Sex Starved Daughter In Law – Part II
I took voluntary retirement at the age of 50 years from Army Service and running a private business at Bhubaneswar in the state of Odisha. I have my 48 year old wife Laxmi, 28year Software Engineer son Ajay, 25year daughter in law Rani and a granddaughter of 2 years. My son works in a reputed IT Company at Bhubaneswar and has been sent to Russia by the Company on a Project work for one year. My DIL also works in a Multi National Company at Bhubaneswar in a non technical post and goes to office from 9AM to 10PM and even sometimes on Sat and Sundays. My wife takes care of her girl child during her absence.

In the Saheednagar areas of Bhubaneswar a Wife Swapping Club is organized secretly in which I am a permanent member. To be a member of the Club one has to accompany a female partner with him and for registration he is to be recommended by an old member besides payment of monthly fees which increases from time to time. I have projected my friend`s widow wife Sova of 45 years as my partner with whom I have long affairs. The Swapping Club meets every Saturday from 6PM to 9PM. According to the system of the club a couple has to arrive by 5.30PM sharp. After arrival the male and female partners are to be separated and stand at their respective counters and have to take a slip containing a seat number.

In a long hall the meeting is held and it has entrance from two sides, one for men and the other for women. After taking the number slip both male and female members have to go to opposite sides of the hall and locate a cupboard for them with serial number. Matching the number with their slip, they have to open the drawer and are required to wear the lungi and loose front open shirts kept in it. Except those two pieces no undergarments are allowed. After wearing the club dresses both male and female have to wear a head scarf,

The front flab of which having eye-cut and mouth cut falling to cover the face to conceal the identity. The color of scarf for male is white and female is blue. The members will keep their own dresses and belongings in their respective drawers and close it. There is cent percent security for their personal belongings. In the hall LCD TVs are fitted on the walls which display erotic local blue films all the time during the meeting. Two seater sofas at least 20 in numbers are placed conveniently so as to accommodate the couples to watch the TV and have their sex play freely. Each seat has the serial number like the cinema hall.

Before beginning of the show it is announced in a mike as follows:-“Ladies and Gentlemen, you are going to participate in a game in which your partner has been changed in the lottery. You will find your new partner on the allotted seat. Please remember that Male Pointer for female members and Female pointer for male members have been posted to lead the members to their respective seats. While taking the members to their seats, the pointer shall search the body of each member to ensure that the member has not worn any panty, chadi, bra, banion, shirt or blouse etc.

At the time of search the Male Pointer may molest the breast and vagina of the female member and the Female Pointer may handle the penis of the male member. The members should take it supportively and treat it as pre sex game and rather the ladies members can handle the penis of the Male Pointer and the male members can press the breast and molest the vagina of the Female Pointer at that time. The members will sit in their seats and can play sex games with their partners according to choice by witnessing the Blue Film on TV screen. Each member should cover The face with flab of the supplied head scarf to conceal identity.”

Let us come to the story. As usual I went to the club on a Saturday evening with my friend`s widowed wife Sova aged about 45 years with whom I have physical relation from a long date back when her husband was working with me in military service. Since I was an old member of the club, I had the choice to pick a suitable partner and also can help Sova to select the partner of her choice by tampering the lottery process.

Sova was sitting on a chair with the head scarf hiding her face. I along with the other husband and wife who manage the club were chit chatting with our face covered in the cotton mask. The members were gradually coming in and were separated to collect their seat number slips from their respective counters. Suddenly Sova rose from her chair, came to me and whispered in my ears. I saw towards the open space near the gate of our club and was astonished to see that my Daughter in law was coming out from a car with a young man whom

I presume to be the HR of her office, whose photo I have seen in the Office Calendar brought to our house by Rani, my daughter in law. Rani was coming quickly to the counters keeping her partner at a long distance as if she is an old member. Many fictitious thoughts came to my mind. My son has gone abroad just before one month. In case Rani wants sex, then why her HR without enjoying Rani has brought her here for exchange. This indicates that the office met of Rani has long sex relation with her and being fade off, both have come here for new varieties.

