Sex with my aunty ritu
Hi frinds this is my real life story which i naver thought of. My name is mayur (26) i am a engineer basically from kolkata . Butas my dad & mom both are engineer with a sofwere company .so we settled down in blore .my uncle is in siliguri asis(51) & ritu (50) both are teachers. In the month of sep-08 my unt called that my uncle had a sudden mild stroke , they wanted to go to kolkata in a good nursing. My parents told as he will be in hospital at least have to go & help them out .in i took leve for ten days & reached kolkata . From airport i called my uncle 2 go to the hotel . As they reached kol; before me . They gave me the address of the hotel .that was next to that hospital , very near . After i reached there i saw that this a room of mid class but notwell furnished , i told my uncle that iam going to other hotel as there was no room available in that hotel . Aunt(ritu) .told we will manage as we cannot effort to stay in a very good hotel & this is just near hospital . I told ok. Next day morning me ritu auncle went to hospital & doctor admitted him& told me that & ritu (aunt) that atleast 80 to 90 thousandd rs will be the expense .both came out me & aunt had dinner after telling unclegoodbye .it was around 9 pm.when i saw ritu after 7 yr.

Her fig is she is of abit dark complection.she wore saari, sleevless blouse ,saari under navel. Aher ass was very big almost shaking . Big boobs. Fatty . A typical bengali lady. Hair was step cut . She look like a sex bomb. While having dinner ritu told mayur(all call me mannu) . That i they have got 45 ths with them now where from the money will com . I told see as a elderbro my dad will send money .& i also have with me .cash & all cards . So don’t take tention . We will manage . She was a bit relaxed . While eating i saw her cleavage & armpits with black hair . As i smook i told i am out side u sleep in ber i will get a cot from hoter n sleep in floor . She told no way u sleep in bed its enough for 3 guys . I was standing outside n smooking the door was half closed suddenly i saw ritu is changing saw her in blouse & saari . May be i was there she did not ware any night dress . It was excellent ass, boobs,nevel .all were sexy. I had to musterbate & went to sleep so is aunt. I was thinking how 2 fuck her . At mid night i wanted 2 go to loon . I took my mob . Saw the dupatta was not there on her boobs . Her saari was up to ker knee .i saw with my mobl loght that she was wareing a printed panty . Some pussy hair was comeing out of her panty.

Next day after spending the whole day for uncle treatment . Doctor told at 5 pm u please go . Its there timeing . We told uncle bye. Doctor told you donot worry he will be ok with in 10 days . Aunt was happy. I asked ritu my aunt lets go for a movie in nandan she told ok . We went there . She was waring a sleevless blouse & a saari . In taxi also i was trying to touch her body hads etc she did not tell any thing . After the movie started i kept one hand over her left boos ., she removed my hand @ stared at me . After 2/3 times she did not tell any thing just gave a smile . I satarted pressing her both boobs . My hads were moving over her belly, nevel. Etc . After the movie aunt told me what you were doing with me in hall , i told tried to fell the softness. She was smileing & told i will tell your parents to get a good girl & marry . I told u r the dear.

In taxi also we were talking about private life s . She was making her hair again & again . I saw her arm pits are fullof hair . Asked why donot u shave auny its look ood when u wre a sleevless blouse .
At around 8 pm i told lets go to parkstreet & we will eat there 7 go 2 hotel . I saw a shop where salwar kamiz & womwns undetr garments were sold. I holded aunts hand & gave her a salwar for rs.2500/he told why are u wasting money i have many . I asked the man in fishy way to ask her if she needs any uner garments . He asked & told no . I asked the saler you show her . She pinched me . I bought her 3 sets of branded panty & bra . She told your uncle naved bought me these things . We took the taxi while on the way to hotel i kept my hand on her thigh & started lifting her saari she tried to resist me , the draved was seeing in glass . People in jam also peeping . I lifted her saari took of her panty & kept in my pocket . Saw her pussy was wet full of bussy hair , very thick . Entered room she just hugged me & started a smooching she was telling fotr last 8 months ur uncle did not hav sex with me.

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