Sex With A Teen
Jayanthi completed 18 years of her age. She
was studying Inter II year and her exams were in the month of March. On
her birthday myself, and my wife along with my children went to
Jayanthi’s house and spent whole day there. In the evening, there was cake
cutting by Jayanthi. Her lot of friends present there.
I organized the entire birthday party for her. She cut the cake and took
the piece of cake and put it in my mouth first. I was surprised. Because
her parents were also there. But nobody seemed to be surprised. Every one
knows how much care I take for Jayanthi and they were under the impression
that I am treating her as my own child. And they also knew that Jayanthi
loves me very much and she takes my name for every reason and for every
cause. But she has given me a big preference and she shared the cake first
to me. After that we all had great dinner in her house. I felt very happy
on her birthday for the affection and love she shown on me.

I thought of not disturbing her till her exams are over. In the last week
of March, she completed her exams. So she is very free now and no work
until the colleges re open again. She was a commerce student and hence
there is no problem for her to enjoy the holidays. In April month, I
planned a tour to OOTY.Entire family members of Jayanthi and my
family members enjoyed a lot in that tour.
We enjoyed a lot in the mountains. That was a great trip and we had nice holidays there.
Around 7days we were there and we enjoyed a lot.

Even though, Jayanthi is with me in the tour, I have not hurried or shown any
signs of my love towards her to the team of our family members. Jayanthi
also, as I told you earlier, she was a fully matured girl, she well
behaved. But always she used to sit to my side in entire tour and feels my
body touch to her body. I knew that she needs my touch and even I want her
touch to my body. Every one thinks that because of our great affection we
are sitting together always. I love Jayanthi very much more than anything in
the world. It is unfortunate that she is daughter of my Uncle. I
have not had any guilty feeling for loving her. I thought she was my right
and I am having right to love her. We are not blood related, then what is
the harm in loving her. (I thought this in beginning of our affair and
after that I never got such feelings in me).

Now she was grown little bit. Her boobs size reached to apple sized nearly and they
were very round and very firm. Her mother taught her lot of exercises and
taught her to keep fit her body always. I can say Jayanthi is stunning beauty
even today. She maintains her body perfectly. I think her mother taught her
many things for the body maintenance. Some times (very occasionally) Jayanthi
wears Half saree (which is traditional wear for lot of girls) and I will forget
to shut the eyes and will see her beauty like
that and love to see her beauty always. I can see her round boobs & nipples through
her blouse from her side angle. My mouth waters immediately after seeing
the such lovely breasts. Till May end we used to play in our previous
method only that is as i told in my earlier story,oral plays only.
Her college may open in July 3 rd week. In those holidays
Jayanthi regularly (I can say every day) visited my house, we
used to go to restaurants or movies. When she comes to my house,sometimes I have
enough time to play with her.I used to strip her and Play with her boobs. I love to
suck those lovely nipples and love to squeeze her lovely tits. She was
addicted to my cock and she loves to suck my cock whenever opportunity is
there and she loves to suck my cum fully. I made her to lay on the table
and used to lick her cunt to her satisfaction. Whenever I lick her cunt,
she used to press my head very hard towards her cunt. She lifts her hips
to meet my mouth and I can say that she loved each moment of my licking
her cunt.

In june 2nd week, I was planning for a 3 days trip for my business
to CHENNAI. When I announced it to Jayanthi, she told me that she also
accompanies me for this tour and she can stay with me completely for those
days without our families around. I loved the idea. Immediately I changed
my plan and told her that I need 3 days only for my business and we will
stay one day more without any work and also told her that we can enjoy
that day and advised her not to tell anyone that I have 3 days work
only there. I asked her to take permission from her parents. She
immediately took the phone and called her mom and said her that she wants
to go to CHENNAI along with mama(mama means uncle) i.e., me because she
has not seen CHENNAI till date and she wants to see the places and also told
her that she wanted to do the shopping of modern dresses in CHENNAI which
is famous for lot of western culture. Her mom told her, Don’t trouble
mama. He will be busy in his business affairs, and you will be obstacle
for him for doing his business. Jayanthi convinced her saying that,mama
told me that he will take me to his business visits and it will be
helpful for me to build my carrier after my studies. She also told her
mom, that is the reason she took the commerce for her graduation. Somehow
her mother is not convinced with Jayanthi. It is not that she got
suspicission or doubt on us. She is under impression that Jayanthi may behave
childish and may be burden for me to take her to my business visits.
Jayanthi handed over the phone to me and I convinced her. I told her that
taking Jayanthi along with is purely my Idea and I told her that I provoked
her to come along with me. Then she convinced and said ok. I can see the
happiness in jayanthi’s eyes when she got ok signal from her mom. Then I
communicated to my wife also that I am going for a business tour to CHENNAI
for 4days and I also communicated that Jayanthi also accompanying me. She
also wanted to come along with me. I don’t know what to say but I kept
quite but waguely said her OK. I don’t know how to avoid her for this
trip. If I say no, she may feel bad. Or she may get doubt. Because, I
never said no to her till date for anything. I used to take her along with
me for vacations or long tours. Now I am in a position, I cant say no to
her and at the same time my plans will be failed if she comes along with
me. I thought I will wait and look for the opportunity.