I could not judge the nature of Rani who appears to be modest and pious at home. How Rani could go to such an extent. However, being a sexy and broad minded man I asked myself that if an old man of 50 fears like me could come to the club taking a widow partner leaving the wife in the home to nurse a small granddaughter, then what is the fault with Rani, who is young enough to have sex all the time, to enjoy sex with her selected partner at a time when her legal fucking partner is far away from her. My head cooled down and I asked in the ears of Sova if she wants the partner of Rani with her, to which

Sova nodded affirmative. A novel thought came to me. If Rani wants an unknown sex partner, then let her play the game with me. As I was inside the counter, I suddenly went to the female slip counter and stood there. When Rani collected the slip, I noted her seat number in my mind. After that I took a slip for Sova having a seat number from the ladies counter. I returned to the male counter. From the slips kept in a box for male, I searched the number as that of Rani and pocketed it.

I also separated the slip having the number tallying with Sova and kept it to hand over to the young guy who came with Rani. When the office met of Rani came to the counter, I handed over the separated slip to him which he took happily. This relaxed us that my sitting with Rani and then Sova sitting with the young guy of Rani has been confirmed during the show. By the end of the entrance time when the main gate was closed 15 couples were there to participate in the show.

As scheduled, male and female members both clad with the lungi and front open loose shirts with adhesive opener entered to the hall through the respective gates and stood in line to be taken to their seat by the Point man. Male and female members were covering their face respectively with white and blue cotton covers which have cuts for the eyes to see and for the mouth to use the lips. Like the cinema hale lazy light was glooming which could show the shape not the person. All the LCD screens on the wall were displaying hot sexy scenes photographed in local areas even many with hidden cameras.

A thought came to my mind to fondle the body of Rani before the show. I went to the point man of ladies side who is well known to me and whispered in his ears the seat number of Rani and requested him to allow me to lead that member to her seat. I stood aside and after sometime the point man handed me a slip with seat number and a cloth clad member supposed to be Rani. I remembered the seat number and due to my long participation with the club I was sure that it will not be difficult for me to locate the seat in the fade light.

I placed my right hand on the right solder of the cloth clad Rani and led her to the chair. According to the condition, being the Pointer I can check her bare body before making her sit and allow her to handle my dick. While moving I pulled the adhesive opener of her shirt front by which both her boobs popped out, the size of which were comparatively small but were round shaped and projecting outwards. Before I start checking, Rani entered her hand to my thigh through the lungi opening and catching my penis started fondling it.

I was amazed at her leading action and appreciated it. I then molested both the nipples of her breast slowly and then vigorously. When we reached nearer to her seat I stopped her and bent before her. I then entered my hand through the opening of lungi to her thigh joint and brushed my palm on her thick pelvic hairs. I then entered my finger inside her pussy which was beginning to wet. While making her sit on the chair she gave the final jerk to my dick and pushed me.

I returned to the wall side and waited there to see how other members were occupying their seats. After a very small time all the seats were filled in and even the male and female pointer occupied their seats. I was only standing in dark very near to Rani and was watching her reaction. She was alone on the seat and all other seats contained couples. A very sexy scene started and ended on the TV screen. The couples on their seats started themselves embracing, kissing, fondling and even hissing. I marked that Rani was feeling as a fish out of water and perhaps thought that some mismanagement has been done.

She was rising from her seat probably to meet the counter people. I suddenly moved towards the seat of Rani which made her sit on the chair. When I sat close to her on the sofa she pushed me forcibly. I stood up and tried to go back in order to irritate her more. She held my hand and gave me a pulling jerk by which I fell on her on the chair. She at once opened my lungi and caught my penis and looked towards the sex scenes on the TV. Her hands were engaged to open and close the skin of my dick. I was pleased at the initiation to the sex game by my daughter in law as I prefer the girls who are frank in this game.

