Sex with my Aunty
Hi I’m HERUSEN from Chennai. My mother’s cousin sister is living in Chennai. She is 5’4 with 34-26-34 excellent structure with her ass and breast most attractive. She is married for the past 10 years and has two children. Her husband works abroad so she lives alone in her home with her children. This incident between me and my aunt took place a few years back when I was 24 and she was 34 that time. I went there for a holiday to meet all my cousin’s. So once I went to her house and when I rang the doorbell she came out in a maxi that very moment my eyes popped seeing her in a Nightee.

I went in she offered me a drink and was talking to her kids and playing carom. She also joined us after a while she was sitting next to me and she was sitting in such a way that I could touch her legs. Now I use to visit her home everyday to have fun with her kids and also look at her beauty. One day her kids where not available, she called me inside and she told we can play with a naughty smile on her face. I went in and sat in the sofa and I was getting this huge bulge in my pants seeing her ass sway like a swinging pendulum.

She bought some coffee for me and her to drink when she bend down to give me the coffee I got a glimpse of her breasts and bra which was black in color. She sat next to me and she asked what I do these days I told her that I finished my exams for IT and waiting for the results to be declared then I told her I would be leaving to AUS to continue my further studies. While talking to her I could keep my naughty X-ray eyes from her breasts and imagining about this gorgeous woman how will she look without anything. Then she switched of the TV and asked me to join her for playing a game of carom.

She then went in to her bed room and called me. My blood was rushing in seeing this beautiful lady. I went in and she was standing near to the window and I could see that she was not wearing a petticoat normally ladies wear inside their nightee to avoid their view of the panties. She then kept the board in the floor. I again got a view of her milky breasts. Then she sat and while sitting I can see her clean shaved legs, it was shinning in the sunlight creeping through the window and the light in the room. She sat opposite to me and she started striking, I couldn’t believe myself that I was playing alone with this beauty whom I have always wanted to fuck with all my life.

She was playing pretty well as she was concentrating on the game and putting the coins in the pocket I was thinking how could I enter her pocket (pussy). I hit the coins so hard and one coin popped into her night gown. I think it hit her below the neck and fell into her night gown. She was a bit disturbed since the coin entered her dress and she was in some pain I suppose. She then got up and the coin fell down she immediately went to the mirror to see anything happened. Meanwhile I took the coin in my pocket and replaced it with another coin. She came and sat again and told your so naughty hitting the coin so hard its entering my night gown rather than entering the pocketing the board.

I laughed at it and we both kept laughing while playing. Then finally she won the game and meanwhile it was time for lunch and she told me to take the lunch in their home. I accepted the offer and she bought some rice, avial, papadam, sambar, curd and also some pickle. She was serving me and I could feel her on me and I kept moving my hands so I could touch her belly or I could touch her breasts. After we finished the lunch she told me to come to her bedroom as there was television available in her room and she can take a nap while seeing the Television. I couldn’t believe myself the lady whom I wanted all this year is laying next to me in the bed and what a structure she has man.

Any man would love to fuck her till his death, we where talking all family related things and then she asked me when are you planning to get married I told its to early for marriage and I need to achieve more in life. Then she put a question to me which dumbstruck me. She asked me whether I have a girlfriend, I told her I don’t have any girlfriends then she asked why I said since my parents are strict and also it will cause disturbance to my studies I never had a thought of a girlfriend. The next question put me more in trouble as she asked me, whether I had sex with any girl before my answered again was no a big NO. Then she laughed at me and told that it’s hard to believe. I said yes but is not a person who runs behind sex.

Then she asked me do you masturbate I told her I do it once in a while after watching a sex movie. She told if you don’t have sex in mind why would you watch them I told since all my friends’ watch I watch with them and when I get back home I will jack off. She again gave a naughty smile, now she started touching my chest putting her hand across on me and started talking. She then asked me whether I like young girl or a mature woman who is elder than me. I told I don’t have any preference, she then started to discuss about her life with her husband who comes in once in 2 or 3 yrs.

