Sex starved MIL
I was transferred to the place where my in laws stay about two years back. My wife and children remained in my native place. I had thought of renting a small house for myself. But my in-laws did not like the idea and wanted me to stay with them as they were alone. So i used to stay with them during week days and on weekends, i returned to my native place. I was 30 years at that time and my mil was aged fil was 76 at that time. I have always been very sex driven and i fuck my wife every alternate day. She is also bit surprised at my periodicity. So when i shifted to the new place, i was not able to release my sexual drive. My mil was always maintaining a perfect figure and she was just like santoor mother.

Her skin was also very smooth and fair. So I began dreaming of fucking her to satisfy my sexual need. My job was bit easier as we used to discuss all topics including sex, drinks etc. My fill always remained aloof from me. He would have his supper by 8.30 pm and immediately go to bed. But my mil would watch TV or talk with me whenever I am at their place. Occasionally, I used to offer a small peg before food and she used to enjoy it. After the drinks we would talk till late night and many times our topic would shift to sex.

On one such occasion, I dared to ask her whether she had a satisfactory sexual life as my fill was about 18 years older than her. And she began to tell her story about marriage with my fill. Actually my fill had married the eldest sister of my mil. But she was always ill and expired. Since my fill was very helpful to their family, my mil that was 22 years old at that time was married off to him when he was 40 years old. My mil told me that they enjoyed sex for only about 7-8 years and that they were sexually inactive for the last 30 years.

I enquired whether she did not feel like having sex with someone else who is younger and active. She replied that she did not want to spoil her married life. She was not sure whether the person with whom she may have some dalliance would keep it as a secret. So though she craved for sexual pleasure she could not satisfy it. The drinks had taken its effect on both of us. Gathering courage, I just remarked that I can satisfy her and assured that it will remain a secret. I told her I will never reveal it to anybody. She laughed casually and asked me whether I was kidding. I told her I was serious and got up and sat near her. I put my hand over her shoulder and pressed her to my body.

My rod was getting excited and our breath was becoming heavy. I told her that she had experienced a tool which is 18 years older than her. Now enjoy a tool which is 18 years younger than her. And without waiting for her reply I put my mouth over hers and began to kiss. My right hand was fondling her left breast. She tried to wriggle out by I held her firm and pressed her on to the bed. Now I was on top of her – kissing and fondling her breast. I kissed her lips, cheeks and neck for about 5 minutes. Then I began to unhook her blouse. She tried to stop it but I told her not worry about anything and just enjoy something which she craved for last 30 years but could not get it.

I removed her blouse and she was wearing a white bra. I unhooked the bra also and her soft boobs were dancing before my eyes. I put my mouth one of her breasts and began to suck the nipple. My hands squeezed the other breast and my mil was moaning with pleasure. As is my habit, whenever I have sex with anybody for the first time, I do not like to prolong it longer as I always want to feel the pleasure of pussy. So I untied her petticoat and removed it. She was not wearing any panties. Her dark and long bushes were making my tool harder and harder. I put my hand on her vagina and began to play with her clitoris. In between, I pushed my finger down to her vaginal hole and caressed the goat. Her pussy was getting wet and slippery due to my rubbing. She was really excited and I was also very eager to enter into her vagina before she had any second thoughts. So I removed my lunge and jumped over her.

I parted her legs and began to rub my tool over her vagina. After rubbing for a few minutes, I positioned by penis at the entrance of her cave and pushed it slowly. Ahhhhhhhmmmmmmm i could hear her moaning. Then i removed my penis for a second and pushed it harder into her hole. Oohhhhhh what a nice feeling, enter it fully and inundate my pussy with your juice – she was shouting. Her moaning was making me push harder and harder into her. I rammed my penis fully into her vagina and began the to and forth movement. With my each push i could hear her moaning loudly oooohhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhmmmm fuck me harder . Tear my pussy and pour your juice. Please cool my pussy with your juice mmmmaaaahhh. My movement became faster and faster and my mil was enjoying my each push. Finally, i loaded her vagina with my cum. She squeeezed the last drop of my cum with her vaginal muscles. I could feel her vaginal mucscles pressing my penis rythmically and i was also jerk my penis inside her vagina to empty the last drop of my cum. She told me that she was fully satisfied as she was enjoying it after 30 years. And it was the first time that she was having such passionate encounter.

i told her that i will make her more happy with each passing day. Thereafter, we used to have sex on every alternate day as the other days during the week was utlised to fuck my sister-in-law who was a divorcee. It was also arranged by my mil to satisfy her youngest daughter as she was also starved of sex at a young age after the divorce.

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