Sex with My Father-in-Law
I think you might have enjoyed my Story my ATM IS MY FATHER IN LAW. This is continuation of that story.

My name is Swetha. But in my father in law’s house, they all call me as Priya. So I use Priya which means my self. My a sex hungry girl.
My hubby has come from USA. He brought me some sex toys. A vibrator and a rubber Pennis. He used to play with it in my pooku (pussy) every night. But I am not satisfied with it. He could not fuck me to my satisfaction. So my mind is always in my FATHER IN LAW. Really he has a good gun (cock). He knows the art of fucking. So I am finding an opportunity to get fucked by him.

It so happened that Diwali festival is going to come in another 15 days. So my husband proposed to go his native place i.e. my father in law place. I readily agreed so that I can get his cock once again in my pussy and enjoy it.

We went just two before the Diwali. It is small village. My father in law is a land lord. They have a duplex house. Kitchen , Dining and one bed room is in the ground floor and two bed rooms are in the first floor with one hall. We were accommodated in one bed room on the first floor next to my father in law’s bed room. Other family members were accommodated in the ground floor.

After taking lunch, we went to sleep for a while. But I was not getting sleep. My hubby was sleeping. I was thinking what to do.
I went out of the room and I saw my father in law standing in front of his room. He asked me whether we can go upto temple and come back. I agreed. I told my mother in law and with her permission I went to the temple with my father in law.

We sat in a corner of the temple. I asked my father in law as to how he is enjoying his sex with mother in law. He was very pathetic and he started narrating his story as under.

FIL: After I came from your place, I found lot of change in the attitude of your mother in law. She is averse to sex through she was very active participant earlier. I was wondering why she was behaving like this. We usually sleep on separate cots in the same room. One night I asked her to participate in sex, she was reluctant. She said she was not doing well. I said alright and went to sleep. But I was not getting sleep. At about mid night, I saw your mother in law going out of the bed room. I thought she was going to bath room. She did not come back even after 15 minutes. I came out and saw at the bath room. It was a common bath room. The bath room door was closed. I wondered as to where she did go. I heard some noise in the ground floor. I slowly went to the ground floor. Some sound was coming from the bed room in the ground floor. I went and peeped in. To my utter surprise, she was fully naked on the bed and our servant boy was standing naked. I must tell you about this servant boy. When I came to your place, they have engaged a servant boy. He is aged about 18 years. Strong body. Good muscles. He was standing naked. His cock was fully erect. She was sucking his cock. The boy was pressing her shoulders. She was moaning and screaming loudly. She was crying ” Ore, aa modda tondaraga naa pookulo pettara” He then sat in front of her on the bed and widened her legs and pushed his cock. She was giving jerks. He was pushing it with great vigor. “Sssssssss, baaga dengara. Abba chala bagundi ra” she was uttering these words. I was standing and watching the game. I did not get angry. It is her pussy. She can get her fucked as she like. He pushed his cock with great vigor in and out. He filled her cunt with his cum. She got up and cleaned his cock foread with her tongue. She started sucking his cock. It once again got erect. Then they changed the position to 69. He was lying down on the bed and she was on him. She was holding his cock and sucking it. Pushing her head up and down. He was licking her pussy. All of a sudden he took a bottle and poured some oil in the hand. I came t know it was castor oil. He started applying it on her ass. She was smiling. She said ” Tondaraga kaaniyi. Tellavarutundi.” (Complete it quickly. Day may commence). He applying the castor oil in her ass. Inserted his fingers into her ass and making them to move in and out. Then suddenly she got down and bent holding the side of the cot. I thought they were trying to fuck in doggey style. To my utter surprise, the servant boy pushed his hard cock into her ass. She was screaming loudly. She was asked him to fuck with speed. He pushed his cock in and out in her ass. He was pressing her butt. I got aversion on her at that moment. I did not mind for her fucking with servant boy because I also fucked you. But I did not approve getting her fucked in the ass. From that day onwards, I am not fucking her now she was asking me to fuck. Like that I am starving. Now you have come and I should utilise this opportunity.