She told she was unhappy with her hubby, I consoled be by touching he shoulders and head for the first time. She now came near me and told she would love to have a husband who is honest and good in character like me. Then I asked her what the problem with her hubbys character is, she told me he has an affair with a girl in abroad. Now while speaking to her I understood one thing that she is badly in need of sex. She then dozed of to sleep after talking to me and while sleeping I had a look at her a body and I could see her milky breasts and her smell her aroma from the body.

Then she turned away from me showing her ass to me. While turning her night gown had gone up and her nightgown had stuck to her ass crack I slowly was tempted to pull the cloth out and smell her ass. I slowly pulled it out and smelled her ass but to my bad luck there was nothing available except the clothes detergent smell. I was a bit disappointed. Then in the evening she got up and did her house hold work and then I asked when will the kids come she told me they will be coming only day after tomorrow. She asked me whether I can stay with her at home as she is alone without her children it’s hard to be alone, I accepted gladly and she told me the milk man will come please collect the milk from him.

Meanwhile she went to take bath and I could here the water flowing from her body to the floor in the bathroom. The milk man came and collected the milk. Then when she came she told thanks and pulled my chubby cheeks with a smile thank you Patrick. Now when she was walking I could see a difference in her she was walking more seductively and she whore a white color night gown which I could see her bra and panties to my surprise she was not wearing a petticoat. Then I understood she was up to something tonight and I thought tonight will be my chance to have this beautiful woman.

I then went to the drawing room to watch Television and she started cooking evening dinner. She finished the work by 7 PM and she came to the drawing room and told lets have diner and told her it’s too early she told lets have dinner early and watch some movie. I agreed and she went to the dinning hall and I followed her to the dinning hall. She was wearing a white color bra and white color panties. We had dinner and she asked me to come to her room after she calls me suppose she was going to do something in there. Then she called me and I went into her room and she was inserting the CD of a movie.

I asked her what movie was it she told you watch it you will love it. The movie started, the movie was a English movie and it was a XX movie. As the movie was going on to switch of the lights she got up and she went near the television and I could see that she was not wearing the panties and bra. I was first surprised and then thought since she was wearing it all the day she must have removed it to free herself from the elastic. Finally she came near me and laid down and she took my right hand in her and left hand.

As the movie was progressing she was caressing my right hand mean while my pant was having a bulge on it since watching the hot scene in the movie. There was a scene in the movie in which a young guy was having sex with a elder woman than him. When the movie got over she went to the toilet, I think it was to relieve her pressure or to pee. Then I went when she came and it’s not for jerking off but to pee. She went and laid down on bed and after I returned she turned her ass to me and pretended to go to sleep. This time I was acting as sleeping and put my hand on her and was touching her breasts and moving my knee to her ass and rubbing. Then she started snoring, and I got a bit more guts and slowly started feeling her hands. Then the snoring suddenly stopped and a voice came out what are you doing with your auntys breasts. Man I was shocked and was afraid of the consequences. Then she turned towards me and told, what happened why you stopped feeling them.

I never spoke she came near me now and hugged me with her legs on top of me and she pulled me to her breasts. Now I understood her feeling and started kissing her and she told she did not have sex for the past 2 and half years. Then I started kissing her lips she responded well she opened her mouth so that I started exploring her mouth with my tongue and she was exploring mine with her tongue. Meanwhile I was pressing her boobs for a very long time and started to pinch her nipple and she took her right hand and placed her hand on my dick above the pants. I asked her shall I make her nude, she told me what your waiting for I am all for her and told me I can do anything with her. I asked her to stand up and she stood up on bed and I removed her night gown in a swift, by pulling them from her legs to her top she lifted her hands up and I could see some hair and I could get the smell of the deodorant she used from her armpit.

The other thing I noticed was that she was having a dense forest like hair in her pussy and he breasts where 36dd. Her nipples where brown in color and they where so nice and soft to feel in hands. The nipples where a bit like a grape. I kissed her once again and she told me to take of the cloth I took of my clothes and was nude in front of her. My dick came like bamboo stick and pointed towards her belly she caught my dick and started caressing it so smoothly and pulling my foreskin up and down. Then I made her lay on the bed and started kissing her so well she really got excited and we both exchanged our saliva. Then I sucked her boobs one after the other while sucking I caressed the other vice versa.

