Sex in a rainy night with my aunty
I was 24at the time and after completing my 14th std exam. In the vaccation i came to my aunty’s house in Sultanpur. Since I have no other relative in the town I have to stay with my beautiful aunt who was a widow and was about 38 yrs old. My uncle died in a accident. After that she will not accepted to marry. So that they will stay in single in his house. She had a very good figure of 38 28 32 a real sexy figure.

So i decided to go my aunt’s house. But she will come only 6′o, b’coz she will working as a back office coardinator in pvt firm. So i went to the market after that i came to her house. At that time it was rainy so i stand in front of her home. She come aroung 6.15 at that time it was heavily raining . So she will completly wet. In that scene i coudn’t forget b’coz her body was completly seen by my eyes. My dick was raised and it was in peek, as she came near me her body was too clear to be seen in her salvar suite. While I was watching her booms she saw me seeing her beautiful body to divert my attention she asked me when did I came & scolded me why am standing & getting wet in the rain. Then we enter the house it was too small only two small rooms. She gives me a towel and went to the other room to change her cloths. In that room there is no door instead a transparent curtain was their so i think to seen my aunty while changing cloths. She was removing her cloths one by one as she was facing her back towards the door I was only able to the bountiful ass in the mean time she has changed her dress. She wear a tranperant white color saree without any panty & bra. She will come out, so i change my view to some other place in that room.

As it was too raining it was cold their we had a coffee prepare food our & chat after that we went to the bed for sleeping . As I did not gave any pre notice of coming she was unable to prepare other bed for me so We both were in the same bed. It was too cold we shared the same blanket after some tine she was in deep sleep . I cannot sleep b’coz her body was touching me & her body touch was generating a heat on my body ,my pulse was raising. She was in a transparent white silk sari and wearing white blouse. While moving my hand over her hip my eyes had fallen on her chest. Her pallu is off and her blouse was clearly visible with her boobs, her pallu was fallen apart and i found that she is not wearing any bra inside. Her aroma was slightly visible thorugh her white blouse. And while she was breathing her boobs were raising to double. Which made my cock like a rod. As I didn’t wear underwear it came forward in my pant. I planned to do something in the night with my 7 inch cock.I was real horny now with a strong desire to suck and fuck my aunty.

I saw the opportunity and decided to touch aunt’s breasts when she is sleeping. I thought it is worthwhile taking the chance with aunty. I spread my palm and placed it gently over her left breast. The softness, the shapeliness and the warmth of her breast sent a thrill in me. I cupped her breast with my fingers and kept it motionless for a long time enjoying the rise and fall of the breast. She did not move at all and encouraged by this I did the same to her right breast. Suddenly She caught my hand and motionlessly asking me what r u doing. Who teach all this i am going to tell your mom. I got afried,and told do not tell my mum.

She told ok sleep, little later she turned towards me and asked me are u afried that i am going tell your mum, then she told me i will not tell, i love u so much, do u want to hold my boobs,i didn’t said anything, she sat near me and she lift my lunky and hold my erect penies then she hug me kissed a lot and told after the dead of your uncle now only u are going to do after 5 years.

She gave her saree edge to me and I slowly removing that, she was moving round and suddenly it came off and her petticoat of white color were seen . I stood and slowly pick her hand and sat in the bed. Her nipples were erected and were seen from her blouse. She slowly kept her tounge on my face and inside my mouth and moving in search of some thing. I too felt her sweet after 5min she sat down inthe bed and asked me to remove her blouse. With my shivering fingers i touched them for the second time and slowly went for hooks to remove while removing them her boobs were pressing against my fingers that touch made my dick raisen. Within a min all the hooks were removed and she raised her hands to take off the blouse,

Her nipples were rock hard. I started pinching them. She was getting aroused as her breathes were heavier.She now getting more and more horny and whispering to suck her milk tanks.I started sucking her nipples one by one till it became more than half inch. I poured some saliva in belly and started chewing and licking her belly ,after 5min i rosed and plucked her petticoat thread it came off and had become loose.i removed it downed to legsand found that she hadn’t weared panty. Also she shaved the place neatly so that the pint lips were seen clearly.

It was standing erect with my suck After sucking her for a while I took my mouth to her cunt I parted her cunt lips and put my tongue in it and started to swallow every bit of pre cum which started coming out. I said your cunt is too hot aunty I can feel but could not see as no lights, I like sucking it. I sucked her furiously and tasting and teasing her clitoris. She was moaning, aaaaaaaaaah..aaauchhuhhhhhh uuuhhhhhhhhhhh suck me Jacee. She was too hot now pumping her hips vigorously. After a while I got up and opened my organ and pushed it into her mouth , she took it really deep till my balls. Up and down, up and down as she was sucking she was looking in my eyes. She was tired so she slowed down, but I was really horny I said “come on aunty en sunniya vaila vachuko ” and grabbed her hair and pushed my cock deep in her mouth she started liking it and she increased her speed. I said “oohh aunty how hot and wet is ur opussy.’She was just on fire and talking slutty things..oo dear just fuck me hard ..put that hot cock of urs in my cunt ..mmmm..let me feel inside ur hot cock..and in a few sec she made me CUMMMMMM.

I slowly made her legs apart and kept my cock inside her cunt it wasn’t going inside as it was tight. She told me that she help me and asked to fall in bed . My dick was standing as i am in bed, she slowly stood and kept my dick in her cunt. She turned down her legs and sat on my lap with my dick inside her cunt.she was moving upand down slowly. Wasn’t satisfied with the position and said to her she agreed and told me to go on for 5min as she enjoys the position.

After that she stood up and took me out of bed made me stood to the wall and asked me to hold her tigh she came close and i hold her tigh slowly moved her towards me she hold my dick and kept inside her cunt.i hugged her and she slowly kept her both thighs on my hip and with that my hands were supported her back , with the touch i became aggressive and hold her firmly , she asked to move her slowly front and back i did the same i felt my dick was coming out and in. I enjoyed the position well but i didn’t resist the weight of her and slowly moved to the table beside the bed and made her sat on the table and started fucking her at the same time she was playing with her tongue in my mouth. I fucked her for 5min in that style and i was about to come.

I told her about this she asked me to come out in her cunt so that her cunt filled with my juice. But i asked her to drink the juice by keeping in her mouth, she told me to drink the juice i agreed and my cum had filled her , also she came out of passion by sucking my dick after. She applauded of giving her great pleasure. And told that her dream had come true with this experience. She told me that she knew of me about rubbing her blouse and petticoat over my dick at nights and filled my cum. She promised to share the moments when ever we get chance.

Dear readers, you may be realizing my fantasy after read this story. I am unmarried 24 years old with good personality and staying in good social set up. If any matured reliable / sincere / open / straight unsatisfied wives / aunties / widow / who are interested in sex can contact me through mail for understand each other before real contact, if u agree. Reply me soon about this story and give opinion.

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