Sex with mother’s sister
When I was young and was just about understanding what sex is thanks to the neighborhood (some older boys, used to hold a competition in masturbating with the boy sending his come the farthest winning it and was treated to chocolates or similar goodies) boys who trained me how to masturbate and masturbate I did, dutifully both in the morning and evening and the more I masturbated the more I wanted to do it again. Time kept on passing and I continued my regimen of masturbation, fantasizing about actresses and girls and women I liked. One of the women I used to fantasies was my Aunt (my mother’s youngest sister-we Indians, call this aunt ”MAUSI”). Mausi was twenty five years of age, beautiful, bit plump but with real big tits. She was married, but still not kids. During my summer vacation, when I was fourteen years of age, my mother sent me away to stay for a month with my Mausi in Dehradun. My Uncle incidentally was a shopkeeper running a general merchandise shop. So I arrived, happily and was given a great welcome hug from my Mausi whose big tits were a pleasure to be pressed against. My Uncle was rather a short-tempered man, busy making money, leaving early every morning and returning late, usually drunk.

One of those nights, I was watching a Hindi movie on the TV when my Uncle returned fully drunk, barely managing to walk and when he saw me shouted at me as to what I was doing so late and asked me to go and sleep. I meekly walked away to my bedroom and put out the lights to go and sleep. However, sleep wouldn’t come, there were sounds and sounds from my Uncles room which just ten feet away from the room where I was supposed to be sleeping. For one hour I could hear my uncle talking to my Mausi, I don’t know what and then sudden silence. I couldn’t get sleep still and then I started hearing sounds coming in whispers both Uncle and my Mausi seemed to be very busy discussing something and then suddenly once again silence and that followed with my Mausi coming out of the room, dressed in her under garments and I saw her rushing towards the toilet. I fantasized about her and masturbated and one finished fell off asleep. Next morning Mausi woke me up and I saw she had a swollen cheek lip and appeared to be rather sad and helpless kind of person. I got up and after attending the daily chores went into my Mausi’s room and found her lying down. I asked her if she was unwell, she answered no she was fine but I could see tears welling up in her eyes. I out of love and more of lust went up to her and gave her a big hug and asked her to calm down and also kissed her on the head, she also hugged me and kissed me full on the lips and she having done this I could feel her breath had become heavier and her tits were heaving up and down.

I also was always hot for my Mausi and in this situation, nobody at home, only me and my Mausi I got encouraged and placed my hands on her tits. She gave me a long look and asked me what I want. I told her dear Mausi, please show me these (tits) as I have never seen a young woman’s breasts. Ok she said, just once. She unbuttoned her upper garment and brought out her massive breasts which were milky white and had black big nipples. I caught her nipples in my fingers and told her I wanted to suck them. She allowed me and suck I did. I went mad with lust and sucked and sucked her, my cock erect and ready and I pressed myself against my Mausi’s body, who was also aroused by my lusty sucking. She however, separated herself from me and got off the bed. She then asked me if I had fucked ever before, I told her NO am still a virgin. She smiled and then said OK Ashish your Mausi will teach you the ”FUCK” and in a jiffy she removed all her clothes and stood stark naked and asked me to remove my clothes as well. I did so.

My Mausi had a fantastic body, those big boobs, those nice arms her sexy midriff and those large thighs and a round bottom. Her pussy though was hairy but I could see a big knob like thing in her crack. She asked me to get on the bed and came and lay beside me. Holding my cock and giving me nipple in my mouth she started kissing me all over. She examined my cock and told me I had a good length though the cocks body was not thick, it was on rather slim side. She said not to worry as by regularly having sex that muscle will grow into a big thick COCK. She then proceeded to put my cock in her mouth and began going up and down on my cock’s shaft gently and very slowly. My cock liked that and got even further inflamed with passion. She then took my cock out of her mouth and gave its head a licking with her tongue. Meanwhile, I tried to stroke her breasts but couldn’t do it properly as she was down sucking and licking my cock. So I in that position simply gave up her breasts and rested my head on her inner thigh and came in close to her Pussy and out of curiosity parted her pussy hair and touched her small knob like (which later I learnt was her clit). Mausi liked that and suggested I lick that small ball and she continued to give a suck. I also gave her clit a lick with the tip of my finger, it appeared Mausi went into TOP GEAR after that I also lost my cum in her mouth which she gobbled up. I having attained my ejaculation, some sanity returned to me but my mausi man was she hot she appeared to be on a pressure cooker and asked me to under the clit and locate her hole and there first finger her and then with the tongue.

