Sex With Cousin Nisha – Part III
Hello All, I had published my sexual exploit stories with my cousin Nisha. This is my third story. In my previous 2 stories I had fucked my cousin Nisha alone. But in this story of mine I had a third person named Sundar. I along with him, fucked my Sister Nisha. And one more thing, Sundar also fucked me.

I was having regular sex with my cousin Nisha, I was getting bored of it, I wanted fun and enjoyment so, I talked to Nisha. ” Hey Nisha will you mind if I get you one more guy and we both will fuck you “. She said ” Cool, I have no problem, anyhow I am getting bored of your sex, you get tired and you are predictive I want a stronger guy with new ideas “.I thought, ” Damned you bitch, I fucked my best but you still not satisfied , I will show you what the real fuck is”

As Nisha is my cousin Sis so I couldn’t go for my local friend as he could know that I am incest so I started finding someone on the internet. I chatted in the chatrooms and one fine day I got a Guy from Delhi named Sundar Singh. I chatted with him and found him very brave, straightforward and passionate. I slowly started seducing towards him and his personality, I thought he could be the other guy,

He was not interested in males so he used to avoid chatting with me. I then told him about my hot cousin Nisha, and told him while chatting, that I am incest and I have been fucking Nisha for past 1 year, she wants another guy, we can have group sex. Sundar was excited; he started taking interest in me. I was also desperate to meet him. I showed him few photographs of my Cousin, he said mind blowing. He said, ” are you serious are you not joking with me. Will I relly fuck her? “. I said yes Sundar, You will, but I want something in return. ”

He said, ” Anything for this girl brother. ”

I said you will fuck me also.

He was shocked, ” No I am not into men’s, I will not. ”
I said then forget it.

I didn’t replied him for few days, he then said ” Ok. but while doing sex with Nisha, I will stroke few shots in your ass.

I said ” Ok done”. I asked him for a week time to arrange all the tings.

I took his phone number, ” I informed him of the venue and time ”
He said ” Get ready I am coming “.

I discussed the whole matter with Nisha. She was also excited. She was also excited, She said I am very excited. The venue was my friend’s farm house whose keys I took from him. And the time was of course night. I picked up Nisha, and dropped her to my friends farm house, I asked her to do all the arrangements and I am getting Sundar.

I went to railway Station. As he arrived I was shocked to see him, he was 6 feet tall, I could imagine how big his cock would be , I thought, ” Tonite will be fun. ” Sundar Singh was muscular, with long face and mature look, he was having X-factor, I thought my choice was best, nisha will be happy. Sundar Singh greeted me, and said, I can’t wait. I said neither can I.

On way to farm house, I made planning with him and also my fucking. He said first I will fuck your cousin, and you will watch, then we will both fuck and in the end I will fuck you both together. I agreed and we then drank some wine in order to do the dirty. We arrived in the farm house. I asked him to slip inside while I park the car, Due to some problem I got some late in parking the car, I thought what they both will be doing inside.

I thought they would be hesitating and feeling shy. But as I entered inside, to my utter surprise, Nisha was roughly being hugged and molested by Sundar Singh. I thought that evil gaint is crossing the limit, he will kill Nisha. I entered but still Sundar didn’t stopped. I said, ” Sundar, she is all yours lets go by plan. He stopped and then the play starts. Are you ready guys and girls for one of the dirtiest fuck where a 6 feet muscular giant fuck a guy and his cousin. It is one of the dirtiest threesome you are going to see:-

Sundar was commanding he removed the clothes of Nisha, I too removed my clothes, Me and Nisha were all naked. Mine was 5 inches, and I was pressing Nisha’s boobs and was sucking her nipples, I tried to lip kiss Nisha but saw that she was all surprising, I look back, it was Sundar all naked with his 8 inch long cock. We both were surprised. Sundar hold Nisha by her hair and took her mouth towards his dick she forcefully put his dick inside her mouth.

Nisha never took that much big dick inside her mouth, she could take half. Sundar became more forceful and asked her to remove her tongue outside he now put his dick inside her this time it was more. Sundar asked me to take some snaps and video. I made video.
He then said me to suck her pussy to make it wet, I leand down and was sucking her pussy while Sundar was lending his cock for sucking, Sundar now took his hand and patted my round white ass, ‘ O my god his hands are so rough.

I was feeling pleasure. He suddenly inserted one of his finger inside my ass. I was moaning,’aaaaaaaa’. Nisha started looking at me she was enjoying, so was I. I made he pussy all wet. Now he asked me and Nisha to lie down with faces together. Now he was inserting his dick alternatively inside my mouth and my cousin’s mouth. He was more enjoying putting dick in Nisha’s mouth. Now he asked me to suck Nisha’s ass and make it wet, I agreed. He started playing with Nisha’s bumps, slapping, with her boobs and nipples.

Now Nisha said, ” guys i am bored I want both anal and vaginal together. We then started doing it, I lied down and Nisha lied on me, I slowly inserted my dick inside her tight ass, she was moaning , uuuuuhhhh, Sundar then started fucking her pussy, he was slow in the beginning and then he became fast , and the whole 9 inch dick of his was inside Nissha’s pussy. She was having sweet time, with two guys fucking her. After some time,

Adhitya stopped and sat on the sofa, he was gaining some energy, me and Nisha were all left. I lied down , Nisha was feeling a bit horny so she came close to me and Said, Thanks for the wonder feel gift. I asked her suck my ass. She obeyed she lifted my legs and started sucking my ass and made it wet, Sundar now approached towards me and in one stroke inserted his dick inside me,

It was awesome feeling, I was in top of heaven, I hold hands of Nisha, she sucked my manly nipples. Sundar was giving nice strikes to me and ans was saying, You are better than your sister. And then he cum inside my ass. It was like hot lave inside my ass. Nisha then started sucking her wet cock. Sundar then went for re energizing and for a shower. I and Nisha were all left, she started sucking my ass and drink the cum in it. I then lifted her and started fucking her pussy, she was enjoying, I asked who is the best, she said, ”

You both together on me. I said “Don’t worry darling we have whole night ahead. “. I then cum inside her pussy, she too went for a shower. I was also exhausted; I then went for a shower and rested. In the middle of night, Sundar fucked Nisha 3 times on bed, bath room, on roof, in fields, they were doing 1-1. I saw them doing on bed, with Sundar below and Nisha on top, giving jerks to Sundar. After that I went to Sundar and asked him to fuck me one more time, he said Ok.

Nisha was at that time sleeping, Sundar fore played with me and rubbed me all over, he sucked my manly nipples and was also inserting his hands inside my ass. He then asked me to suck his cock. I did it, he was enjoying and then he started doing with me, with good speed, I was enjoying as he was fucking. This was the entire story. I hope you guys might have enjoyed it. Me and Nisha are very thankful to Sundar for wonder full fuck.

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