Sex aur Pyaar Ek Nepali Air Hostess Girl ke Saath
she cant stopped her laugh and keep on laughing and said" you know amitt....hehehehe...." ab mujhe laga kya hua....she laugh laugh and now rolled on bed and showing her palm with some sign...i was clueless what she wanted to say...her boobs were juggling that time and nostrils were swellon due to much laugh....huste huste woh boli"yeh tumhare dost ka toh haath mein hii nikal gaya......and she showed her palm to me.....meiney room ki taraf dekha and marwadi came out with emberrasemnt on face and some disppointment too......nidhi mere paas baithi aur usse tease karne ke liye bolne lagii "you know what amit tell you full..." itne mein marwadi ne nidhi ke muh pe apna haath laga diya aur bola" arre kuchh nahii amit ...woh tujhe pata hai na bhai pehli baar tha so control nahi kar paya.....but i was seeing that nidhi is struglling to say me full story but marwadi was not letting her to say.....meiney ishare mein nidhi se bola baad mein batana .......but nidhi was in full mood to have sex so after marwadi it is me who can remove her itchness from her she kept her hand on my thighs and massaging it and asking me by showing her big eyes ....uski aankhein puuchh rahi thi ki kya mein ab ready hoon second round ke liye?????.....i reciprocate in yes and told marwadi to leave her......marwadi ne apna haath hata liya aur lungi pahne huye woh hall ke bed pe lait gaya......nidhi chup thi aur ab woh andar room mein chali gayee thi...mein bhi apni books wagarah band karke andar room mein chala gaya.......andar se meiney darwaja band kiya aur nidhi phir se full nangi ho gayee aur phir se tez tez husne lagii.......uska husta hua chehra pata nahi kyo mujhmein sex jagane laga aur uska nanga shareer paseene se chamkta hua dekh mere lund ne ek min ka time bhi nahi full erect hone mein.....meiney jhat se apna boxer neeche kiya aur nidhi ko baahon mein le liye.....meiney jaise hii uske lips ke apne lips le gaya usne rok liya aur boli "wait...hehehe....please let me tell you know marwadi came in to room ,i was lying that time naked....uska chehra maano laal sa pad gaya ho...meiney usse paas bulaya woh sharmata hua paas baith gaya....meiney uska haath pakad ke apne chest pe rakha aur apne haath se uski shirt wagarah khli and jaise hii i removed his boxer woh kap kapane laga...hehehheeee......sorry i cant stop myself....uske baad i massaged her bums little and when just i touched his lunddd.....ek jet ke saath sab nikal gaya....uska chehra dekhne layak tha......".....woh yeh sab bol rahi thi but mera mun nahi tha sunne ka i start licking her neck smelling her body and my tongue tasting her parts sweat..mmmmmmmm..........meiney usse bed pe lita dya aur apne favourite parts chut ko chatane laga......mein pagal sa ho gaya tha........

meiney usse bed pe lita diya aur apne favourite parts chut ko chatane laga......mein pagal sa ho gaya tha.......mujhe kuchh bhi ahsaas nahi tha ki woh kya suna rahi hai....hawas mujh mein ek dum se bhar gayee thi,uski chut wet thi aur halka juice leak bhi ho raha tha,i always liked the taste of womans pussy juice so without hesitation licked her juice and inserted my tongue deep in her stiffed and greasy tongue gave a current sensation to nidhi and she with a loud moan shivered heavily.......she grasped my hairs and now stopped her laugh and felt my tongue and hands on her private hands was working on her sweet little bums and i was eating her madly.....itne mein woh boli" amittttt.....ufffff....need your hard cock now ....i cant wait......" listen to her i left her pussy and stood up and showed her my long big cock ....she without any words kneeled forward and start sucking it....her eyes were again in full nasha of sex ,her body raises the temperature and start sweating,i am now feeling and smelling womans aroma which is more killing and making me more more and more horny at that time,to her mouth i was also reciprocating by moving my gaand and my lund is in and out from her tight mouth,it is just like i was fucking her mouth,my moans also ecoing in my room.."Argghhhhhhh........nidhhhiiiii you are fucking sex goddess..." she is now seeing my face just to have a look of my sex stomach and armpits are all wet with so much sweats........continuesly fucking her mouth more than 10-15 minutes i felt i will cumm so i withdraw my lund and layed on the bed .....she hurriedly jumped on me and shoved her tight cunt my lund....i stopped her as i was ready to cum so even in some strokes i gave a 2-3 minutes times to normalise my lund and start kissing her and feeling her body.....she was damn excited in sex and kissing all over me from neck to now licking my is first time some one is licking my armpit like clean shaven sweaty armpit she is chewing like anything.......ab mujhe lag gaya tha ki mein kareeb haf hour isse chod sakta hoon.....
bro u r story iz awsmm.I really like it but why u post half story?
wht about geet and wht about u r cousin marrige??????

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