Both her breasts were uncovered which I did beforehand. I encircled my both hands round her body and started circling her boobs. By pressing her nipples in my fore and middle fingers I started to brush the nipple top with my thumb. I could feel the nipples of her breasts becoming erect. I bent towards her chest and started sucking one nipple by pressing the other with my hand. Her body jerked and she gave momentum to the up and down work of my penis.

I embraced her tightly and violently pressed her breast and nipple by which she trembled and felt restless. My fingers were itching to touch her cunt. My right hand was pressing her breast and the left hand moved downwards slowly and opened her lungi. I placed my hand at the V joint of her thighs and with my palm brushed the thick lawn grass grown over her pelvic garden. With my fingers I slowly opened the softy lips of her pussy and inserted one finger inside the love hole.

She widened her thighs to have full penetration of my finger. Alas! How hot was her cunt furnace. Vaginal juice was oozing heavily and I felt it went down to the floor. I got down from the chair and sat below near her thighs. She opened her thighs more wider to push forward her pussy. I inserted my tongue into her love hole and started tongue fucking. Love juices were flowing like a stream and I sucked and drank all.

I then came to the chair and started embracing her. I caught her neck in my right hand and bent her head downwards in order to touch her lips to my dick for a mouth fuck. She did not bend her head which indicated that she refused to take the cock of an unknown man to her mouth. Forgetting that aspect of foreplay I started sucking her breast nipples vigorously one after another.

She started breathing heavily. In the mean time the audio volume of the TV was lowered displaying the sexy video pictures only. The hall was filled with the sounds of kissing, whispering, ohh aahha and puch puch…. Almost all the members including us were enjoying the live game of members without looking to the TV.

Rani has handled my prick and has brought it to a hard fucking position. I entered my finger to the love hole of Rani and felt that it is oozing to a great extent. I did not want to delay the matter and holding her hands from both sides raised her to sit on my lap. Thinking that the game is going to begin, Rani pushed a condom to my hand. I accepted the condom of Rani and rolled it on my penis. Rani checked my dick and felt safe. I raised her and made her sit on my dick in the lap by widening my thighs.

Rani sat on my dick having her back to me. By widening her both legs she adjusted her pussy in such a manner that my cock can enter her love hole comfortably. I hold her both solders from back and allowed her to begin sitting and rising on my lap by which my dick started a hide and seek game with her pussy. While raising her ass from my lap she tightened her vaginal muscles in such a manner that I felt my penis rod to be sucked by a powerful pump. This gave me the feelings that I am fucking a virgin girl. I felt that our love tools were moistening and were bathing in sweat juice.

I wanted to change the position and so made Rani stand. By bending her waist to hold the chair in both her hands I stood at her back. Rani pushed her ass to backside to show her love pot. Leaning forward I hold both of her breasts and inserted my erect prick inside her moistured love hole. Rani at once started giving backward jerk of her buttock and swallowed my dick completely by her pussy. We both played this in and out game vigorously with our love tools by connecting her ass and my pelvic region. Heavy puch puch sound emerged from our play and drew the attention of other members to which we were more excited. I wanted to change the position of our game.

I made Rani sit on the sofa by resting her back on one side arm and sat in front of her with my knees folded. I pulled her both legs and placed those on my solders in such a way that her pussy was close to my prick to swallow it. I gave a jerk and inserted my full dick to her love hole. Rani in turn raised her heaps and started grinding her pelvic region with that of mine. I pressed her breasts, held her solders and gave powerful stroke.

Rani also reciprocated my action by giving reverse jerk. By about 15 minutes there was an orgasm for Rani and she caught me tightly. I was at a smaller distance and gave more powerful stroke ignoring the end of Rani. She also enjoyed my action and tightened her pussy muscles to extract the last drop of nectar from me. The time for my orgasm came and I gave a violent push of my erect penis to her vagina hole. By this Rani shouted with a large voice yoooooo, aahhaaaa, yihhhhhhhh and drew her vagina apart from me. She then unrolled the sperm filled condom from my dick and giving a knot slipped it to the floor.

