Sex With My Younger Sister
Hi, This is Sujal.. My little sister and I had just finished dropping off our dates after an uneventful night at the movies. Jilly had given Sean a quick kiss on the cheek before he got out of the car in front of his house, and then we had gone to drop off my girlfriend, Beth.

I had just gotten back into the car after a little front porch necking. We didn’t get into it too much because Jilly was waiting for me in the car, but I still really loved kissing Beth. As usual, this had left me in an obvious state of arousal. And as usual, I would probably go home and finish the job myself. Beth and I still hadn’t gone all the way, although things between us were definitely headed in that direction.

It was kind of late, and dark, and I hoped that Jilly hadn’t seen my erection as I got back behind the wheel. Jilly was kind of keeping to herself like she always did, but she certainly wasn’t above teasing me if the situation arose.

I figured that I was safe when I pulled out to start home and she hadn’t said anything. She wasn’t exactly shy, but she certainly had never been one to talk when she had nothing to say, and it left a lot of people thinking that she was a stand-offish kind of girl.

Jilly is quite pretty and very smart. She has blonde hair like Mom, only Jilly keeps hers cut just a little above her shoulders. And she has a really cute figure, if a little on the skinny side.

Not that I had ever spent too much time looking at her. After all, I had Beth, and I figured that I wasted enough time thinking about sex without succumbing to the temptation of fantasizing about the pretty young girl in my own house.

I glanced over at her and she was looking down towards her lap, her hair hanging over her eyes. Just to be talking, I said, “So, what’d you think about the movie?”

She didn’t answer, but turned her head and looked out the window. She seemed to be thinking of something other than our just ended double date. I wasn’t put out, that was just how Jilly was. I was driving through the city park, which was our shortcut home, when she said it.“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

I couldn’t believe it. I was so shocked that I couldn’t even begin to answer her. Not that I had a chance. Jilly waited a couple seconds, and then stood up as far as she could in the moving car, and in one swift motion pulled down her short skirt and panties.

She stepped out of them and then sat right back down and pulled her knees up under her chin, still keeping her legs together. I was still trying to figure out what to do – tell her no, tell her yes, ignore her, and drive the car or what.

My eyes were drawn to her legs, which suddenly seemed very, very long. In fact, looking up her leg from her toes to the side of her naked ass I realized that Jilly had some truly slim and spectacular legs. She was still wearing her shoes – sandals with a cork platform bottom and a small heel. And she still had on her T-shirt, earrings and a bracelet. But I swear all I could see was those long legs.

I suddenly realized that I smelled the tantalizing odor of my sister in heat, and that nothing had ever smelled so good in my whole life. This was what they talked about in all the stories, but no one had ever come close to describing this mouth-watering scent. The thought suddenly flashed through my head that that if I never smelled anything else in my whole life, it would be OK.

“Well, you can’t see much while you’re driving and I’m sitting like this,” she said. “Pull over.” Thoughts of trying to talk her out of this were still running through my head, but I couldn’t even begin to form a coherent sentence, and I realized that my driving was becoming kind of erratic. So I pulled over, parking under a large tree on a back road in the park.

I had barely moved the shift lever to park when Jilly swiveled around in the passenger seat and put both her feet in my lap. She looked out from under her bangs to make sure that I was watching, and then she slowly spread her legs, keeping her feet in my lap.

I couldn’t tell because it was kind of dark, but I thought I saw her begin to blush. Then my eyes followed hers down to her lap, and my first glimpse of a wet pussy. I’m sure you know that your first look is your best and that nothing you’ve ever seen in the magazines or on the net really prepare you for that first time.

I was surprised at how little hair there was. I don’t think that it was shaved, but in the faded evening light it sure looked naked to me. Maybe her pussy hair was just so blonde and fine that I couldn’t see it. But her petite pussy was pink and cuter in person than any picture I’d ever seen. I realized that the intoxicating scent which was making me dizzy with lust was coming from this tiny pair of pink lips.

Jilly looked with me at her pussy for what seemed like forever but was probably only a few seconds. I think she was almost as transfixed as I was. Her hair was down over her eyes as she gazed at herself. Then she reached down with her right hand and caressed herself just one time.

It was as if she didn’t want to get too excited and actually start masturbating in front of me. She shuddered delicately, and then she tore her eyes away from her crotch and looked up at me. I was so mesmerized that I think maybe I was drooling. Jilly delicately nudged my cock with her left foot. “Your turn,” she said.

I still wasn’t sure if this was what I wanted to do, but I knew one thing for sure. I had already leaked enough cum in my pants to make a huge wet spot, and my dick was about to explode just from the friction of my underwear. I knew that if I didn’t get it free soon, I’d blow before I could get it out.

She moved her feet out of the way as I unzipped myself, and then took out my dick. I handled it very carefully, making sure not to rub it. Jilly put her feet back in my lap, carefully not touching my straining dick, and watched it slowly leaking cum. We sat there for a minute, me staring and her pussy, and her staring at my cock. She didn’t take her eyes off it when she said, “You can take off my sandals, if you want.”

Now I don’t have a foot fetish. I mean, I can certainly think of lots of other things to do with girls. But I suddenly realized that maybe I had pointed out how much I liked some of Beth’s shoes perhaps once too often. And maybe I intimated that I liked the sexy pair of high heels on that salesgirl in the mall. Then there was the girl on the TV commercial. I guess that I had mentioned that I liked her cute toes once or twice.

Anyway Jilly had noticed. And I suddenly felt that I had never seen anything quite as sexy as Jilly’s feet in my lap. So I did it. I unbuckled the small strap around her slim ankle, slid the sandal off and dropped it on the car floor. Then did the same to her other foot.

Jilly knew just what she wanted to do because as soon as I let go of her she put the soles of her feet on either side of cock. My shaft was already soaked with pre cum, and she slid the bottom of her feet foot up and down my dick just once, softly. That was all it took.

When her feet reached the bottom of her stroke I grabbed them and held them tightly around my dick as the come poured out of me in an almost steady stream. I thrust against her soles as it flew into the air and then splashed down on her feet and over my cock, all hot and gooey. This was way the hell better than doing me had ever been, and I gave in to the moment, shoving myself in and out of the pocket formed by my little sister’s soles.

Finally my dick started spewing less sperm, and my thrusting slowed. My consciousness started to return, and I was able to glance over at Jilly’s face. She was looking out from under her bangs, with a slight smile on her lips, obviously happy that my warm sperm was running all over her feet.

I sat back, gasping, and was just beginning to wonder how or if I should reciprocate, when Jilly took her feet back, and reached for her shoes and skirt. She stuffed her wet panties into her little purse, and had her skirt and shoes back on almost before I realized what was going on.

I was still trying to catch my breath and stop feeling dizzy. I looked over at her and she was looking out the window from under her bangs, but I could see the edges of an ear to ear smile. “Take me home,” she said. So I put myself back, zipped up, and drove.

As we walked up the front steps to the house, Jilly in front of me, I noticed I think for the first time that my little sister had really sexy legs, and a taut little ass to boot. I was kind of afraid as we walked in that Mom and Dad would somehow be able to tell what we’d done and that we’d be in big trouble.

But they didn’t seem to notice anything. Jilly just told them that the movie was fine, and then went upstairs to bed. As she walked off towards her room I glanced at her feet and saw that my come was still on them, dripping down between the straps and her toes

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