School Girl
I am M32 and living in Coimbatore and working as Manager. I used to go to my office by my car.I am littlr fast in driving and used to see my friend and show my hand who usally waiting for his bus at a bus stop. One day , by habbit i show my hand but he is not there. On next day , before lift my hand i have find him ,but that day a girl show me hand and she was so beautiful and young. I thought , she shown to body , who behinds my car. Then i left the place insame speed. Very next day , i again see the girl show hand to me and i stopped my Car. She came and come into my car.She sitting in my side and ask about me and tols about her. She told , she do his +2 in a school at Ganapathy. I finding very difficult to drive car , since her shape and acvities are very very sexy. She asked me drop her near to her school . I did’t it on first day and she told, she wants to come every day me with me and waitng for my car in next stop becoz she have to face friend in that regular stop.

After month , one day she told , she had exams in afternoon , but came only to meet me.Ok I told her go to your scheel and may have read your books. But she told , her madam will ask why earlier, So she asked me to take to some where, so she talk to me and spend time in Car. Then i informd to leave to my office and drive her to tourist falls 40 Km from Coimbatore. There we sat on a place and start talking about study ,life and some beauty and slowly into sex. But i am unable to control myself and my cock eract out from my pant. She noticed and asked me to go into car. I told her , you have exams , so don’t get into this. But she wants to go otherwise, she refuse to go to school.

The we get into car and sat on rear seat. She start fall on my lap and i start touch her soft soft boobs. I start doing massage of both boobs and she enjoy with yah ooo and and she take my cock out from my pant and start sucking like ice. She gently move that front and back for more than 30 mins. Once stage it burst and my gum flashed into mouth and face. She tasted that like anyting and cleaned complete with her lips. Then after a small time , it starterect and I start to touch her puzzy and she asked me do you want to enjoy me. I told yes, i want to enjoy now it self. At that tme time was 11.00 am and i told her to move back to school.

After a week , she called me and told that she is alone in her house and asked me to come in bus to her house. I expect the day, and gone to her house. She was waiting for me and gave a coffe. She told my parrents are gone to attend a condolence and will be back only in late evening. After that we both went to their bed room . Fist time i am touch a young teenage girl in pleasant palce and able feel the softness. She is having small perfect curves and finish. She sat near to me at start kiss me with big pressure.i press her boobs and touch the tip with flikering style. She enjoyed that about hour and we undressed complete and i saw a perfect virgin girl. Wow, that is my luck to have her with me. At that time my cock was about 9″ x 1.5″ and straight. She hold it and trying to press move gently fron and back.

I put my finger in between her thie and she gently moved my hand. I was little shocked and upset. I thought that my limit but she felt that and told, Sorry darling, i want this should by touched only by your cock first. I felt the words is only one i like hear always.I told her if then we have to follow 16 Suthras. She want to try all. I asked to lye on bed and keeping legs at side. I put a pellow below her hip and postion her incline.Then i start suck her boobs and she start enjoy that. Then i insert my cock in a sudden storke, she made a big shout yah yah. I hope some body heared that voice. But after that she only mooms and repeately telling this she want always from me.

After insert i pusehd my cock full into ass, I felt she hold my cock inside and had a loch whick able to move into her pusy it self. I thought , she is young girn and get into trouble. But my cock locked inside and i am in statnding postion. I start push and pull my cock deep into her while doing message for her boobs. She is telling yahh whoo while do all my push and pull. We are doing this about some 5 minutes and i felt to speed up my storke and she shouted to do fast.

Wow, the speed was 2 stroke per second at the end i felt on her and feel the eal heven and she hold me so tight and lay on her. We laid for about hal hour and i able to take my cock out. She is very relaxed in that first hit and again we had two times whout moving out. I enjoyed earlier with other girls, but this is very very involving satisfed. At that time it was 3.00 pm and we both took both and i found her boobs are redish and puzzy is little open and blood strain. From this i able to understand , her virgin is closed by me and happy this is my 6th Girl.

Then we took lunch and after kiss i left her house. After that, when every we find right time,we enjoyed and finsh all 16 Kama suthras. She told, now she is bale to concentrate in studied and not getting any sexual disturmabnce. Then she joined in a college and we both are statying out of city wth her like inded friends. Once she offer me her fiendy and i enjoyed her. But she is not virgin. She last her virgin with boy in her next house. We both enjoyed lot of time and now , she got married and living in Banagalore. But i don’t know, i am going to have the days or going to have a young girl again. Really , sex is mush and should be trusted, Then it enjoyble and get fulfilment. You can share your experience and views to my mail

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