With the lungi I was wearing she cleaned the last drop of fluid covering my erect dick and dragged my hand to clean her wet cunt with her lungi. But I sat on the floor with her pussy on my lips by widening her thighs and started cleaning her cunt nectar with my tongue swallowing every drop of it. My tongue movement perhaps gave Rani the pleasure and she raised her pussy forward to allow my nose to brush her pelvic hair and my tongue to enter deep inside. After tongue cleaning I sat on the chair and with her lungi I dried the soiled pelvic hairs of Rani and by opening her cunt lips I cleaned inside.

The erotic sex show was going on TV. Small time was left for end of the show. I embraced Rani and started pressing her breasts. She kept her cloth covered face on my chest and fondled my dick. Other members on their respective chairs were found resting on their opposite sex partners after finishing the game. The TVs fitted on the walls were put out. A bell rang indicating the closer of the show. Dim lamps were on to show the passage of return.

Time has come for separation of the sex partners. I along with Rani stood up from the chair. I embraced her tightly pressing her breasts. She also for the parting moment encircled her left hand on my solder and gave her last jerk to my penis. I hold her face and with the cloth cover on it kissed her left cheek and then suddenly gave a hard bite to it which was enough to leave a lasting impression for some days. She moaned loudly and in turn gave a strong bite to my right covered cheek that must have left an injury. We separated ourselves and went out of the hall through the gates in opposite direction.

I took Sova in my bike to her residence where she stays with an old widow of distance relation. She invited me for a cup of tea and asked the maid to prepare it. I sat on the sofa and asked Sova about her partner of the show. She told him to be a medium stuff and asked me about the nature of Rani. I told her to be very sexy and should not be allowed to remain separate from her husband for such long time. After finishing tea I returned to my home and Rani who has returned home in the mean time came to open the gate. As usual there was an open smile on her face and she asked me as to why I was late. I simply laughed and went inside the room by placing my hand on her solder which I do regularly.

Next day being the Sunday was the holiday for Rani. In the morning I went to market and brought different items that can prepare tasty nonveg dishes. Rani is a good cook and prepared the menus so nicely that we took our lunch up to our throat. After taking rest I was sitting in the evening on the portico to drink the tea. Rani came with teas on both hands and handed over a cup to me. When we were going to sip the tea, my wife Laxmi came with a cup of tea with our granddaughter on her waist. Rani asked my wife to give her the child and widened her hands to hold her.

But the child did not want to leave her grand mother and with her small hands, encircled her neck like a child monkey. My wife laughed at this and went inside with the empty tea cups. While sitting on the portico in the evening hours, we both FIL and DIL make sweat talks and even light sex jokes. When my wife departed with the child I started talking with Rani :- “Bahu, your daughter has turned me a bachelor.” “How is that Baba?”

In the night she holds my wife so tightly that I fail to touch her and that is why I have shifted my sleeping to the drawing room and if this continues I shall leave the house as a monk.” “You have an alternative Baba.”“Who is she?”“Sova aunty Baba.”“Yes Bahu, you know my relation with Sova in details.”“But Baba, you have to take the strain to go to her house for the purpose” “Listen Bahu, Sova and I have felt bored through our such long association.

Keep it secret that we have become members of the Partner Exchange Club.” “Are such Clubs run at Bhubaneswar?” “Yes at Saheednagar. Yesterday I and Sova visited the club. I was lucky to get a young cooperative and sexy girl as my partner.”“That is why you were happy when returning last night.” “Listen Bahu an interesting thing. While parting from the lady, I had a good bite on her cheeks.” “It must have pained her Papa.”

May be. Yes Bahu! From morning I am marking a swelling on your left cheek. How is that?”
“An insect has the bite on my face and I robbed that.”
“Be aware of the insects Bahu. Those are plenty now.”
“Baba! I have marked a fresh deep cut on your right cheek.
How that happened?”
“Bahu! The insect after biting you gave me another bite.”