Next day, My wife got a call from her parents that her mother and father
are coming to HOSPITAL on Sunday. They want to have some medical check up in
Hospital and they need some assistance and they insisted my wife’s
presence with them. My tour starts from Monday. Hence her joining in my
tour was canceled. I felt very happy inside but posed a sad face when she
announced that she is not coming with me. Immediately I booked the
tickets for myself and Jayanthi to CHENNAI for Monday. I also booked a room.
We reached CHENNAI on Monday morning.we waited till 11 am in the hotel room
only. I was busy with making calls to my clients and talking to them. At 11 am we went to
meet our client. We reached in 45 minutes and the business
started immediately. We had the lunch in our clients office only and till
evening we were there and we left for our hotel after finishing the

As soon as we reached hotel, the time was 8pm. Jayanthi went to bath room and
had the shower. After her, I went to bathroom. I also showered and came
back. We had order for dinner and we finished the dinner by 9-30pm. I
called the house keeping and told them to send the boy for cleaning the
room and removing the dinner plates. He came and removed the plates and
said good night for us.

I locked the door and my mind is all set for the game.

……………&she loses her VIRGNITY

Jayanthi was sitting in sofa. I laid on bed and called Jayanthi near to me. She
came with a smile to me and laid next to me. I took her into my arms and
hugged her very tightly. I planted a kiss on her fore head. She closed her
eyes. I kissed on her closed eyes. I kissed on her nose. A great love and
great affection is pouring in my heart for Jayanthi. When ever I think about
Jayanthi or whenever I am with Jayanthi the same feeling I get every time. I
knew that I was madly in love with her. This is may be because of her
beauty or may be because of her affection towards me or may be the way she
plays with my body or may be the way I play with her body or may be the
way she responds to my play. Whatever the reason, I am madly in love with
her. I have not counted how many times I might have kissed,licked her CUNT till date.
I have not counted how many times I played with her lovely body. But,
whenever I approach her for love game, I feel that is the first time I am
playing with her. I feel I am seeing her newly. I feel her touch is warmth
to me and first time I am getting her touch, for every touch I feel that
way. I am daring to say that I love my wife, Jayanthi than anyone.
Ofcourse, Jayanthi is the top for me. I love Jayanthi with heart and soul.

I started kissing her all over her body. I was in my lungi without
underwear. (my usual night dress). My cock was already in full mood and he
has no barriers inside. He was in full swing and touching Jayanthi’s body. By
getting the touch of Jayanthi, he was getting full encouragement and getting
bigger than anytime. I removed her nighty. She was on bra and panty now.
Her boobs look like small globe for me. I removed her bra also very
hungrily. I took her boobs in my hands and pressed it lightly. I kissed
them. I have not removed her panty yet. I made her lay on her back on bed.
Now I started to kiss her again.
I kissed her cheeks.
I kissed her neck
I kissed her cleavage.
I kissed her naval.
I kissed on her pubic part
I kissed on her pubic hair.
I kissed on her thighs.
I kissed on her knees.
I kissed on her legs.
I kissed on her feet.
I kissed her toes.

I put her toe in my mouth and sucked it. I sat between her legs and sucked
her leg fingures. She got tickling but I have not left them. I was busy on
licking her feet and sucking her toe. Slowly I started licking her legs.
Her legs were very strong and pure milky white. I am kissing her leg. I
was holding the leg skin between my lips when I am kissing her legs. But
not getting skin. I am just trying to hold it with my lips. I kissed and
licked entire her right leg. Now I turned to her left leg. I did the same
way as I did it to right leg. I kissed on her panty exactly on the cunt
location. Then I moved little forward and pulled her panty little down not
fully from her cunt. I made her pubic hair visible. There was not much
hair but a thin layer of hair spread entire her pubic part. I kissed
there. I licked that entire part. I pulled the pubic hair with my lips. I
was there atleast for few minutes. I was enjoying licking there. Then I
moved little forward then started licking the area below the naval. I
licked it as if it was ice cream spread over her body. I am getting lot of
pleasure in licking her body. Then I kissed on her naval. Her naval was
round and deep. I inserted my tongue in her naval and licked it very care

I licked it without leaving a millimeter on her naval. It tasted
differently. I felt it very lovely. I want to lick that naval more and
more. I circled my toung in her naval. I was kissing it and licking it.
She got tickling sensation first (it is usual for her every time) and
started enjoying later. She strokes my hair and she pulls me and she push
me to her naval very hard. She runs her fingures on my hair and my cheek.
She caresses my ears when I lick her body. She gets lot of pleasure when I
lick her total body. She moans very slightly when I lick her.

