Saas ne Bahu ko Sasur se Chudne ko Kaha
Hello readers, I am Sultanasinha, aged 36 male from Patna back with 50th story. The story has been sent by Latha to be published on ISS MOBI. If you like, the story, please send your comments via mail .The story, which I am going to narrate, took place after four years of my marriage. My first child was 2 years old at that time. Our small family consisting of yours truly, husband and a baby was staying at Bangalore. Husband’s parents visited us and decided to stay one month with us.
I was still feeding my child. Since I had a lot of milk in my breast, my husband used to drink the remaining milk. Because it took too long to feed my child I had a habit of keeping my dress unbuttoned and boobs hanging out while feeding. Even in my presence of father in law and mother in law, I did it. Soon I realized that my father in law is watching my boobs in a different way. Even when my husband was not present and if I feed my child, he would be there in front of us. He was too shameless to stare at me boobs.
Once I told about it to my husband. He was laughing and told me “Never will my father do such things and he likes our kid very much, that’s why he keeps standing next to me” I also thought the same way and he was in his 50s at that time. One day my husband had gone to other city for some office work. Next morning my mother in law called me and told, “You very much require an oil massage to keep your skin shining.” I told about my inconvenience in front of father in law. She sent him out and told to come back after hours. I was getting it the first time (this kind of massage).
My husband told me that his mom used to do it sometime. As per mom’s instruction, I undressed and lay down on plastic sheet with only panty on. She came from kitchen with a bottle of coconut oil. I was shocked to see her as she was totally nude. I saw her and wondered because she was not in a habit of wearing panty. Village folks very rarely wear undergarments. Her appearance gave me goose pimples. I kept on watching because her pussy was neatly shaved. She noticed me watching, she smiled and said,
Your papa wants it clean so that he can lick it properly.” I felt shy and turned back my face to ceiling. She came near me, sat, and poured oil on my body. She was a god massager. I can feel that on my body. She poured oil on my tummy and began massaging. Her touch was tickling me. Then she moved her hand on my breast, I felt turned on and without my control, my pussy was getting tingling sensation. Then mom’s hand moved down on my belly and still down. I opened my eyes again because mom was pulling my panty down. My body shivered at this.
I held her hand. She jerked my protest off and pulled off my panty. I was too shy to show her my hairy vagina. She was aghast to see so much hair. Mom told me “Latha, why are you not shaving, my son likes you with hair or what?” I answered with shy voice “Yes mom, he doesn’t want me to shave even armpit hair.” Mom, “Then it is alright, their likes and dislikes should not be our aim, so that only we can keep them under our petticoat” she smiled telling that.
Then she was telling about my father in laws likes in sex. In addition, I understood that her hand is moving on my vagina walls and I am enjoying that. I wondered hearing from her that even now they both are fucking most of the days. She was even openly asking me about my husbands likes. Father in law likes to lick armpit of her. They both used to lick each other’s armpit once they back from morning walk and in sweating time. This was too much for me.
Then mom began asking the size of my hubby’s cock. I blushed with shame. She went on saying without hesitation that her husband’s cock size was 9 inches. I thought my husband’s size was only 7 inch. By hearing all these sexy talks and the ministrations on my cunt, I also became horny and started moaning. Mom noticed that my cunt was wet. She seized the opportunity and kissed me on my vagina.
I jerked my body up with force due to the sudden assault on my cunt. No one had touched me there accept my husband. She caught my thighs with her hand and began sucking my clit, which she had located by then. She climbed on me, came to 69 positions, and started licking my pussy walls. Her tongue invaded my cunt hole. I was just lying there enjoying the moves.
She said, “Hey I am not your servant, lick your husband’s birth hole. You also get into the act.” I began enjoying her act. I was moaning loudly. My body was shivering due to excitement. Within few minutes, I reached climax. I came with a bang. I clenched my thigh muscles on her ears. This brought me back to the reality.
I suddenly realized the situation and decided to stop it. I tried to get up but she was holding me tight and biting my pussy lips. Somehow I got up came out, running to the bathroom, closing the door. Then I took bath, changed the dress and came out. I looked for my mother in law. But I could not notice anything from mom’s face as she was acting as if nothing happened at all.
I decided to tell the episode to my hubby but I knew he would not believe me so I wanted to give him ample evidence. For that, I thought I should wait and watch her next step. I thought both FIL and MIL are up to something and I wanted to catch them red handed. Next day it was Saturday. All of us had lunch and taken rest. I had gone to go to my aunt’s home and come back around 4.00pm.
My husband and FIL had gone out to buy something. I decided to take bath. I went in to the bathroom. I heard my husband’s voice outside. He was asking for me and I heard my mom (MIL) telling him, “Latha has not come yet and your dad is taking bath.” I felt scared and looked at the curtains in the bathroom. Suddenly I saw father in law coming out from the curtain in full nude. He kept his fingers on his lips and said, “Zzhoo. Do not make sound, if my son saw us in the position I do not know what he will do. And no explanation will exonerate you as I will say you have called me in the bathroom.”
After saying that he hugged me tightly and kissed me on my lips. My husband was knocking the door and asking dad “Dad are you coming out with me, I am going to repair the emergency lamp.” FIL said, “No son I am enjoying my bath here with a beautiful girl. You go alone.” Son said, ” Dad, Be serious, tell me, I will wait for you we will buy vegetables also. What vegetables we got to buy. I think melon will be good.”
