Sex life in school
Hi to all O9L readers! It’s Ashutosh here from Bhagalpur. I am a student of class 9 of S.K.P. school. I have read a lot of story of this fantastic site, and I am very eager to post my own sexual experience that I got from my class sexy and hot girls… First I will tell you about my own sexual habits. I daily masturbate once and watch 2or3 XXX movies daily. I am having a 7”long penis and 3cm thick. NOW come to the story. It was the first day of our practice of the farewell that we have to give to class X. When we reached in our band room we found that whole of the band room was scattered and many of the instruments were destroyed by the rats {the skins of the drums were eaten}.I was the band leader and my sex partners Ayesha and Antra were playing trumpets. We were shocked to see the condition of the room. When we told this to our band teacher he told us that we {I, Ayesha, Antra, and Arun} had to clean the whole room. Arun was my junior leader and a very good friend of mine. He loved Ayesha and I loved Antra. So I told Arun that it’s a good time for us to propose them and I told him that tomorrow is VALENTINE’S DAY. He told that it’s a good idea. After the practice when we went to clean the room then Arun went to office and brought the keys of the band room to lock it from the inside so that no one would be able to catch us and disturb us. When we were cleaning then Arun came from behind and caught Ayesha and started kissing her. I was knowing that she also love Arun but then also she started saying “what r u doing this it is not right “. Then Arun said that just keep quiet you don’t know how much I love you and how I have made efforts to say this but today I got this chance to say this. By hearing this she also turned towards him and started kissing him. They kissed for almost 10min and by seeing these Antra also got started getting wet. I was knowing this and then I saw that my cock also started getting hard enough and it was paining like hell. I got close to her and started kissing her and she also stared kissing me violently. I saw that Arun was in hurry and he got up and locked the door of the band room. He got close to her and starts opening her school shirt. I too opened the shirt of Antra and started playing with their boobs from above their bra. Arun slowly started squeezing her breasts and she started moaning slowly. I directly opened the bra of Antra and I was shocked to see the scene. Her breasts were bigger than the size of two tennis ball joined together. I started drinking the pure milk of goddesses. I opened her skirt and my shirt and pant.

Now we all were in only in our lower undergarments. We were able to feel the smell of the goddess’s pussies getting wet. I and Arun both started licking the balls of the girls and they started moaning slowly… I told Arun I can wait any more and I am going to cum… I was afraid that if I did it here all the love juice will spread and if anyone would come here we would be in great trouble… so I told Antra to open her mouth and I put my tool inside her mouth and four or five strokes I shoot all the juice in her mouth… after doing this I didn’t took my penis because I was thinking that if I took it out then she will vomit all the juice out… she drank all the juice and said that I want more … then I said that wait for a few minutes than you would be able to drink the juice of my and Arun both… Arun also took his penis and shot all the sperm in the mouth of Ayesha… Then I and Arun both opened the panties of the girls… I was shocked to see that Antra and Ayesha both were enjoying it because their g-point was full of their love juice. We started licking their juice and they started moaning very loudly. Then I said to Arun that if they keep moaning like this then definitely someone will come and will caught us. Then arun thought of a great idea and said that this problem can be solved only by one idea. He brought two pieces of cloth and me tie in their mouth… We tied them and then Arun said I can’t wait anymore and he cleared all the juice from the pussy of Ayesha and made it dry I also did the same when Arun started to put his tool inside the pussy it was not going inside because it was a virgin pussy and was very small. Then Arun saw the bottle of oil kept in the table that we used to put in buttons of the trumpets. He put some oil in her pussy and kept some on his tool and started putting his tool inside her body but it was not going and then Arun put his full strength and pushed his tool with a force and with a sudden blow it went straight inside her pussy. Ayesha started moaning slowly because of cloth slowly mammaamssmmss On the other hand I also started doing same with Antra but my pussy was easily going inside her body because I have many time fucked her and pussy had be elongated we started fucking them very hard and then suddenly Arun told that lets some more arrogant he told me to fuck Ayesha and he take care of Antra. I told that will be good and we swap our partners.

Arun was right Ayesha’s pussy was very tight but I didn’t see this and at one stroke I inserted my whole pussy and fucking her. As Arun tool was smaller than me in Antra he could insert two tools at a time. Arun told me this and I thought that we can practice this and went straight to Antra and told Ayesha to rub her breasts so that she also gets wet. I kept my tools head inside the body of Antra and she said not to do this but I told her to just keep quiet and with one stroke I pushed my tool also inside the body of her and now she was fucked by too at a time we did this for about 15 min and it wad turn of Ayesha and I said that her pussy is too so first let me tear her pussy then we will do that till then you enjoy Antra. I fucked Ayesha for half an hour in different styles to tear her pussy and till now she had cum for about 20 times .then I called Arun and said to him that now we both can fuck her and he said let’s get started and we both fuck her for about 20min and now they both had became an whore then Arun told in my ear that we can do their recordings so that whenever we want we can enjoy with and now I am going to cum and I want to cum inside her body. I agreed and took out my cell phone to record Arun again started fucking her and after five minutes he cum inside and her body and for recording purpose he opened the cloth tied in her mouth and started kissing her and started drinking milk from her breasts. I pause the camera and gave it Arun to record mines and Antra. I first put my tool inside her mouth and told her to lick it she did so and after that I cum on her face and then went onto her pussy and started fucking her after fucking her for ten minutes I Cummed inside her and stop the recording then I told them that it’s enough for today and we all dressed up and gave each other a last kiss and went to our home. Now we r in XII and they both and three more girls have became the slut of our school and are fucked every day by some or other our schools principal , vice-principal and all the male teachers have spent a whole night with them and they all have done the abortion also many times.

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