After few minutes I lift my head and saw her. She kissed me in air. I love
you maaaama, she said. Then I moved my tongue on her body between the boobs
and naval area. I licked this side to that side and I reached her boobs. I
kissed her both boobs. I licked them. I put my hands on her boobs and
started pressing very hard. I think I have never squeezed those boobs like
this in the past. I think I am getting crazy today. I cupped her breasts
and massaged them. I squeezed them. I pulled the nipples with my two
fingures. I licked the nipples.

While pressing her boobs very hard with my both hands, I opened my mouth
and took the nipple into my mouth. I started sucking the nipple with my
lips. I pulled the nipples with my lips. I put the nipple between my mouth
and slightly bite it. She moaned with pain. Again I started pulling the
nipple with my lips while pressing the other boob with my strong hand and
I am pressing it very hardly. I am cupping the another breast which nipple
I am sucking and pressed it too very hard. She started complaining for the
first time. Maama, it is paining. You are pressing very hard. Please
maama, she was moaning. But I am not hearing anything. My ears are not
listening any thing. My mind and soul fully concentrated on her nipples
and her boobs fully. I applied more pressure on both boobs and I pressed
them together and clubbed them and bend them as much as possible till both
nipples come together. Then I took the both nipples at a time in my mouth
and started sucking them. I was pulling them with my lips and sucking
them. I closed my lips over the two nipples and pulled it with my lips. My
lips are fully covering them and sucking them till the end and it is
making some strange sound when I am leaving the nipples from my lips grip.
Again I am taking them in my lips and pulling them and leaving. The sound
was great when I leave the nipples from my lips. The sound making me
excited and Jayanthi too. Jayanthi bent little forward and kissed my forehead
and kissed my cheeks. Now she is holding the boob placing her hand on my
hands and she is pressing my hand. Her excitement took her body shivering.
She was moaning some different noises. I am not concentrating what she was
moaning. I look like in a trance. Nothing is working in my mind. I don’t
think I have concentrated this much on anyone till date including Jayanthi.
This was strange experience for me and Jayanthi too.

MAAMA, some thing is happening, I don’t know. Kill me maama, she said.

Oh. Lovely tits. Lovely nipples. I love to eat them forever this way. I
love you Jayanthi. I responded.

I was still between her legs and doing all the things. I released my hand
grip from her boobs. But my lips still working on her nipples. Now she is
holding both the boobs together and she is trying to make the two nipples
stay together so that I can suck both nipples at a time. I moved to her
side from between her legs without leaving the nipples from my mouth. My
hands reached her panty and pulled the panty. She lifted her hips to
remove the panty and I pulled it out through her legs. Now she was
completely nude. I removed my lungi also. Again I placed my self between
her legs and made my self little bend on her. Please note that I am not
moving from her nipples which my lips and my mouth eagerly sucking. I
placed my hand on her cunt and cupped it and pressed it hard. Ahhhhhhhhhh
……ahhhhhhhhhhhh……..wohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..wohhhhhhhh She moaned
little louder this time. I think I might have pressed it very hard. How I
pressed her boobs, the same way I caught her pussy mound and pressed it
hard. I circled my fingures on her cunt hair and pulled the hair with my
fingures. She was moaning with my acts. I run my fingures on her pussy
crack. I touched her clit button with my fingers. I pressed it little with
my fingers.

Maama (Uncle) you are killing me, she said to me.

Then I placed my finger infront of her cunt hole. I pushed it with little

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh myyyyyyyyy. She moaned.

I pulled my finger from her cunt. Not fully. But again forced it to
inside her cunt. And started pumping my finger in and out of her cunt.
But I am doing it slowly. I am pushing the finger and moved my fingers
from side to side. I circled my finger in her cunt. My finger is roaming
in her cunt as if it is searching some thing in her cunt. I am touching
her cunt walls through my finger. I moved another finger inside and it
joined the first mover. Her cunt started delivering the juices. Her cunt
was fully wet and I am lubricating it with my two fingers.