Frankly I didn’t like the idea – but once into it, couldn’t back out so reluctantly though I proceeded to give her the pleasure, forming the tip of my tongue and starting from her anus, I traced my tongue passing through her cunt right up to her clit and did that several times which Mausi very liked and after couple of minutes, the moment I brought my tongue to her cunt and inserted it in, she put her hands on my head and pressed me down into her pussy during my tongue deeper and brought her both thighs and clenched me in tight hold and moaned with pleasure. Her pussy threw up her juices and she was flowing like a river and drowning me into it. She then having enjoyed, released me from her tight grasp. I was breathless and ran to the bathroom to wash myself. Mause followed me, naked and in her full glory. She took some warm water and washed my face first, then planted a long kiss pushing her tongue inside my mouth to tickle my tongue, our tongues fought and this brought the fire back. I could feel my cock stirring and trying to raise its head. She then gave my a cork a warm bath and a long suck which brought the already eager cock to its great heights. Mausi was quite pleased and took me back to her room and lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, her crack open and glistening with lusty juice. She asked me get astride her sitting between her legs. She first lay me on top of her, kissing me frantically, bringing her tits to my mouth asking me to pinch her nipples, even bite them, to press her tits hard and without mercy, to kiss her brutally to suck her tongue.

I did all this and having become mad with sex in my head asked her to let me fuck her. She obliged immediately and grasped by cock and placed it on her CUNT asking to me to push and slide it inside. Mausi’s cunt was nice and soft, warm and moist and at the same time tight to touch. I thrust my self at her and slid my entire cock inside her. Mausi’s choot (cunt) was like a furnace and appeared that if I did not spray my cum she might burn inside. Mausi’s face was radiant red, she appeared to be extremely happy and in heaven. I laid on her and sucked her breasts and kissed her. She whispered for me to move my cock in and out (the same way we move our fist while masturbating). So I did that but in my madness the cock would slip out and had to be inserted. So she asked me to slow down and move the cock out from the choot only up to the cocks head and then ram it in again and in the same motion also to press my cock against her clit(as she got maximum pleasure from that). I did it, I enjoyed that and soon in second ”came”. Mausi was not entirely happy as she wanted a long session but then once the cock cums, it loses its tightness and my dear cock also fell limp but inside me fire was still there and I believed I could go on and on.

However, Mausi had other ideas. She got up and dressed and asked me to do the same. Having tasted a FUCK, I wanted more, more and even more. But had to obey Mausi. I then had a hot bath and Mausi served me Lunch (we had gone past breakfast time) and a big glass of milk which was unusually sweetened. I then told Mausi, I wanted to have sex again. She was only a happy and very willing accomplice. We quickly went into her bedroom and undressed. Well, Mausi, was an intelligent woman, she knew I didn’t like the hair on her pussy, she was shaved clean… I simply pushed Mausi on the bed and put my mouth straight into her pussy and gave her furrow the same tongue run. She got charged and her choot became wet and ready. My cock was erect and ready to enter her. I sat between her spread thighs, she asked be put her legs on my shoulders so that my cock could give her choot a real thrust, I did that and slid my cock fully and stopped. I then felt her choot clenching my cock for a few seconds and then unclenching, this was a very pleasurable feeling and Mausi said she had a lot of control on her choot muscles and that she could bring me to a cum with it, without my cock moving in and out. Well I shut her up, with very quick and deep strokes of my cock and took care not to slip out. Mausi enjoyed this. I then sucked her breasts, kissed her our tongues met again and I kept on pushing my cock in and out, making my Mausi moan and moan in pleasure. She asked me to alternate short strokes with long ones with my lund (cock). I continued to pound at her choot, which was flowing with her juices. Possibly she had already come.