Our talking came to an end. I looked towards Rani who bending her face was drawing lines on the floor with her foot fingers. She must have concluded in mind that she was my sex partner last evening. We entered to our living rooms. Rani went to kitchen to help her mother in law. I sat before the TV to watch the news of the day. After sometime I entered the dining hall and stretched my body on a cot placed there. Normally when I lie on that cot, if Rani is present she gives me a massage. As usual Rani came to me. I slept on the cot with my chest touching the bed.

While massaging my back Rani gave a thrust to my buttocks in a manner that my pelvic region was dumped in bed which was enough to give an itching sensation to my penis. When the massage of the back side was done, I turned upward facing my chest to the roof. My erect penis has created a tent pole on my lungi. While massaging my front chest and thighs Rani cleverly touched her fingers to my raised dick which has started nodding it’s head. I was covering my eyes with my left hand bent from elbow in a sleeping manner to allow Rani to touch my prick and see its nodding.

After dinner we went to our respective rooms to sleep. My wife sleeps in a room with the child, Rant sleeps in a room which has attached bath and I sleep in the drawing room. The dining space of our house is such big that there exists long gap between all the rooms. I was sleeping on my bed with eyes opened. A small lamp was burning on the corridor to remove the darkness of the house. At about 11 PM, I rose from my bed and went to the bath room to urinate.

While returning to my bed, out of curiosity, I pushed the closed door of the sleeping room of Rani. Alas! It has not been bolted from inside. It was therefore a clear invitation to me to play the game with her. I slowly opened the door and entering the room bolted it. The small lamp of the attached bath was burning making the room brighter to visualize everything. Rani was sleeping on the bed with her face towards the roof. She was wearing a maxi.

She has raised her left leg bent from the knee in such a way that her maxi was pulled up to her waist exposing both the thighs. With her breathing there was continuous movement on her breasts. I sat on a corner of the bed and gazed at the sleeping beauty of Rani. I thought again and again as to what to do with my sex starved Bahu. I placed my hand on the solder of Rani and began to massage slowly. My palm started to cup her breasts. Rani had not worn the bra inside. My palm slowly moved downwards and touched her naval pot. My fingers were itching to touch her cunt.

When I touched her thigh joint I felt that she has not worn the panty even. The maxi which she worn was armless and tied on the solders with tape. I untied the tape and pulled the maxi downwards. Suddenly both her boobs popped out. My palm was itching to grab her open breasts. I pulled her maxi further downwards and it came out of her body completely. On the bed Rani was sleeping flat stark naked. Lazy light was falling on her. With the air of the fan her pubic hairs were creating waves.

I started kissing her lips. Swallowing her small boobs I sucked the nipples which gradually became erect. My mouth moved down to her naval canal. I entered my tongue in to her naval pot. My face was eager to be buried in her cunt and therefore my tongue rolled down to the V joint of her thighs. I rose up and looked to the face of Rani.

She was moaning slowly and was biting her lips with her teeth not to allow the moan to come out. I slept besides her placing my right leg on her thighs touching her naked pussy with the knee. By pressing her one breast in hand I started sucking the nipple of the other breast. I moved my hand downwards and inserted my finger in to her pussy. Her cunt has started oozing and she began to breathe heavily. I placed my face near her left ear and told in a whispering voice:-

Bahu, I know that we are doing incest work which is normally not accepted in our society. But suppression of sex desire will give rise to dangerous mental problems. Your sleeping with other persons to fulfill your urge for sex may also invite various troubles. Till your husband returns, allow me to fulfill your sex desire. When on bed, forget for a moment our relation. Think yourself to be a woman and me a man and on bed we are sex partners only.”

