and wear saree and went into the room. I finished my hand pumping and went to same bathroom and cleaned mu cum and passed urine and came out. I observed that there was a light in the room. I imagined that she was wearing the cloths and I wanted to see. I went near to the window. It was closed, but I can push the window door slightly without any sound. Surprisingly I could see that there was my sister’s husband. I thought they have decided to have sex after all people went to sleep. My sister directly went him with open jacket and half wearied saree. They were having sex. The position is she is above her husband and giving movements to him. It was awesome to me being first time to see the sex. I am completely enjoying the show.

After some time I went my bed. I am not getting sleep rather I am getting the images of my sister’s sex poses with her husband. Again I had an Idea that I have to see what they are doing. I was going to the same window to see them. But they were come out side and they had seen me. I observed that I was doing drama like I went to there to pass mu urine. And I came back to my bed. Unfortunately, one day he had died with some illness. After few days I came to know that my sister had an affair with one of my cousin. He was at age 40. One day I was sleeping inside the house, and all other my family members are sleeping outside. Suddenly mu mummy came to me and asked me to go out to sleep outside. I thought that because of summer, she asked me to sleep outside, and I feel very happy that my mother cares me a lot than others. I came out and I shocked by seeing their cousin sitting on a chair.

By seeing that I had so many thoughts about why he came this night. I went to my bed; from there I could see all what happening in my home. My mother came out side and went to her bed. Then he went to inside and laid down on bed. After few minutes my widow sister went to the same room. We can imagine what’s happing inside. Immediately I become angry with my mom, but as 13 years old boy I can say anything. Days were going fast. It became two years that my sister’s husband passed away from us. We constructed to rooms behind our main house for rent purpose. We gave one room to our neighbors. They are a couple and a small baby and another to my sister. In that room my sister and her son were staying. In nights all of us used to sleep outside except my sister. One day night, when all were sleeping, I went to that room to have water. I observed that my cousin is there inside with my sister. I am watching them through the window.

They both were naked and my cousin upside to my sister and giving movements. I become erected by seeing that. Suddenly my sister is asking him to switch off the light as anyone from outside might see them. He was trying to convince her but finally he switched off the light. I disappointed with that and came back to my bed. After some time, the light was again been switched on. I immediately went to the window and seeing inside. They finished the sex and wearing the clothes. He forgotten to wear the nicker and only he wear shirt and trouser. I shocked by seeing that my sister is wearing his nicker other wise her son may notice that nicker. My cousin was working in a milk dairy and his duty was at night. He stays 15 km far from our home with his wife. They don’t have children. He used to come to my sister at nights and after having sex with my sister he used to go directly to his office. This become easy for him as his wife may not know that he is coming to my sister.

My sister has a strong desire about sex and so many times she has frightened with my mother and elder brother to get second marriage. But my parents refused her proposal because no one from our family did not get second marriage my sister have hairy legs and hairy pussy. She has also has hair in at her arms. Friends this story about my sister illegal afire I have some work so I have to go now. I will come again and I will tell you they remain story in another post.

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