Surprisingly, while I wanted to come quickly. I just couldn’t. I kept on fucking her continuously but would not cum. Mausi finding me tired asked me to lie on my back and now she got on top of me. Her breasts hung down on me and their nipples rubbers my lips. I grabbed them and sucked while she pushed my cock up her choot and she rode me feverishly and brought herself to another orgasm. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I wasn’t cuming and my lund was bursting at its seams it had to ejaculate otherwise I didn’t know what will happen. Mausi, knew my plight and took me in her mouth softly and gently sucking and talking to my lund asking it to come. I was in heaven and lapping up each moment. Mausi failed to bring me to cum and suggested we fuck once more in a different position this time. She leaned forward on the bed with her buttocks towards me, her legs apart and asked me to enter her from behind. This excited me and caught my dear lund and laced it between her hips and pushed into her already wet choot. Mausi then asked me to grab her tits and push the last bit of the cock up her choot and stay planted there. I did that. It was a great feeling, her hips pressed against my groin, my lund up deep inside her choot, my hands full of her breasts, my chest on her leaning back and she turned her head behind to meet my lips.

Once again she pushed her tongue in my mouth. She then moved her choot muscles and gave lund a good grasp and ungraspped doing this several times, otherwise our bodies were still, our lips sealed with each other. Fantastic – maybe I should find a better word. Without any movement on the outside, her choot was fucking my lund from inside and I finally came with loads and loads of cum. She quickly disengaged and took my lund in her mouth and drank the remaining cum. Wiped me clean with her tongue and asked me to wash myself and get some rest and that she will see me tomorrow. I was tired too and went into my room and slept. Woke up for dinner ate it. Gave Mausi’s tits a big rub and went off to sleep and woke up to find Mausi sucking my cock and she was bringing me to a cum. She drank that cum and left me finally (as it was about time for UNCLE to return home). Next morning I woke up late, Uncle as usual had already gone. Mausi too was missing. She had locked the house from outside. Any case I took a bath and changed my clothes and found that the breakfast for me was on the table. I ate my bread and drank the chocolate milk switched on the T.V. (having nothing else to do and feeling very lonely). She returned around Mid-day and had gone shopping to bring all goodies(at fourteen I was still a child, so chocolates, sweets, clothes other presents did make me happy-after all I had worked for it).

She then gave me knowing look and man I was a ready customer. Without wasting any further time we shut our selves from the outer world and lay on our playground, THE BED. Mausi and I had quickly undressed. She shook my already erect lund and said that my UNCLE was not capable of good sex and that he had cock not larger than the small finger and that he could get it up only once a month or so. He never licked her choot never sucked her boobs and generally did not do anything to please Mausi. I told Mausi, that I will give her all the pleasure for the whole month I was going to be there and will return again and again to stay with her. Mausi was very pleased. She opened a bottle containing honey and asked me to stand up so she could dip my cock into it. My cock which was hot and erect, found the cold honey as unusual feeling to the cock. Having dipped my lund in honey, she proceed to lick it, well the feeling of cold honey and my hot cock and her hot tongue was exquisite and very sexy. Having given me good blowjob she lay on the bed and asked me to pure honey on her choot and lick it. Honey combined with her juices was great to taste and I licked her choot, her clit and even bit her outer lips . She enjoyed it (slowly but surely I was learning how to make a woman happy) and would thrust her choot up at my tongue now and then and she had her first orgasm, she then asked me to insert my lund un her choot.

We joined together in the missionary position. The honey and her juices, my juices combined together to form a sticky sort liquid which when I fucked her, made her choot difficult to drive the lund in (it had the gummy effect) and when I would pull my cock out, it appeared to bring up the inside of her choot. Mausi was real gem that day and we fucked several times till we got exhausted. I returned home after a months stay, having mastered the art of FUCKING. I used this experience to practice great sex with several women later on in my life. I continued to go back to my Mausi’s place every now and then but my Uncle became suspicious and that was the end of our escapades sadly. (Just writing this old memory has inflamed my LUND and I must quickly bring it to a CUM – the guy deserves it -GUESS Guys reading this would have got a hard-on as well and the those cuties would have had their choots wet with desire my mail id is come online on yahoo messenger and my web page is to read my other stories. Any girl aunty, unsatisfied women, divorsed ladies, want satisfaction can mail me or if u wanna chat with me you can also come online on yahoo messenger also.

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