Whispering those things I looked at the face of Rani. She opened her eyes and gave a faint smile which indicated that she accepted the proposal out of necessity not out of choice. She was completely nude and I removed the lungi from my body. Holding her solder I turned her to my side and embraced her. My face touched her face and I inserted my tongue inside her mouth cavity. In turn she also pushed her tongue to my mouth and started sucking my lips.

There was heavy secretion of saliva in our mouth and we drank it all. I drag her hand and made it hold my erect dick. She started nodding my prick by opening and closing the skin. I was pressing and sucking the erect nipples of Rani. My palm moved downwards and I inserted my finger in her cunt hole. Suddenly I turned down and slept with Rani in 69 positions. Her cunt was touching my face and my throbbing prick wad pushing the lips of her mouth.

My nose started to brush the dense hair grown on her pelvic region. My fingers tried to open the soft lips of her cunt and entered inside her love hole. My finger tip touched a peanut material and started pinching it. Rani moaned loudly at the touch of her clitoris and started sucking my erect dick. With her lips she began to fondle my penis up and down. I inserted my tongue inside her juicy love hole and began tongue fucking. Rani was fucking my prick with her mouth vigorously and was breathing fast with a heavy movement in her thighs. I felt that, time has come to start the game.

I sat on the bed and made Rani to kneel down. Sitting at her back I raised her heaps to a position to see her pussy backward. Climbing on her back and holding her waist I pushed my dick to her wet cunt. Rani adjusted her back in such a way that her pussy swallowed my prick completely. Keeping both her palms on bed Rani raised her buttocks and started giving reverse stroke to my prick. A puch puch sound emerged along with the moaning sound of Rani.

I then slept flat on the bed and made Rani to sit on my dick. She sat on my thigh joint by stretching her legs and by opening her cunt lips entered my penis in to it. She started to sit and rise on my prick and thereby her cunt sucked my erect prick. I also gave reverse stroke to her pussy by raising my buttock. Cunt juice from Rani was secreting heavily and our pubic hairs were soiled to a great extent.

I wanted to change the position. I made Rani lie on bed. By placing her legs on my solders I knelt down before her. My penis touched the gate of her vagina. With my finger tips I opened the lips of her cunt and gave a powerful stroke. Rani moaned and accepted my prick inside her hole. We both played pushing and drawing game for some time till our pelvic region became sticky with the love nectar.

I then stretched the legs of Rani and made her sleep facing upwards. I climbed on her body and slept on it. My lips touched her lips, my chest pressed her breast and our genitals touched each other. Raising my body slightly I placed my cock inside her love hole and started giving strokes. Rani widened both her thighs and encircled those on my waist. Pressing her buttock on the bed she gave return stroke to my prick.

There was a sweat grinding motion on her pelvic region and by tightening her vaginal muscles she created a miraculous sensation on my throbbing dick. I started giving forceful thrust to her cunt and she heaved in excitement with wild movement on her body. Rani held my body tightly and shook it vigorously which was an indication of her orgasm. I suddenly with a powerful thrust inserted my full dick inside her love triangle and explored my whole quantum of sperms inside it.

I slept on the body of Rani holding her tightly. She holding my body shook it and tried to extract the last drop of nectar from my prick. I rose up and with a cloth dried her wet pubic hair and opening the lips of her cunt cleaned it. She took the cloth from me and cleaned my penis by opening the skin. She then gave a sucking kiss to my dick. I also bent down and kissed the lips of her cunt. I then pressed her breasts, sucked her nipples and gave a tight kiss at her face. She covered her body with the maxi and I with my lungi. Time had come for me to return to my sleeping room. I told Rani in whisper:-

From today till your husband returns don’t take outsiders’ help to fulfill your urge for sex. Control yourself as much as you can. In case you fail to control, take my help as it is safe. Do you agree to it Bahu?“Yes Papa.” Telling it Rani gave me a parting kiss. I returned to my bed and had a sound sleep with the satisfaction that from today till the return of my son,

My Daughter in law may not take the help of outsiders to fulfill her urge for sex.

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