Priya: Do not worry Mamayya. I am here. You can fuck me as u like. You give me a hint when mother in law is asleep. I would come out to the bath room and we can have sex there. One more good news, your son is going to Australia for three months on tour. You may please come and stay with me. We can enjoy.

FIL; It is a good news. I will definitely come there.

We went back home and had dinner. We went to sleep at 10 pm. At about 2 am in the midnight my father in law gave me a signal. Then I went to the bathroom. He is already holding his cock in hand. It is hard. I pulled my night up and bent in the bath room. He pushed his cock in my pussy and started fucking me in doggey style. His favorite position in sex game. I was als enjoying it. Pushing my body into his penis. He filled my pussy with him cum.

After Diwali we went back to our place. My father in law came to our home after one week. My hubby left for Australia the next day. My hubby asked his father to look after me with care. FIL said with smile that he would see all her comforts. He meant something else.

After my hubby departure, we were enjoying our sex day and night.One day he asked me to ride on him. I was wondering how would it possible. He was lying on the bed with his cock erect. He asked me to put my legs on both the sides of his body and asked me to sit on his cock. I sat on his cock. To my surprise, his full cock entered into my pussy. He was pressing my breast and nipples. He asked me to move up and down on his cock. I started moving up and down with great speed and my hair was falling on face. I am screaming with great joy. After some time he filled my cunt with his cum. But the cum was flowing downwards. I godown from him and strted licking his cock. I cleaned his cock with my tongue. I enjoyed his cum. It was hot and milky.

After that we had whisky two rounds. I told him that my sister would be coming here next day. I saw his face disappointed. I told him

PRIYA: Do not worry Mamayya. She will be here for two days and she would go away. She is coming here for some official work.

FIL: Priya. I think your sister is not married.

Priya: Yeah. She did not get married because she brought us to this positiion. She sacrificed her marriage for our sake.

FIL; Priya: How would she satisfy her sexual urge.

Priya: Shall I tell you oncething. She is a lelsbian. She likes me.
That is why she is coming here. She does not like men.
But you should make her accept men.

FIL; Yes Priya. I will do that. You should co operate with me.

Priya: I shall do whatever you want.

We had sex fully on that night. The next day my sister came. Her name is pooja. Pooja greeting my Father in Law and asked her health. FIL smiled and said he is all right and fit for every thing. She looked at him with surprise and went inside her room. She went to office and came home at 7pm. She took her bath and put her nighty. We all had dinner at 9 pm and I and Pooja went into our bed room and Father in Law was in other bed room. I told him to come to our bed room when I loudly give cough thrice so that we can have sex all together.

In our room, she removed my dress and I removed her dress. This is all usual for her. She started licking my cheeks, lips and breast. I was pressing her boobs. She slowly came down and sat on her knees and started licking my pussy. I was holding her head tightly. She was inserting her tongue in my pussy and I was feeling happy. Then we moved on to the bed and we were in 69 position for a long time licking each others pussy. Pooja was at her peak and closed her eyes. I coughed thrice to give signal to my father in law. Pooja was in trance. I got up and sat in between her legs and widened her legs. Father in Law came with cock fully erect. I was pressing Pooja breast and sucking her nipples. She was moaning. FIL pushed his hard cock in Pooja cunt. She felt little hurt and opened her eyes. She saw father in law pushing his cock in and out. She did not say anything, but closed her eyes in trace. I asked “Pooja how do u feel my father in law cock in your pooku (Pussy0″\).

Pooja: Priya it is amazing. I never knew the cock would be so nice to fuck a woman. I want him to fuck me whole night.

Priya: Pooja, he is an expert. He would fill your cunt withhis cum.

Father in Law pushed his cock and moved in and out. He filled his cum in her cunt. He pulled his cock out of her pussy. She immediately got up and caught his cock and srarted licking his cum. I was pressing her breast.

Thereafter we enjoyed fucking in 3some position for a week. Pooja left our place with great sorrow because she was not lucky to his Modda for so many days.

I shall narrate my sex with my Father in Law in my next stories. This is enough for the present. Girls and housewives, please encourge your Father in Law. Look after him well. He will looked after you well. He will look after your POOKU (PUSSY). Father in law is a great asset for any sexy woman to get fuck whenever she wants. I enjoyed really his company throughout his stay.

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