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Fun play with bhabh sanhi all, I am jack (changed), a regular reader of iss. I would like to present my true and odd experience with my own bhabi. I don’t know why and when things happened like that but I enjoyed that. With more horny I would like to present the story. I am aniket from virar. I am 19. The story happened just 2 months back when my bhabi came to my home here. My bhabi was just stunning with figure approx. By 34d, 26, 32 my brother and bhabi came here for their trip to temples and functions here on Friday they reached my home by even 6:00pm. I welcomed them and the rest happened with simple chit chat and nothing more. My bhabhi cooked for us and we ate and went to sleep. At night around 11:00 o’clock I heard something from bathroom. I woke up and opened my bedroom slightly to c what is that. The bathroom can be visible by my bedroom which was quite opposite. To my surprise my bhabi just opened the door and went in without shutting the door thinking that no one will c. She slowly lifter her Saree up to her thigh and stopped. She once again looked around and confirmed that no one around. She then lifter up to her buttocks. On seeing this pulse and blood started to swing. I can c her full back where they are just in a shape of round ‘w’. Oh what a site it was my member got erected immediately. I thought of a plan and just without wasting time I opened my door without looking her and with slightly closed eyes as if I came out of sleeping. Then she was pissing slowly and on hearing my sound she just looked at me and opened her mouth wide without making sound and hissed as ooops. But althea way she seemed to be laughing. I too laughed and went back to my room immediately noticing her huge ass. She then washed and closed the door. She walked thru the way before my room and went into their room. That was the incident took me to a state where I dreamed of fucking her right there and I could not sleep throughout the day. next morning they went to visit some places and I gone for my office and when I returned to my luck only bhabi was at my home and she told me that my brother gone to attend one of his friends marriage and she didn’t went with him. I thanked god for the best of my luck. It was just evening 6:00pm I changed and she was still in saree.because in our home ladies should wear only sarees. I took bath and we seated for a chat. I asked her about their trip in. She said ok. I told her to take bath and refresh. To that she said in shy ok. I asked her whether she had cloths for that she replied she did not have enough as the trip wasn’t extended to belong. For that I said why you don’t try my mom’s dress and rushed to the almarah where my mom’s sarees were kept. She came into my bedroom hesitatingly. I said to select her. Then bhabhi told to give any and I had given the silky transparent blue Saree. She asked when she has to wear only Saree by winkling eye. I got enough courage and said that will there be much lucky and I overcome my words not to be in much noticed by giving her a matching blouse and she was about to move towards bathroom I asked her what about inners…..

Suddenly she turned and said naughtily that might be diff in sizes and asked to show some of them whether they can match. She bitted her lip, winkled and moved to bathroom. I felt that this is the golden opportunity to have her with bed. As she went into the bathroom and one by one she dropped her dress over the top of the bathroom door. I imagine the naked ness and aroused. I planned to c her in nude. For god’s grace, she asked me where the switch is. We have a parallel switch outside where one can on/off by that outside one as the inside one will be at a little height. I found my luck by saying it is at a height I will make it on if she doesn’t mind. Then she told me that ok but must not c back as she will be hiding her at the back of the door which she opens. I agreed and went in bathroom. The fragrance aroused me and a tent is formed. I can get glance of her bare hands and legs but not the imp ones switched on and suddenly acted as I slipped and now I was just below her two legs which were wide apart just nude. Imaging the scene, I was dumbstruck as she was wet with water and water was running dip by dip from the bush of her lovely cunt to my mouth. She just closed her eyes and said oh no. I raised my hand and caught her bush immediately without wasting any time with my hand. She shouted noooooooo. But that shouting was not in anger but in shy. I took advantage and held her both inner lips wider and to my surprise she bent towards me by her kneel and hold my hand towards her melons which I didn’t seen yet as I got only pussy on me. She is squeezing her boobs and pushing my mouth into her inner thighs and oooohhhhh is the words uttering. We don’t have any words. I am dumbstruck and doing what she wants as I knew that I got her convince and brother will be coming only after 2days I have plenty of time. I am sucking her lips and squeezing her boobs.

Suddenly she came in my mouth with lots of love juices hesitatingly I drank some. Just after that she stand and left everything and went away to her room and closed the door’s was a bit upset with that but got courage and keep quiet in hall watching TV. After 1 hr she came back and went directly into kitchen without looking at me. While cooking she saw many times me casually but no mark on her face. I got confused but know that whatever I do she won’t object. But I didn’t dare as there is lot of time. At 8:00pm she asked me to have dinner and we have ours. After dinner we sat before TV. She broke the silence and asked me to get some ice creams. I bought 2 family packs of vanilla and strawberry and kept in fridge. At 9:00pm she told that she will prepare something for me and went into her room. I got curious and waited patiently till she calls. She called me to come into her bedroom. I went in there was still dark as I was about to switch on she said no. I said y for that she said plz sit on the floor with head towards ceiling. I did the same and to my surprise she came in the same pose as that of bathroom i.e., she put my head in between her thighs and my mouth just above her hairypussy. But now the smell of pussy just changed into vanilla.. Oh my god i then realized y she want ice cream she had filled herpussy for me with vanilla.. I immediately raise my hand and kept apart those lips and eaten the cream inside it. Then she brokethe ice and said that she had always the fantasy of doing like this. And asked me to be her slave for this day.i replied yes my fucky bitch u can do whatever u want. She smiled and said please put your tongue in my pussy and swing it to and fro. I did it. She bent back so that her ass will be before me and asked me to lick her ass too. I did it. And i was about to burse she said plz release ur semen before me by blowing ur self. I said i cant as i saw ur holes. But she refused and said plz do whatever i do for today and tomorrow it will my turn to be her slave. I said ok and opened my pant in front of her and she said so thick and length and she offered place on her tummy. I just blowed my semen away in just 10-20 jerks and full load of semen rushed towards her pussy hair as i was towards her pussy side. She licked my ass and said so sweet. She asked me to go and sleep in my room and next day morning onwards she will do anything for me. I obeyed her and waiting for my day of tomorrow withoutsleeping thinking what nasty things can be done by that bloody bitch i will continue soon.

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