Sex With My Sister Rishika
Hi everyone my name is Vishal I am doing my Eng 2nd yr now and I have a sister named Rishika she is doing her 9th class and we family are of 4members dad mom me and my sister coming to tell about my sister she is doing her 9th class and she has a very good body and good boobs too though she is doing her 9th class she has good size boobs and coming to the actual accident happened

It was the day Saturday and I had a holiday to my college and so I was watching movies sitting at home and my sister went to school and my father went to office and my mom was working at home and as it was Saturday my sister would come back home at 12;00 and my mom was going out for some work and my mother said that sis would come in 1hr so u don’t go out I agreed for that and I continued seeing movies and to say frankly I did not have any feelings towards my sister and my mo also went away and i closed the door and sat on sofa and watching the movie

And my sister came from school she was wearing a white shirt and short skirt till her knees and a pair of black shoes and she came in shouting brother and I was in sofa and watching movie i said her to go and fresh up and change dress and come we would eat lunch she went inside and removed her shoes and went to bathroom and went for toilet and came out she will daily go for toilet after coming from school and she came and sat with me on sofa with the same school dress I said to go and change dress she said show wanted to see film and she would change dress after wards I said ok and she was seeing film

I went to bathroom for toilet and I noticed that she removed her panty and throw there and she did not wear again I went to toilet and came back and sat in sofa thinking about that but I did not ask her anything she was seeing movie after some time she started to sleep on me and watch movie I was totally in tensed what would happened something was running in my mind to touch my own sister but I was not dared for that my dick was totally hard and it was standing in my shorts as I did not wear anything inside and my sis moved lightly hand to my dick side

I was totally tensed and I was not able to control removed my cock out and kept it that my sis would see that it was standing straightly after 5min my sister noticed this and my sister called me and said brother what is this I was speechless she was asking me what is that I said that it was my dick she said why did u remove it out I told I don’t know how it came out and my sister was asking that why it was that much big and how it became like that then I said I was in sex mood so it came out like that my sister was asking why sex mood what’s the problem then

I said nothing till den my dick was out only my sister was saying to keep it inside den I said pls u keep it inside my sister said me I said yes pls keep it inside my sister touched that and said bro it’s too hard and said that she was liked to catch the dick I said that it will be more nice and I said her to move the skin of dick up and down and she was doing that I liked that one much and I said Rishika keep this in your mouth and do up and down it will be like strawberry she said that what this is the thing u pour toilet from this and I won’t keep in wont

I said please u see it will be nice my sister by thinking kept in mouth and was doing up and down my sister removed it out and said that she won’t do I said do for only 5min she agreed and was doing that I was moaning my sister asked brother what happened is it paining I said ya and she said what shall I do then I said her that to remove her shirt and keep boobs in my mouth she said me removing dress in front of u ah we are bro and sis and she did not agree but I pleased her she said okay and she removed her shirt

I was big boobs dr and I caught them and licked them my sister was moaning I made her to sleep on sofa and went down and opened her skirt and I saw pink color pussy there clean shaved and I started fingering my sister said brother its paining pls stop and I started licking it with mouth my sister shouting brother I cant bear stop it pls I removed my dress totally and my sisters dress also and I went and hugged her she said brother I love you I said I too love you and I started keeping my dick in my sis pussy but

I was not going I took some oil applied to my dick and kept in my sister pussy my sister shouted loudly oh hah haha I removed and kept she shouted for 5min and said brother fast and den her cum came from her pussy out and I started to shag my dick and the sperm went and fell on my sis pussy and bobs she said what bro u did like this den my sister cleaned the sperm and her cum near pussy with her skirt and went to bath and came again out but I love my sister she did not say to my parents about this mater I still enjoy with my sister I hope u will definably enjoy this

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