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Hello O9L readers. My name is Rajiv (name changed). This is a true incidence which happened to me when I was 22 yr old and doing by BBA in an institute in Bhopal. I am a 5.8″ with heavy build, average looking guy. At the end of our course we were suppose to do an industrial project, which is part of our course. I had started looking for industrial assignments in the last month of my course. In the pursuit of getting an industrial project I had contacted my mama also, who is a senior level employee in Indian Oil and posted in Mumbai.

My mama asked me to come to Mumbai so that he can arrange an interview with the financial head of his division. To cut it short I went there and got selected to do an industrial project at Indian Oil for two months. I was very excited and there were two reasons for me to get exited – first I got industrial project at one of the premier company which counts in long run and second my mami Mohita. I was exited to think that now I will stay with my mama and mami for two months, as I always have a soft corner for my mami, who is a beautiful woman. I liked my mami since the time she got married to my mama 10 years ago.

Now lemme describe my mami – she is a medium height woman with very striking features of a perfect women. I like everything of hers – the way she talk, she walks and everything. She has got a magnificent pair of boobs and a figure to die for. I always wanted to get near to her (and off course wanted to have sex with her). I use to masturbate a lot thinking of having sex with her. I never have courage to approach her, as I was shit scared of thinking of consequences if she tells anything to my mama and my parents. But there was one thing for sure that I had observed that either she also has a soft attitude towards me or she knows my feelings towards her because in the past when ever I visited their place or she visited our place and giving the first opportunity of getting us alone anywhere she always use to divert our conversation towards something touchy like talking about adult movie or acting in a sexy way or so. But we never got an opportunity to be alone for longer then 10 – 15 minutes. That was the reason was I was excited because I was damn sure that I will get enough chance now during my two months stay at there place to explore her. Anyway that day also come when I left Delhi for Mumbai and was picked by my Mama and Mami from Mumbai Central Railway Station.

We went to Bandra in mamas’ car together and talked a lot about family and all. Mami and me were sitting at the back seat and while talking mami’s leg starting touching my leg. I got very excited with the soft touch of her thigh and my cock started burst ling in my trousers. After reaching mama’s home the first thing I have done was to go to toilet and mastrubate to relieve my self of the sexual tensions building up in my mind. Anyhow I had started my project. Mama and me use to go together to his office and come home together also. This continued for two weeks but in the mean while mami and me became very frank. I had not lost any opportunity to touch my mami and feel her curves, though I always pretend to be innocent and on every encounter I had tried to show as if it has been done un intentionally. After every encounter I use to make new script in my mind of having sex with my mami in a new way and use to masturbate. My mama was an introvert type of person and I was very sure that sex is on the last of his priority. He never seems interested in sex with my mami and always deeply involved in his work and also use to bring his office files home to work home till late. I always use to prey god give me an opportunity to explore my mami and one day he listen to my prayer. It was my third week at my mama’s place when one Friday he told us that he is going to Baroda in a seminar and will be back in 4-5 days.

He said that he is very relieved because I am there with his family and he can attend seminar without getting worried about his wife and two little daughters (Mama and mami has got two daughters – Shriya of 07 years and Saya of 04 years and both of them use to go to school in the morning and only comes back home around 3.00 or 3.30 pm). Anyway I had made plan to not to go on project on Saturday (as my mama wont be in the town from that day) and in the morning I tell my Mami that I have to go through some of the literature, which is with me and told my immediate supervisor also. I set in the living room (pretending to going through literature) but actually I was watching my mami Mohita, as she was busy dusting and cleaning the place. I was talking to my mami also while she was busy and then she ask me ‘rajiv do you have a girl friend’, I said ‘no mami’. She said ‘why, boys of your age always have a girl friend’, I said ‘ ya mami nearly every friend of mine has got a girl friend but not every girl can attract me because I want a special girl to be my girl friend’ she asked ‘ and what kind of girl do you thing will be special for you’ I was enjoying talking to her and in the mean while I was getting aroused also seeing the movement of hers – her beautiful waist, buttocks.

anyway I think because I was getting horny that was making me more and more bold – I said ‘Mami I am looking for a girl like you because I had not seen anyone as beautiful like you’, she gave me a naughty smile and said in a very naughty way ‘is it ! then why don’t you make me your girl friend’ I was completely taken back by her words. She moved away smiling and said ‘you carry on, I am going to take a bath’, I was sitting there watching her walking as she was going towards bathroom, with my books in my lap (actually books were their to hide my other hand which was holding my 07″ cock in my short. She again gave a naughty smile when our eyes meet as she was closing the bathroom door. The moment she went in and closed the door of bathroom I had started moving my hand vigorously on my cock and collected a tissue from the nearby side table and covered my cock eye in order to prevent my cum from spilling around. I come right there but my mind was still aroused thinking about my mami and the feeling that we are alone in the house!! I stood up and thrown the cum soaked tissue in the dustbin and started towards my room.

