Sex with mami at Pune
now I am posting my first real incident which happened two months back. It was first week of July, I had to go out of station to attend wedding of our relative’s son. I had planned to go there a couple of days early, so decided to stay in a hotel have some good times by having drinks and movie. A day before I was to leave my mama asked me who’s going to attend the wedding from our house. I replied “Me.” As he has shop, he asked me to take mami with me as they had not been on any outing in recent times. I said ok ask mami and let me know. On the same evening my mama called me up and told that mami is ready to attend the wedding. I said that I leaving tomorrow evening at 5 pm. Then later on mami called me and told that she will be at the bus stop by 4.30 pm, I replied ok and hung up the call. My mami is fair, good looking and just 3 years elders to me.

Next we met at the bus stand and 5pm the bus left for Pune the city where we were going for the wedding. As those were rainy days a bit chilly climate and also raining. After 7.30 pm it was complete dark and all other passengers were sleeping. We were sitting on the second last seat. The last was empty and also the seat next to ours. My mami had pulled a shall and was sleeping. I was enjoying music on my ipod. One thing more I would like tell is that I always fantasized her. Even to get her on my bed I had tried a trick (guys who wanna fuck their aunt can try this); I was her coming to my home from the window on 1st floor. I was alone that day, a trick just flashed through. I unlocked the door and keep it open by a minor margin so that mami comes to know it is open and straight away come in. I quickly stripped off myself and erected by LUND and started masturbating. As she opened the door and came in I was standing in the passage masturbating, she saw me n my thick long LUND erected like an missile which would fire at any moment. I did not stop completed it and then put on towel. She was in other room. She was shocked to see me naked and left the place. Later I did try to seduce her but no avail.

Let’s continue the journey, in the bus I slowly rested my hand on her thighs and pretended to be sleeping. My hand was quite near to her CHOOT. She sensed it and pushed a bit far but not off the thigh. I then moved the hand near to her CHOOT. Then I just squeezed her thigh. No resistance from her. Reaching Pune we had dinner and got a hotel room for 2 and went in. We changed the clothes, she was wearing gown and was in my shorts. She was smiling mischievously and was controlling myself badly. We went to bed; lights were off – pitch dark as I can’t sleep in a slightest of light ray. Few mins later I kept my hand on her thigh and then started moving it towards her pussy no resistance. She was tired and was fast a sleep. I took her hand inserted in my shorts, my LUND felt like lightening through it. My hand was on her panty.

Later she woke and stunned to find her hand in my shorts. She felt a bit shy but continued to play with her CHUUT over the panty. I was sure that she is also ready for it and saw her smile as I had tuned on the zero bulb a bit earlier. I then slowly put hand in her panty and I was just stunned n shocked to find no resistance. I took her hand and placed it in my shorts and she started to play with my dick. Soon we were naked and my dick was in her mouth. She was sucking it with passion and pleasure. I was feeling the pleasure of lifetime. Then I took her on the bed and sucked her boobs wildly, biting her nipples and making her screaming in pain n pleasure. Real time started when she offered me her CHUUT which was wet and my LUND was thirsty to fuck her. I got my tongue to the vertical lips of her CHUUT and kissed the vertical lips. She was wet enough to take my LUND in her CHUUT and I was out of my senses I just jerked hard and half of my LUND was in the CHUUT, with one more jerk LUND was completely in and she was moaning. I enjoyed the pleasure and was on top of the fair body fucking her and sucking the boobs biting the nipples and what not.

I felt my LUND spitting into her CHUUT with fire rather than sperms. We fell aside but this was not the end, we again came in 69 position and sucked her CHUUT for quite a long and she was irresistible on my LUND. No word between us just pleasure was felt and we could see it in each others eyes. I got her in doggie position and applied oil to the asshole and my LUND. Slowly but surely I inserted my LUND, as its thick she screamed out of pain as I inserted in. After a few jerks again mami was in pain n pleasure. I just kept uttering MAMI….MAMI….MAMI, then I took her face in her of my LUND and spitted all over her face finding her gulping my sperms. Friends this was my real incident with my mami whom I adored a lot and finally after a long wait I got her on my bed nude, naked to be mine for next couple of days. Today also whenever we have chance we do not miss it

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