Then I kissed her on her neck lips again and then bit her earlobes and licked her armpits. Then I kissed her breasts and bit her nipples a bit and then moved myself towards her belly button. I kissed and rolled my tongue in her belly button, her belly was having some stretch marks on it but they looked good on her. Then I slowly kissed her hairy pussy she almost squirted and she giggled. Then again I went on top and kissed her on her lips and she told I making her excited by every move she never had this much excitement with her hubby, then I slowly started pressing her pussy and inserted my finger in her pussy and then while sucking her breasts her oozing liquid came out from her pussy and I took and sucked it in my mouth. Then she put her hand across my neck and started kissing me more passionately.

Now I went down to her pussy and opened her pussy lips and started to lick it pretty well she was raising her hip for every move of my tongue. Then I inserted my tongue deep in her pussy and started tongue fucking her. She then started moaning and making sounds like uhhhhhh ummmmm I love it Patrick and then I started licking her pussy and finger fucking her with my two fingers. She moaned loudly and she told ohh ummmm sshhhhh aiyo! Kuta you’re so good where you learned this ummmmmm. Now she moved her finger on my hair and started to press me on to her pussy. She had her first orgasm.

Then she looked at me and told your really good, then she started rubbing my dick and she asked whether she can suck my cock and I told yes I love it to, she started sucking my cock so well her warm mouth and lips on my cock sent a electric shock like wave on my body and I started enjoying as I was a virgin I told her I may cum soon she told no problem. Then I told am going to cum now its cumming ahhhhhhh and I shot the load on her mouth and she did not drink since it’s not good for health. She then moved to the wash room to pee I told her am also cumming to washroom she told you naughty come on in then she sat to pee I told wait I want lick her pussy while she pee she told your completely a different guy with a smile and I went near her pussy and started licking her pussy and then she started peeing man the urine was so hot and billing while I was licking I inserted my finger she screamed aooo Kuta ne endhasugam tharuna kuta ohh amay.

She finished peeing and I told am going to pee she told me to pee on her then I told ok and peed on her face then we both washed our face and moved to the bed room and then we moved in to the bed room to have the real stuff. I asked her whether there is any condom she told what is the necessity I told since it will be safe for both of us she told she is in her loop and don’t worry and after hearing this I kissed her and she told me after breaking the kiss that she wants me to enter her. I took my dick and placed on her pussy but couldn’t enter as it was my first time and then she took my dick in her hand and guided me to her pussy and asked me to push.

I pushed slowly and she caught my hands and put her head back and arched her self by lifting her butt from bed. Then I increased the pace slowly and then she told fuck me really hard tear my pussy off you fucker fuck me hard really hard these words turned me on and started fucking her really hard and I started feeling her juice then she had a jerk of her body and I think she had her Orgasm and my cock was slipping in her more easily than before.

Then I told her am going to cum she told cum in me Patrick ahhhh ummmm ohhhhhh aiyo! Then I cummed inside her pussy and we both collapsed on each other. She told me not to take the dick out let it is in since she likes it being in. Then she started kissing me meanwhile my dick got limp and it slid out of her pussy. She told she never experienced like this before with my uncle. I told it was my first time and I was surprised that she loved. She told me that any woman will love this kind of stuff being a new person to bed. The room was filled with the musky smell of cum and sweat.

She was kissing me so passionately and my dick again got hard, she told your hard again would you like another round I said its my pleasure to have sex with you she laughed and hugged me and I sucked her lips and then now I asked her to turn and I started licking her ass she told you naughty you like that place I told yes she told me its the first time she is going to have sex in her ass. She asked me to get some coconut oil from kitchen I told you also come and she came alone with me while walking I was rubbing her pussy and sucking her tits.

We took the oil and came to the room along with her and then applied the oil on her ass and some on my dick and started inserting she first screamed saying its hurting then she told me to do slowly I started inserting slowly and then finally we got into a rhythm and I cummed in her ass and she had her 3rd orgasm. Then I turned her and fucked her on her pussy again, her pussy muscles where holding on to my cock so hard and I cummed in her pussy and shot the load. Like this several positions we did the whole night and we got up around 10 AM. The rest of the part will be continued later…

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