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Dear all I am regular reader of O9L, and lots of stories I have seen which inspired me to write my life experience when I was working in a leading telecom company in USA. I am RAJA,

Average guy with 6 feet height with sporty look. I am here describing about a desperate wife Nazeera (not a real name) she is hot, very fair looking 26 years and 5 feet 2 inches height with good shaped boobs,size 38 dd, And her butts are awesome in a good shape.

A typical indian homely lady One of my friend lets call him ‘ MASH” he is a dance teacher who take dance classed for all children and train students for major events. He got a place in the city which is rented from a big shot near their house.

MASH gave me one landline number to call him as and when required. When I got an immediate requirement to call him I dialed the landline number. The other side one lady attended her name is Nazeera ( Not Real Name).

She attended the phone, I requested to call Mr. “MASH” she said to hold and she send some one to inform because the dance class happens in the near by building. Her voice was erotic. The same calls continued and one day I asked MASH,

who is the lady attends the call regularly, he said she is the second daughter in law of the owner. On fine day morning I called and she attended the call, as usual she send some one to call “MASH”. Today she started asking about me “Ningal aara” (who are you) calling Mash

Regularly. I said I am his best friend. Then my friend came and attended the call. The next day I made a call and she took the phone. She said today the dance academy is on leave so your friend is not there, I said ok thanks,

then she said “ Ningal friendinode Mathrame Samsarikkoollo” ( you will talk to your friend only what ?). I said no!, she said she was simply joking. They I said sorry madam I thought you people will be very reserved to talk to any other person. Nothing like that.

Then our conversation continued for a long time. I felt she is coming closer to me with open talk, what are all happened near her house and her family. She took my mobile number and used to call me always. Because her Husband is working abroad and she got a small child of 2 years.

Daily she will finish the house hold work and used to make call to my mobile. The talk will last for hours. One day we where in the discussion about her family member who got divorce recently. I asked what the problem was.

She said the man was addicted to alcohol and failed in his family life. I asked what make him fail. She said “SEX”. I asked her how you know about it. She said her relative said about it. I thought this is the right time to start Non Veg.

I asked are you satisfied in your sex life. She said in my early days I was, but now I am not, I asked why?. She said if you promise me that you will not discuss about this to any on then I will. I said “Promise” She said her husband had a good time

in the time of her marriage and after one menthe he went abroad. After a long year he came and took her to UAE, he is a owner of a supermarket in UAE, every day he will come in the after noon between 1.00 PM and 4.00 Pm to have lunch,

if he wish he will use her to get climax and he used to go on a sleep. Her husband used to return, at midnight and go for a sleep. She said these activities made me hesitant on sex and my sexual life is not that good. I said Don’t get emotional.

Everything will be alright. She said what will get alright. Her husband sent her for her delivery to Calicut back. After the delivery he came twice never had a word to take me to UAE, and he is shellfish to get his climax he is not at all thinking about me.

I said if I say something don’t get angry, she asked what. I said why don’t you masturbate. She laughed and said that is only my relief. Suddenly I asked her “Can I help you to satisfy your needs”. She got stunned and there is no works from her side.

She disconnected the phone. Next day she called and said what you said yesterday made me shock and I was thinking about you in the whole night. I asked what you feel. Leave that matter and we will talk some thing else,

in all discussion I use to come to the same point on her desperation. They we planned to meet. I said her to come to a Browsing Centre ( the centre is very good to have fun). She said no. In evening she called me from some other number and said she is there in her Mothers place

came for a week’s time it is near to my room. When she said that I said now it is easy to come and meet you. She said no my father and mother are here. In the same day I was on a deep sleep I got a call at 11.00PM night. It was from the same number.

She invited me to her house in desecrate, she said to come that moment itself. I asked will it become a problem. She said her father and mother are in the first floor and they slept tight. Went to her colony and found her house according to her guidance,

she called me and she took the wire less phone to guide me to come inside her house, she made all arrangement to enter inside through kitchen. She came to the gate end took me to her Bed room, when we entered her room she said “shhhhh” my son is sleeping don’t make sounds.