All of sudden bathroom door open a little bit and my mami poked her head out, she said ‘Rajiv will you do me a favor’, I said ‘anything for you mami, just tell me what do you want’, she said ‘rajiv I am trying to clean my back but my hands are not reaching properly, Will you please apply soap on my back and clean it properly’ hearing these words I felt as if my heart has jumped into my mouth and my throat became completely dry. It took me a lot of affort to say ‘I will’. She disappears inside the bathroom leaving the door slightly ajar, awaiting my arrival. I gathered myself and started towards bathroom. I was completely out of my mind and it felt to my as if my senses have froze. When I entered the bathroom I was greeted by a most promising posture of my life. In front of me my mami was sitting completely naked, crouched on the ground, with her back towards me. She turned her face towards me and said ‘looks like you had not seen anyone like this before, there is soap, please apply it on my back and rinse my back a little back. I was out of my mind and acted like a robot taking a command from his master. I took the soap in my hand and with trembling hands started applying on my mami’s back. There was a shock wave, which ran through whole of my body when my hand came in contact with my naked mami’s back. She was sitting in a crouch positing, hiding her boobs between her hands and legs while looking at me from her side. I had noticed a naughty smile at my mami’s face. Now I had come back to my senses and realised this is the opportunity I was waiting for my whole life. I started massaging my mami’s back all over and put the soap to one side.

Now my hands started venturing into forbidden territories and I had started moving my hands on her bottom. He had sensed that mami’s breathing has increased and heavy. I took one of my hand on mami’s ass cheeks and started massaging there. I said to mami “aap apna bottom zra upr karlijiye taake mai us ko bhi saaf kardun” and without saying anything she put her hands in front and raised her bottom a little bit, giving me a nice view of her ass hole. I put my hand their and slid my hand further to her pussy lips. She let a big moan ssssssssseeeeeeee, and said please Manish give a good massage their. Now I was sure that all the things are in my control, I said ‘mami I love you and always wanted to come close to you’ in the mean while my finger was exploring her cunt lips and with the other hands I was trying to touch mami’s left boob. She turned towards me and directly put her lips on my lips, I had sensed her tongue trying to go into my mouth, and not only I allowed that but also put my tongue into her mouth. She said ‘oh rajiv I was also waiting for this moment since you have come to our place’. She took my t-shirt off and almost tore my shorts away. She grabbbed my penis, n start stroking, dropper her sliva and start licking. I grabbed her tightly closed to me and sealed her lips with mine, in the mean time I put one of my finger in her vagina. She was breathing heavily. I left her lips and laid her on bathroom floor. Now I started planting kiss on her face, neck, boobs while my hands were caressing her smooth thighs and her velvet smooth cunt, which looks to me like freshly shaven by my mami specially for me. I moved my lips from her nipples to her navel, while all the time one of my hand was holding her boob and other caressing her clit. She was holding my head with both her hand and making loud moans. I inched my journey towards her cunt and slowly my lips met her cunt lips. I spread her cunt lips and exposed her pink pussy and place my tongue on her clit while finger fucking her all the time.

Her juices were flowing on my hand. All of a sudden she put both the legs around my head and jammed my head and pushed her pussy on my face with full faced. For one second it looked as if I wont be able to breath, then she had started moaning loudly. That was her first orgasm of the day. I drank all her juices as I had stuck my tongue in her hole. After that she became relaxed and said bring your cock to me I wanted to give you an experience that you hadn’t had in your whole life. She had asked me to lie on my back and then she started sucking my cock. God! She took the whole of 07 inch in her mouth and then she had started moving her mouth up and down on the entire length of my shaft. I was in seventh heaven and it doesn’t took me long to cum. I cried mami take it out I m coming but she hadn’t let me go and drank all of my cum. After sucking and cleaning my dick she gave a naughty smile and come to my lips straight and gave me a deep kiss and said ‘Manish I am going to ride you now and saying that she took my tool again in her mouth and it doesn’t took her long to bring my member back to his full saluting position. She mounted my cock from the top and put her pussy lips on top of my dick. She guided it to the right hole and slid all the way down to the edge of my cock in one go.

Though I felt sudden warmth around the whole length of my member and pressure from all over it because this was my first time into someone’s pussy but it took me to the seventh heaven. She stayed there for a moment with her eyes closed and mouth open and then she started moving up and down on my shaft. Slowly she increased her speed and with that her moans also increased and after two three minute she moan very loudly and fell on my chest, I was aware that she has cum but some how I was still holding the ground and aware that its my turn to repay the debt I owe her. Now I put her on the floor and mounted her putting her legs on my shoulder and started pumping her with all the power left in me. She was making very loud moans and saying please stop now!! Please stop now aaaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaayyyyyyeeeeeee and then I cum inside her but rather lemme say I explode in her and to be very honest I hadn’t cum like that in my whole life.

We laid their spend in each others grip. She gave me a deep kiss and looking into my eyes said from today I am your girl friend, your mama is not interested in sex and we hardly have sex once every three or four months but now I will take care of you and off course you mine. Friends this was the beginnening of a new era in my life. Write to me wether you like this real incidence of my life or not, and then I will tell you more adventures of me and my mam

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