Seduced neighbour aunty
Hello O9L readers! I am Kumar, 24 yrs old from hyderabad doing my working in MNC company. it happend few month back I developed a penchant to get involved in sex especially with married women. I used to read out sex-magazines, watch blue-films that multiplied my huger. When I reached the peak, I started to imagine about women. Whenever I saw a women passing by me or going along the street, I started to think how it would be if I get her nude completely in front of me, how she would look like without bra and panty, how she would react if finger her pussy and bang her asshole, what the pose could be she would like. I usually made wet my bed-sheet with my cum because of regular masturbation. I started to search a woman to taste the pleasure of real sex as it had become inevitable for me. I really required a live body of opposite sex to play with. At last, I got my prey to play prank with.

The story which I am gonna tell u is what which really happened only a few days back. I fucked my aunty with d help of sleeping pills. let me describe my for u people now, her name is Mala aged 36.she is from malnad region (chikmaglore) by native n has 1 child aged 05 .she is very beautiful, fair and damn sexy but she is very orthodox. She always wears only sarees n at home she wears nighties. Her boob’s r so beautiful in shape as well as in size. Whenever I think of sex, she was d 1st lady tat was coming 2 my mind. our house n her house is very nearby n my mom used 2 go 2 their house once or twice in a week n I also use 2 accompany my mom at their house I always used 2 watch her movements n I was enjoying her body n my dick used 2 become hard . As days passed my hunger for sex became more n more so at first I started 2 seduce her by many ways but she did not come 2 my track. So 1 final day I decided 2 make her unconscious and fuck d hell out of her n I was waiting for d opportunity. I just finished my lab exams n now I have study holidays for my theory exam. a few days back , it was around 10 am my mom got a cal from my aunt n she asked for some mirchi powder so my mom told me 2 go n give d powder 2 her as she had 2 prepare sambar for d lunch. Then I thought this was d right time 2 strike. I took d powder n left my home telling my mom tat I would come home late as I would go 2 my friend’s place 2 study after giving d powder 2 my aunt n she agreed, on d way I bought 2 sleeping pills ,powdered it n I also bought 3 cups of ice-cream(my aunt loves ice-cream) n I mixed d pills powder 2 one of d cup and kept tat aside and when I went 2 her house ,she opened d door n welcomed me in . She was wearing a sky blue nighty which was a bight tight 2 her .I could partially see tat her bra outline n I was thrilled n at d same time a afraid bcoz its was my 1st sexual encounter. I knew tat my uncle had gone to work n children had gone to school.

I kept d mirchi powder box on d floor n she bent forward 2 open the lid of d box n I managed 2 see her valley n her big boobs under her black bra. I was exited seeing its n my dick started 2 become hard so I controlled my self n thought tat I would b playing with those in a few minutes of time. she took t box n walked towards d kitchen saying tat she would make some coffee for me but I blindly followed her n at the kitchen I told her tat yesterday I went 2 my friends ice cream factory n I had bought a box full of ice cream ten she turned to me n saud tat “then u must have bought some of it to ur loving aunt”. hearing its I was much more exited n gave her the ice-cream cover n I told her 2 eat 1 of d cups as it was melting down while I was bringing .for my luck or 2 her bad luck I was about to say 2 pick up d cup which I had mix d sleeping pill but she herself took the cup in which I had mixed n started eating it .now I became a bit nervous n went out to d hall n started watching TV. after 15 mins she came 2 me gave me coffee n told tat she was feeling very sleepy n told me 2 watch TV until I get bored n while going u look d door n throw d key inside thru d window n went towards her bedroom. I sat n watched TV for another 10mins n then switched off d TV closed all d doors n windows n went 2 her bed room ,she was sleeping on d bed with her nighty moving up until her knees. Seeing tat I was thrilled n I removed my pant n underwear 2 free my dick which became rock solid within seconds.1st I wanted to confirm tat she was in deep sleep so I called her. went near her n shake her body as if I was waking her up, but she did not responded 2 my cal then I thought tat I can enjoy her body as much as possible .I went near her legs which was silky n I moved her nighty up until her neck n saw d sexy lady with only bra n panty.

I was so thrilled n started to kiss her legs, thighs, navel like a mad lover. then I pressed her boobs with both my hands slowly unhooked her bra n took her breast in hands n sucked pressed, licked, juiced n did all what I want to do .I took her face with both my hands n kissed her lips for bout 10 mins. then I came down licking n kissing every part of her body n finally removed her panty n saw her fucking cunt in full light, I could see her pubic hairs around the crotch area and her big thighs that provoked me to fuck her badly. I pushed her sideways and saw her full view of her buttocks. I took a look on her whole body, with her legs up/down backside/side wards and had looked her beautiful cunt and I started putting my penis into her cunt and started a full stroke of fucking, she was a bit tight n I enjoyed its pleasure for 10 mins n soon I felt like cuming n removed my dick went 2 d bathroom n cleaned myself n came back but once again seeing her nude body I began my 2nd session of sucking n fucking her body for another 30 mins .then I went 2 bathroom cleaned myself, came back n I slowly put on her bra n panty n I dressed her normally n went 2 my home n at the evening I went to her home again with my mom n she was as usual talking with me n she told tat she felt very sleepy its after noon . But I was disappointed tat I fucked only her body , so dear friend plz suggest me how 2 fuck her along with her co-operation , I will b waiting for ur responses. I am available at xxxxxxxxxxxx I really welcome your views. Those bhabhis, aunts or widows who are in dire need of sexual intercourse stealthily in and around hyderabad, do write me. I will be at your service. I am also ready for sex-chat over internet for all women in India to resolve their sex problems.

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i need to fuck my cousin by giving sleeping pills.she stays daily 3hours at afternoon at my that 3hours gap i wanna fuck her.
which sleeping pills i have to give to her ?
just i wanna make her to sleep for just 1 hour.please suggest me.I'm die to have sex with her
We don't give such ugly suggestions, but before having sex with her you must check whether you can last long in bed..
As it will be a big shame if you cum in seconds.

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