Sex With Cousin Sister – Part II
Hi friends Rinku once again with new story. This is my 18th story on this site. This is the incest story between one cousin brother and sister. This incident happened by chance due to deep burnt desire between them. Once again I want to inform you that this is not my story. This experience is sent to me and I am only a writer of this story.

Let’s introduce characters first. The girl is married and her age is 23 years. The boy is unmarried and he is 4 years elder than that girl. He is maternal brother of the girl. This incident occurred when the girl visited the maternal uncle place first time after her marriage. This story’s location is a village near patna (capital of bihar). There is a tradition there that if a daughter came first time after marriage to her home. Then she will stay at her home at least 6 months to 1 year. But now a day some persons do not follow this also.

Ritika came to her home after 6 months of her marriage first time. She is very beautiful and her face got the blaze after marriage. Her figure also became more attractive. Her figure is 36, 28 and 36. She is very happy because she got loving husband and very good family. She is busy in meeting all relative.

After living 1 month at her home one day his maternal came to her home. He wants to take her to his home in village. She was ready to go her maternal uncle place. There are only three members in their family, maternal uncle, aunt and brother Rishu. Rishu loves very much her sister because he is having not own sister. This is only brotherly love.

They reached at village at evening. Maternal uncle have to go in one marriage. So brother, sister and maternal aunt only left at home. They all are chatting with each other. At 8 PM they all had taken the dinner. Ritika was not feeling well because she had never walked on foot. Today she walked 1 km for reaching at her maternal uncle place.

Around 9 PM she was having a severe pain in leg and suffering from fever. In village 9 pm was very late time. So there was less chance of medicine. Maternal aunt was having night blindness. So Rishu was taking care of her sister. Aunt was ordering her to use wet cloth on Ritika head to lower the fever. She was using blanket because of cold and fever.

He was using wet cloth on her forehead and trying to keep her body temperature cool. He was also rubbing his palms with dry soft cloths. Her lower part of leg was also rubbed by soft cloths. These are the processes followed in villages if someone is suffering from fever.

Aunt was now slept. And Ritika and Rishu were alone at that room. Now fever was lowered so Ritika was feeling hotness. She was fully wet due to moist of her body. So she thrown blanket from her body. Now she was only in nighty on her body. Rishu was sitting at her head. He was now seeing the cut of her boobs. Which were now going up and down because of her breath taking and releasing. It was looking like big balloons were filling with air and in next time they were leaving the air.

Now Rishu was unable to handle his emotions of male body. So while rubbing on her heads his hands are now slipping on her younger sis boobs also. Ritika was in fast asleep because of fever cure. Now Rishu was trying to cup her boobs in his hands and now he was pressing it softly. He felt sweet and soft thing in his hands. Some crispy and salty saliva was running inside her mouth due to hotness of sex desire.

Now he closed the door. He was at her legs and holds her nighty and keeps it up to waist. He sits between her legs and trying to smell her pussy from panty. He slightly moves some part of panty from side and trying to insert his tongue inside pussy. He started licking it like dog. Now Rishu also awoke but she was also in sex desire. Because she tasted sex after marriage but she was hungry for sex from last two months.

So she did not want Rishu to stop. She was acting like slept and enjoying the proceedings of his elder brother. Now liquid was also dripping from her pussy which was licking by him. Ritika was holding her nerve to not make whispering and moaning sound to be created by her mouth. Rishu was now keeping his one finger also inside her love hole and licking her pussy walls with tongue also.

Now this was unbearable for Ritika to hold her emotions. So she moaned – ahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh auchhhhhh. Rishu stopped due to fear. But Ritika now said – no brother continue it I also want it. Come on I will give you blow job and you lick my pussy. Now they both were in 69 positions. Ritika was holding his penis and keeping it in and out in her mouth and Rishu was licking her pussy from top to bottom.

They both were enjoying each other parts in dark night in closed room. They both know that this was a sin. But they can’t stop each other. Now they are wet and want to do the actual fun. So Rishu changed the body angle. Now he folds the leg of Ritika and opened her thigh as pussy mouth will open.

Then he inserted his penis in her cousin sister’s hole. She also gulping his cousin brother penis in her pussy and enjoying the fuck. Rishu was holding her hips and he was on his knees and fucking her sister hard and fast. She was also replying him my moving her hips in front direction.

Amazing and exiting sounds were filling the room. Ohh ahhhhhh ahahah haha ha ha haha ha and all. Ritika was reached her first orgasm while licking by her brother. And this time she reached his second with heavy moaning sound – yaaaaaaaaaaaaa and fucking session was continuing.

After some time she was sitting on the laps of his brother and fucking him from top. Rishu was holding her waist and Ritika was coming from top to bottom in very fast speed. Wow wow this sound was creating from Rishu’s mouth. ghapak ghap ghapak ghap ghapak ghap ghapak. This fucking sound was filling the room in such a quite night.

In next move Ritika was in doggy style and Rishu has inserted his penis from behind and he holds her open hair. And now he was fucking from back to her sister. This was looking like he was riding a horse and hairs of her sister was like holding string of the horse. He was running his penis very fast and hard.

Till this time Ritika had reached her third orgasm with heavy moaning sound. Now Rishu was also feeling to cum. So he stopped and keeps his penis out. This stopped him to cum. Now he was sucking her boobs. Now he wanted to fuck her ass. He started to enter in her ass. But Ritika was feeling the pain.

So she want to stop him but he convinced her with his words that don’t worry this will also give you new and exciting joy. So she agreed to feel this pain and joy. He inserted some part of his penis inside ass and started moving his penis in slow speed. Rishu was feeling the pain but she was also wants to experiment the ass fuck. He was running his penis slowly. Within some time his full penis was inside her ass.

Now Ritika ass was being fucked by Rishu. Hard and fast fucking was going on. Ghachak ghach Ghachak ghach Ghachak ghach This was the new sound while fucking the ass. After some time Rishu also about to cum. And he released all hit hot liquid in her sister ass and filled her ass with his material.

After that Rishu left the room after wearing his cloths. Rishu also wore his cloths. But sleep was far away from her eyes. She was feeling ashamed on this act. So she decided to never meet this brother again in life. He returned to her home in very early in the morning in spite of stopping her maternal aunt. He also not visited her maternal uncle’s village in the marriage ceremony of Rishu even. So friends, how was the story?

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