Sex with mausi
This is a true incident that happened during my 12th class, i was in my ancestral village to celebrate dussehra. Dussehra was celebrated with great festive fervour in our village, and our family was no exception.

Each and every family member used to be present at our ancestral home my favourite pastime in the village wud be swimming, and the rest of time wud be quite boring as i had the habit of smoking i used to smoke on the roof of the house ensuring no one wud see me. Once when i was climbing downstairs after a puff of cigarette, i had a look at the most beautiful scene of my life the bathroom was below the staircase and it had no roof(normal in villages), my mausi was having a bath in it i just cud not move from there as i saw her nude body from the top she was married with one child and in early 30′s and had a great body, her boobs were so round and the nipples on them were piercingly sharp, she had a wheatish colour, which made her even sexier, her ass was so beautiful, even a gay wud change his mind and appreciate its beauty, the pussy had some hair on it, may be not shaven for some 1-2 months i was totally shaken by this, and i cud see that my cock was hard as a rock, after seeing the whole thing i stayed there until she bathed and cud not control and went back to the place i had puff and took the cock out of my underwear, it was uncontrollable, i had to jerk it off, it gave me immense pleasure being on such a high by just the imagination of my mausi the whole day i was thinking about her, nothing else, every time my cock experienced the same hardness like a rock the night was even horrible, i could not sleep with all this going thru my mind the next day i have decided to put an end to this mental disturbance, by thinking about something else, but i could not do so mausi disturbed me a lot, her nude look gave me erections even when i was between other family members.

On the day of dussehra, sweets were to be made and for that jaggery was needed, which was stored in the attic of the store room. My mausi was asked to select the right kind of jaggery for sweets, in which she was a perfectionist, she asked me to help her coz the attic was very high and she was short, i was already rock hard just at her look, i made my mind to atleast touch her on this pretext i climbed the attic and said that jaggery is full of ants and i soon climbed down. She asked me to bring her a stool or table so that she can collect the jaggery by climbing the attic.

I brought it to her, even then she could not climb the attic and asked me to help her, i lifted her by putting her both my hands around her ass and thighs, she cud not climb with ease and i had to put one hand below her ass and lift her up. In this process i took this chance to press her hips intentionally.

It was really great, i cud not wait any longer.

After she collected her jaggery she asked me help her down by putting the jaggery on the floor
I put the jaggery aside on floor and while she was getting down i took her below her shoulders and could press her boobs partly

It was a great feeling, after she got down i said that there was dust on her saree and blouse and started rubbing on her blouse. She understood my intention and removed my hand which was rubbing her breasts. Even then she was smiling and left the store room along with the jaggery.

The same evening she was resting in her room and i went to her room on the pretext of enquiring about dimpy, her child. She said she wasn’t there. I asked her why did she leave smiling after the store room incident “dont you know?” she said i said no “then, leave it there” she said i said her that i wanted to know the actual reason she didnt answer anything i started to appreciate her that she looked the most beautiful in our family “is it, thank you” even after one child you look like a goddess in tv serials she started laughing and asked to stop praising her she stood up and went towards the window, i followed her and said that she adds beauty to her saree, more than the saree adds to her she started to laugh again, my cock was already hard while speaking to her, i moved towards her and put my hand on her shoulder, she suddenly shivered a bit and wanted to move from there i just moved my hand on her abdomen towards her breasts, she started to remove my hand and said “what are you doing?”

I said “nothing”

“are you mad?” she said angrily.

“yes, i am mad for you”

When she was going to shout i closed her lips wid my mine she started to revolt and i over powered her between my arms, after some time of kissing she too started showing interest as it was evident when she running her hands all over me instead of pushing me away. But soon she said that the door is open and somebody may see it i closed the door in a moment and was back on her, she again started saying “no, this is wrong, we cant do that, i am your mausi” i was in no mood to listen and said that these are not old days to still stick to those relations, you too need sex as do i, she started saying “i am married too, how can i do this with you?” i said her just a few minuntes of enjoyment is not going to disturb your family life, letz proceed by doing so i removed the pallu of her saree and started to removed her blouse, her breasts were so firm that the blouse was not easy to remove, i removed her blouse, and bra. Her saree was pinned to her petticoat, which i removed, by removing the pin, later i removed her petticoat too she was totally in nude in front of me, soon i too was nude and we both kissed for some time i moved to her nipples they were so big and round, i started to suck them with all my passion, she was in high mood pressing my head towards her breasts.

I moved towards her pussy which had hair covered on it. She was not putting her legs apart being shy, as if she was a virgin. I slightly forced my hand through both the thighs and parted the legs.
I opened her pussy lips with fingers and felt the pussy lips with my fingers moving it inside and outside
I touched the pussy lips with the tip of my tongue, and stimulated her clitoris with my tongue, she was holding my hair and pressing my head towards her pussy.

I inserted my index finger into her pussy, it was so tight initially, i started to move it in and out. She was really enjoying it, as it was evident from her heavenly gestures. I inserted two fingers , index and middle finger, she started to feel some pain and said to me “what are you doing, itz paining”

I asked her to be patient for a while, she found pleasure in pain, and was arching her back,

She pulled me from bottom and asked “plzz do the original thing, i cant wait anymore”

I obliged and took my cock to the entrance of her pussy, i slightly inserted my cock and found that the pussy is still tight, i put some force and pushed it inside, the bulbous part of my cock was inside her pussy, she was enjoying each and every bit of it, moving to and fro, slowly i pushed my entire cock inside her pussy.

She was in such a great mood, that she was asking more “i want more, i want deep inside me”

I started to fuck her like a bitch,she said “please fuck me faster, faster please”

I started to fuck her with all my energy and after 15-20 mins she said “i’m cuming, please fuck me harder”

She came in a few seconds and hugged me tightly, i did not stop fucking her, and then she said “itz paining now, plzz remove it”

I asked her to be patient for sometime and while doing so i too came and fell on her.

I really loved having sex with her.

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