Sali aadi Ghar Wali. Part-1
Hi!!! O9L readers this is Joenain Khan back with one of his true life’s sexual experience. This happened with my Sali (Wife’s Sister). I had never met her before or after the marriage till date as she was living abroad working for an event management company. It was for the first vacation which I had accompanied my wife to her parents house after marriage. There was a real good welcome right from the airport till there house. But believe me the biggest surprise was awaiting for me at the house when I was greeted by a sexy blonde who first kissed me on my cheeks and hugged me hard with happiness believe me only happiness and joy where I could feel her soft 40” Breast pressing hard against my chest which was for not less than 2 minutes. The impact was such that I immediately had a hard on which I was unable to control and till that time I never knew who she was. The sheer embarrassment made me feel bad and I tried moving back while my rock hard tool was touching her belly. She immediately felt the bulge and when she felt me stepping back she teasingly rubbed my tool with her belly and whispered in my ear that this happens and she will not feel bad as she is “aadi ghar wali” only then I knew she was my Sister-in-law. In the mean time my wife came to my rescue and told her remember he is my Husband and I will feel insecure if you hug him this way and hope the happiness does not turn into a passion which I felt very bad and I immediately withdrew from her thinking that this is a indication and a sign from her side telling my how possessive she is. Well the welcome ceremony went on and the day passed by and my Sali wontedly teased me whenever my wife was around me and I was confused by her nature that she was also very reserved when there is no one in and around. She was very much busy either with her books or her laptop. When I enquired about her with my wife she told me she never mingles or speaks to any one in her family except for her and that is why she likes teasing me and she also told me that I have been made a scapegoat for this reason. Now I felt that I’m secure. I would like to describe my Sali she is 5’7” in Height around 56-60 Kgs in weight with a stats of 40-30-36. She normally wears tight tops with patialla paijamas, Fair in complexion with a light blue tinted colored eye’s, dark brown colored hair and goodness the dimples in her cheeks and chin made her the sexiest female I had ever seen in my life time.
On the occasion of our arrival for the first time we had several parties to attend which made me real tired and sick. Normally the parties were attended by me, my wife and her parents or her brothers her sister never accompanied her. One day we had a party to attend in a nearby village which was thrown by a far off relative of theirs, which I refused to attend and wanted to relax that day and they accepted me left me at home and told sweety (Sali) to take care of my lunch and dinner. I was relaxing on my deewan in my rest room when I found someone opening the door and heard a nervous voice greeting me a good morning I turned around the room to see my Sali standing at the door of the room. The taught of her being alone with me at home for the whole day, once again created a hard on. She coolly walked towards me and sat beside me at the deewan without any hesitation. She was wearing a tight light pink colour T-Shirt and a blue colour stretch jeans. I immediately gave her some place to sitbesides me on the deewan. We were into general discussion knowing more about ourselves and about our income sources. Suddenly there was a electric shock in my body when she turned a little bit towards me when here thighs incidentally touched my 7” long hard cock which was hidden inside she had felt this and gave me a mischievous smile and asked me whether I am always with a hard on tool or it happens only when he looks at some one who is hot. I had no answer to give and was feeling embarrassed. She once again smiled and said this is a normal phenomena, in a hot male who has real good sex power and desire to chose a hot mate and told me she felt good when she felt this for the first time when she hugged me and asked me if you don’t mind I would like to fire up your desire as you look to be in a hot mood and immediately started rubbing my tool and besides that she told me that she knows very well that her sister (my wife) will not be that satisfactory on bed as she knows her nature very well.
I was unable to control myself she was rubbing one hand over my tool and the hand was making circles on my balls. I was fully aroused and I was not able to understand whether to proceed or she was only joking. It was going beyond my control and I also wanted to try with one jerk I held her by her shoulders and pulled her down on the deewan and instantly started giving her a deep kiss sucking her lips with full force. She started protesting and I now knew that she was only teasing and I was wrong pulling her down and immediately got up. She started shouting and told scolded me saying do you any respect for a women and how can you feel that every women is the same. I started asking apology for which she asked what for? I replied for the act. She laughed loudly and told Buddhu you cannot be so harsh with a Virgin handle her softly as it is the first time ever that she is being handled with a Male and she had experienced herself in this act only by watching films and reading stories. She turned her back towards me and asked me to suck her earlobes from behind and press my tool deep between her butts. I held her by her stomach and started pressing and licking her suddenly she started rubbing my tool once again with her hand, slowly I started lifting her T-Shirt and started rubbing her navel slowly I pulled up the T-Shirt and to my surprise I could easily understand that she was already prepared herself for this as she was not wearing a bra inside. Now, it was my turn and I immediately pulled her T-Shirt and she was half naked I started squeezing her boobs from behind very hardly she was panting heavily and also moaning heavily. She told me why the hell am I in hurry as we have more than 10 hours where we will not be get disturbed at all. This particular statement of hers made me more hard and I replied that I want to do every thing I have planned doing with you from the day one you created a hard on in me. She immediately turned and placed her lips onto mine and there was a pin drop silence for a couple of minutes and our tongues met and got entangled within and we started sucking each others tongues and also started exchanging saliva. In the mean time I slowly pulled one of my hands from the back on her boobs and once again started pressing it. It was a very good feeling since it had the perfect shape, a perfect hold, a perfect size of tits and a perfect firmness. Now slowly I reached her stomach tickling and creating circles from her boobs to navel in a slow circular motion with the other hand still behind I slowly brought it down on to her waist line and with one jerk I pulled her towards me and she enjoyed it and moaned loudly I started squeezing her butts one by one and now giving a thrust I pressed her towards me with both the hands. I now pushed my hands inside her pants and as expected she was without a panty too. I slowly started finger fucking her ass first and also pressing her butts. The pressure of my cock over her belly was not controllable by her and she was wanting to get rid of her clothes and also mine she said I accept we have lot of time but the fact is no patience and hearing upon this I immediately understood and pulled her zipper down and pulled her pant down. She was totally naked I immediately made her lie on the bed and……

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