Screwed By Elder Brother
Hi…! I am Yamuna 23 years old and married. I am a regular visitor of this site but I was always afraid to write my experience as I am afraid of this society rules. Though sex is quite natural and people love it like anything, still they blame others especially females who are enjoying sex. I am not a story writer and I really do not know how to write a story. But here I would like to narrate my first sex experience with none other but my own elder brother who screwed me when I was at 14 and a school girl.
He always called me yammu and once our parents were out of station for attending the marriage of near relative and they were expected to come back after 10 days. My brother is elder than me by five years. He always used to tickle me and pinch me here and there in my body and whenever I wear a school uniform, he was always rubbing and pinching my thighs, but I never thought it was a sexual feeling or alike and I always took such things as casual. On those days our exams were going on and hence we were not able to accompany our parents for the marriage. Since we were very good at study, we had nothing to prepare extra for our study.
On the next day of our parents’ departure, my bro was watching cricket in TV sitting on sofa and he called me and asked me to be with him whenever he is at home. I was about to sit near to him but he suddenly held my hand and pulled me towards him and made me sat on his lap. He was wearing a boxer and a banyan and I was in my long skirt and shirt which I usually wear at home. He continued watching cricket hugging me tight and caressing my shoulder, hands, my long hair, my cheek etc and I was enjoying my brother’s brotherly love and affection. Caressing my neck, he put his four fingers in my shirt and started caressing upper part of my chest and then he moved his hand on my bra-strip just below the shoulder.
While his left hand was on my waist and he was caressing my waist. I was enjoying his love and affection closing my eyes. I rested my head back on his shoulder. He continued his work. His hand which was working on my bra strip, now started going under the strip and he started caressing my cleavage. I moaned hmm.. and he asked me, “Kya huva yammu?” I said, “kuch nahi”. He continued his job and now he started rubbing his nose on my cheek.
I was feeling his hot breathing but I too was enjoying closing my eyes. Below my ass, I was also feeling a bulge in his boxer. Slowly, his small finger touched my nipple and I jerked and I again called him, “Bhaiyya”. Pressing his small finger on my nipple, he asked me, “Kya huva yammu?” I again asked him, “Bhaiyya ye aap kya kar reho ho?” Now he pressed my tits and kissing my cheeks said that “mai pyar kar reha hu”. I said, “Bhaiyya par hum bhai-behan he”. He replied, “To kya huva? Maine to mom ke saath bhi sex enjoy kiya he aur abhi bhi kar reha hu”. I just amazed to hear this and I again asked him, “kya mom ke saath?” He replied, “yes mom ke saath bhi” saying it he started squeezing my boobs and also started unbuttoning my shirt. Then he further told me that dad wanted to break my virginity and my bro took this advantage as he wanted to avail the privilege of breaking my virginity. I was so astonished and in an awkward situation also. I realised that either dad or my bro will break my virginity.
With no option left for me but with full of wonder, I surrendered myself and allowed my bro to continue whatever he wanted to do. He then removed my shirt and my skirt and started kissing my lips squeezing my boobs over my bra. He started eating my lips and entering his tongue in my mouth and while doing all these, he removed my bra and panty and I was fully nude before him. Then he started sucking, licking, biting my nipples and boobs, and caressing my clits. aaaahhh, uuhhhh, uuhhmmmm. I started moaning like anything. Then he removed boxer and I saw his LONG THICK ROD and I was afraid too. He brought my hand on his LONG THICK ROD and said, “jab tak mai tere badan se khelta hu, tu mera Lund pakad ke hilati rehe”.
I obeyed him as if I am his personal whore. Then he made me sat down and asked me to lick and suck his rod. At first I hesitated a lot but upon his forcing, I started licking and sucking his LONG THICK ROD. Initially I had a lot of problems in doing it as I thought it is an untouchable thing and hence I really hated doing such things. But more I did, I felt comfortable and few more time taking his LONG THICK ROD full in my mouth, I started loving it. Later on I came to understand that medical science has already certified that Penis and vagina are the most hygienic parts of human body. I continued licking and sucking his rod for over half an hour and at last he cummed in mouth which I was forced to drink.
Then he made me sat on sofa and spread my legs apart and started fingering in my pussy. It was painful and hence I said him, “Bhaiyya, dukhta he mujhe”. He then started licking my pussy and entering his tongue in my pussy deeper. It was worth enjoyable for me and I started moaning in pleasure. aaaahh…. bhaiyyaaaaaaa…… mere achhe bhaiyyaaaa…uuuuuuuuu….. and just within 15 minutes I came and he drank every drop my juice and then said, “Mom se bhi tera juice to bahut hi tasty he meri behna. Aaj se mai tujhe yammu nahi par yummy bulaunga kyonki tu ekdam yummy aur tasty he.” Then he sat beside me and made my head rest on his lap and I was holding his rod, playing with it by my hand, kissing it, licking it etc. He too was playing with my nipples and boobs.
Beating my butts, he told me, “Yummy teri gaand bhi ekdam mast he”. I started sucking his LONG THICK ROD again and he lifted my hips and put my legs on two different sides of his shoulders and started eating my cunt. uhhhhhhmmmmmm… moaning I continued to give him blowjob lying upside down from his shoulders. And in that position itself, he stood up and started walking towards bed room. Upon reaching the bed room, he made me slept on my stomach and asked me,
“Yummy, tu aaj tere bhaiyya ki Randi banja aur tere bhaiyya ke Lund ko muh me leke chusti rehe.” I obeyed him verbatim and started sucking his LONG THICK ROD again. I was feeling difficulty in breathing as my mouth was full of his LONG THICK ROD but I enjoyed sucking it hard moving my mouth to and fro. He was holding my hair tight started pumping my mouth and then squeezing my boobs and butts and slapping and beating my butts saying that “aaj se tu meri Randi he, Rakhel he. Meri Kutiya he tu…etc”.
Then he took his LONG THICK ROD out from my mouth and made me slept on my back and he started giving me mouth job on and in my pussy squeezing my boobs and tits. hmmmmmmmm…… aaaaaaaaa…… uuuuuuuuuu……..ooooohhhhh…. I started moaning. My pussy had become lubricant now. Then he came over me and started rubbing his dick on my pussy and I was enjoying it. aaaahhhhhhhh…….uuuuuuhhhhhhh….. I continued moaning in enjoyment.
Then slowly his LONG THICK ROD found the gap in my love-hole and entered a bit …..AAAHHH…. BHAIYYAAAA… dukhta he….. He said in love, nothing to worry yummy abhi tujhe bhi maja aayega. Saying this, he entered his dick more inside my pussy. ….AAAAHHHH……OH MAAAAAAAA…. I started screaming. Ye saali randi aise nahi maanegi, saying it he started squeezing my both the boobs giving nail bites and pushed his LONG THICK ROD fully into my virgin pussy and AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………………………………. with a loud scream, I became unconscious. When I became conscious and woke up after a couple of hours, I felt pain in my pussy and asshole and I found my bro was smiling at me and said me that “Yummy, aaj maine teri choot aur gaand dono ka udghatan kiya. Dad ke liye dono me se ek bhi baki nahi rekha.” I said, “Bhaiyya, par mujhe to bahut pain ho reha he aur mai khadi bhi nahi ho pa rehi hu. Aur dekho bhaiyya, ye bed poora blood se bhar gaya he”. In reply he said, “tu chinta mat kar meri bholi behna, abhi thhodi der me sab theek ho jayega aur aaj raat tu khud teri marji se mujse firse chudvayegi vo bhi tabiyat se. Aur tu khud jindagi bhar ke liye meri sab se pyari randi ban jayegi.”

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