Jayanthi started pressing her own boobs and she is trying hard to keep the
both boobs and both nipples together so that I can suck both nipples at a
time without any problem. She started moving her hips upwards to meet the
rhythm of my fingers in her cunt.

mmmmmmmmmmm. Lovely. Maama, I can’t hold this pleasure. Mmmmmmmm. What is
this maama. I am in the heaven maama. Please take me maama. She was
moaning and her eyes were half closed. Her lips were trembling. Her body
is shivering.

I removed my fingures from her cunt. I thought her cunt was lubricated
enough. Again I placed my self between her legs. I positioned my cock
infront of her cunt and rubbed the cunt with my cock. I ran my cock on her
pussy crack. Again I put it infront of her cunt and pushed it hard in her
cunt at a stroke.

Ammmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. She cried with pain.

Maama, You killed me, she said. Not said. She screamed it. I saw tears in
her eyes.

Maama…….maama…, please remove it Uncle.. Please remove it. It is
paining me. It is hurting me inside. Maama please. She was pleading me
Immediately I took her lips, and started sucking the lips and stopped her
talking and begging me to remove my cock from her cunt. At the same time,
I started pumping her cunt with slow strokes and hard strokes. I am
pulling my cock till end and pushing it back in her cunt with some force.
After giving few strokes, she stopped pleading me. The pain might have
reduced drastically. She was started moving her hips along with my cock.
She started moaning sweetly. I was moving my cock in and out of her cunt.
I am not pulling my cock fully from her cunt. I am pulling it till the end
of her pussy and again I am pushing it. Now I increased the speed of my
cock. I am pumping the cock like a piston and like a machine. I forgot
everything. I am getting excellent pleasure from this teenager cunt. Her
cunt was superb. This is my first fuck of a teenager cunt. I am getting
lot of pleasure. Now she was fully under influence of my cock. She is
getting the excellent pleasure.

Ohhhhhhh. What a pleasure it is. Where am I maaama? Am I in heaven. Fuck me
maama. Oh. Wonderful feeling. I am your wife maama. You are my lovely
darling. Fuck me maama.

Now any pain is there? I asked her without stopping my cock pushups in her

Slight pain is there maama. Ohhhhhhhh. But Pleasure is more. Whether it is
pain or pleasure, I am not able to understand maama. She said with
moaning. Don’t stop it maama. Fuck me. Please fuck me maama. My cunt is
yours. It is always yours. You are the first man of my life and you will
be forever mine maama. Your cock is mine. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. It is wonderful
maama. She said and started moaning unknowing words with unknowingly.

Her juices from cunt started flowingly. A strange sound is coming with my
cock thrusts in her cunt. She hugged me tight. I took her nipples and
started sucking without stopping or without reducing the speed of my cock
in her cunt.

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama……….maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammma. Takeeeeeee
meeeeeeeee. I know that she was in the verge of cumming. I too got the
sensation of cumming. I increased my speed and fucked her very hard with
rapid force.

Maama. Some thing is flowingggggggggggggg maama.mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaama.
Whats happending? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . Loveeeeeeeeeee.
Ohhhhhhh. She started cumming.

I increased more speed. I started cumming in her cunt. I have not stopped
the pumping even though I am cumming. I keep on pumping her. My legs were
wet with the cum juices of Jayanthi and myself. I was still pumping her. She
was motion less. She just moaning. She was murmering. Eventhough I don’t
want to stop, but I stopped pumping by seeing her position and laid next
to her.

I saw the juices flowing from her cunt. Oh. It’s a small cunt. It can not
hold that much juice of mine and her, I thought. I saw little blood also.
I can say it is negligible. Her cherry might have gone long before with my
fingure fucks to her. That is the reason heavy blood flow is not there, I
thought. I laid on my back and started taking long breath and tried to
control myself from over excitement.

After 15 minutes, I asked Jayanthi, how is she feeling?

A little pain is there mama. But it is nothing before the excitement and
pleasure I got from you. I love you mama. She said.

Will you clean your pussy? It is better to clean it with hot water, I

She stood up from the bed and pulled me also. Then I also stood up from
bed and we both went to bath room. She cleaned my cock and my legs and my
body first. She wiped all the juices from my body. Then she turned to her
cunt started cleaning.

Oh. mama. The blood is coming out. I think I got periods. But I got the
period 15 days back only. How I got the period immediately, she asked me
with a confused voice.

Nothing to worry my darling. The blood is not period blood. Because you
got the first fuck of your life, your virginity is gone. It is sign of
virginity loosing. That’s all. I assured her.

Then she cleaned herself totally, infact she took the shower and bath. And
she made me bath too. Then she dried me and her with dry towel. Then I
took her in my arms and brought her .

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