I said ok, till this time we never met together. I said I want to see her in lights, she took me to the bath room and switched on the lights. I got surprised!!!!!!, my god what a nice women with 38’- 29-32 size she was about 5”2’ Height and looking fair

and her main attraction was her boobs. I got stunned in the bathroom and she switched off the lights and came out. She took me to her bed and we where sitting closer. She said I called to see only ok, with a smile I said ok.

I slowly moved my hands to her shoulders she said hmmmm. Then I said my dear why do we waste our time looking together can in touch your boobs. She said no. but I made pressure to reach my hands at her boobs.

Awesome I was very fine and smooth from out side then I started kissing her cheeks, she got arose and she started kissing me also. Then I showily removed her top of chudi, visibility was poor in the room still I can make out the shape of her boobs.

I pressed her boobs. And unhooked her bra, It was wonderful ho see the boobs. She said to bite on her nipples I squeezed and made the nipples in my mouth. I was literally playing with her boobs, she loved that action also.

I asked her to remove the pants she removed that, and then I tried to remove her panties. She refused to do so. I asked why? She said we will have fore play and finish; I got disappointed with this and continued my play with her boobs.

I made my self free off my clothes except my trunks. We where on the bed hugging and biting her nipples. I took her hands and placed on my hard dick outside my panty. She got shocked and asked me, what a big dick you have. I smiled and continued with my play.

She started creasing my dick and playing with her hands. She asked me how many lucky women had a chance to play with this dick I said, I have experience with one of my neighbor aunty, she is my guru( I will describe that story later).

She asked did she make this big? I said ya!!!. How he helped to make your dick big. I said her favorite position was 69 and she was a good sucker. She love to have my cum in her mouth. Like that I used my dick from my teen age so it becomes so big.

Suddenly she changed her position and she made me stand, I was surprised on her action she removed my panty and she started sucking my dick. I was flying in a heaven, I never said any thing. She started morning “hmmmmm” ahhhhhhh, shhhhhh.

She was witting in her bed I was standing she took both my hands and made me to crease her boobs. Still she is busy on sucking my cock. Finally I feel like to come; I took my dick out of her mouth and said I feel like to come.

She said not only your neighbor aunty like the cone in the mouth, I too like the same. Suddenly I filled mouth with my cum and she found satisfied Still she never allowed me to remove her panties. I said her to show me,

she said if I show you will start some thing and I will loose my control. She said” this is not a safer periods to have sex, I am afraid of the pregnancy. Ok I will not fuck you, at least show your cunt, with hesitance she showed me her pussy.

It was well cleaned and shaved. It I put my middle finger in to it and found so warm and lubricated. I asked see your pussy wants me to fuck it. She said “hmmmm, kalla kutta, ninte Kali manassilirikkatte” she pushed me out and started to put her panties.

I asked what is this dear you sucked my, why don’t I? With reluctance she said ok. Immediately I removed her panty and took her pussy in my mouth. Using my tongs I cleaned the outer fluid and it tasted nice. I played a lot with her clitoris.

And her “meat spike” when I looked up. She was out of control and closed her eyes. I found he is enjoying it. I sucked her pussy in all possible position and I found she met her climax two times her pussy fountain started to flow in my mouth it made me active and did my maximum.

Suddenly she stood up and changed her position now we where in 69. We enjoyed a lot sucking and liking together. After some time we had lots of climaxes together. When we were lying on the bed, she asked if I allow your dick inside, can you play safe.

I surprised and said ya? She reminded me to take out before I come. She lay on her position and I sat in between her legs to position my dicks. Slowly I rubbed my dick with her pussy she moaned hmmmmmm, haaaaaaa,

eda enthina enne ingane kollathe kollunne” (why are you killing me like this) “akathekku Kayattu kutta”. I entered my dick in side it was so warm and tight. I slowly started jerking with my hip, I saw she is hugging me tight, slowly, slowly I started the speed and.

Our play went a long time because. I hade 3 climaxes already. Her nails made some marks in my back. She got 2 climaxes at that moment. Suddenly I felt like coming and took it out. She asked is it coming, I said yes!

Immediately she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking. Finally I filled all my cum in her mouth. After that activities we where laid on the bed hugging together for a long time. I said I have to go she said. Don’t go today you hide some where here in my room and will go tomorrow.

I laughed and said we will have the same according to our convenience and time. After that she made the same arrangement for me to come out of the house. Still I continue the relationship. We met once in a week.

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