FIL pressed my breast and said, “You don’t buy melons for me, I got now.” My hubby said, “Dad do you want to buy milk, drink milk so that you will get good stamina.” FIL smiled to me, said to his son, “Thanks son”, and told me, “Latha your husband want me to drink milk.”
He started squeezing my naked breast and began drinking milk. Son said, “Dad once I am back all of us will go out let mom also get ready. Why do not you call mom also inside and make your bath enjoyable and get ready within 30 minutes. I will just watch this news and go out.” I heard mom’s laugh and some talking. After few moments she knocked the door my FIL opened the door and she came inside. I understood that it was with her knowledge he was doing all these.
Mom came inside and hit my ass making a sound. Son said, “Dad. Ha ha what’s happening”? FIL said, “Ha ha she looks very beautiful will enjoy with her now” Than I heard news on TV. Mom asked me, “Kneel down and lick your husband’s birth hole now else I will call your husband inside to see what his naked wife is doing with my naked husband, her FIL.”

I did not have any other option now. I just did whatever she told me to do. I began licking mom’s shaved cunt. It was very neat and salty. Her clit was very big. But considering her age her cunt walls were very tight. She liked my licking and sucking. She was moaning loudly, loud enough to be heard outside. Papa (FIL) who was watching this was also getting excited. He turned my face and inserted his rod into my mouth.
I was not able to suck because of the size but anyhow I managed it. I began bobbing my head up and down on his massive cock. His cock was throbbing. It slipped out of my mouth. I once again seized papa’s cock and started touching it and then stroking it. Papa’s eyes started to roll back in his head and all of a sudden, his cock swelled up. This encouraged mom (MIL) who sat down on her knees and began licking my pussy. Once mom started fingering, I also started enjoying and getting wetter and horny.
She deftly inserted her tongue in my cunt hole and began licking my inner walls while I was sucking papa’s cock. Papa was moaning loudly. Papa came wildly and his white cream started to come out the cock’s end in torrents filling up my mouth. After papa calmed down I got out my towel to clean my hands off from his comings and had a few drops on my finger which I touched to my lips and knew this was some of the sweetest juice I had ever tasted. I knew then I wanted to taste more, much more.
Then I also came due to mom’s lickings. She drank all love juices. My love juices were gushing out in barrage. I was unable to hold my loud moans. My husband yelled from the room, “Dad why are you making so noise? Can’t you do it silently? Your daughter in law will be coming any moment. What will she feel about it?”
Both the persons laughed loudly and said, “We will get out before your wife comes home.” This caught me unaware and I almost laughed loudly. Sensing my laughter papa put his lips on my stopping me from laughing. I was horny sandwiched naked between my naked mom and papa. I got courage now and asked them in a shy manner, “Dad can you please do it now”.
They both looked at each other and smiled. Dad replied, “Latha you close your eyes, I will show one thing, which you never will get angry with us.” I closed my eyes. They made me to lie on bathroom floor and kept both hands on my boobs with my legs spread. I opened wide and papa put his head between my legs and started to run his tongue all over my cunt and up into my bush. I started to get that feeling again.
He was expert in cunt licking. He would flick on the edge of my hole and then put his tongue inside and draw it out and go up to the top of my cunt where this little button was getting hard as a rock. He then crouched up a little and started sucking on my breasts at the nipples. My nipples got rock hard and grew about one-half inch in size. He also cupped them at the same time.
He then slid down and started sucking my cunt ( ) again while slipping one finger in my cunt and playing with one of my nipples with the other. Seeing how hot I was he took both my hands and placed my fingers on each nipple and instructed me to play with them as he then took his hands and opened my pussy wide and stuck his tongue in. He then licked this button and I started to cum repeatedly. Mom was fingering her cunt seeing this lusty scene.
He kept licking; I kept playing with my nipples and kept coming. He slowed down with his licking until he almost stopped and started licking some more and I came again. He kept this up three or four times. I urged him to fuck me now. Mom took hold of papa’s cock and began adjusting his dick against the vagina, which was meant for her son. Mom slapped my ass making a loud noise. My hubby asked, “What was that?” Papa replied, “It is your mother. I am enjoying her.”
Suddenly my husband yelled, “Dad you two are incorrigible. I cannot stand it any more. I wish Latha were here. You enjoy with mother.” Papa laughed, “Come inside son you will also enjoy.” I opened my eyes hearing my husband’s knocks the door. I feared he might enter the toilet. He was calling mom “Mom come out and close the door I am leaving for market.” Mom put on her nigh tee and opened the door. Leaving the door open, I heard my husband telling her bye and closing the door.
Mom came back and said “Latha. You can make noise now if you want, my son is not be here, even if was here he would think I am making noise.” Next second I really screamed at the top of my voice, “AaAa ammaaaaaaaa chettaa.” It was because his 9-inch dick entered in to my pussy and he started pumping. He lifted his body up a little and told me to finger one of my nipples and my cunt button. With this, he pinched my nipples and pumped hard. I was also pushing my body up to meet his strokes and my MIL was watching intently.
He was fucking me like a bitch. I felt that my orgasm was coming soon. As I was doing this and papa was fucking me, we looked into each other’s eyes and we knew we were ready to cum again. He asked, “I am about to cum. I want to cum in your cunt. Can I?” I said yes and we both came together. I felt the climax with a tremor. I felt as if it was my first orgasm in life and I passed away. I forgot where I was for some time.
Mom told papa that she wanted to lick his juicy cock after he took it out of my pussy. For the next ten minutes or so papa would put his cock in my pussy, let it soak up our juices. He would take it out again and mom would lick it off with her tongue and then French kiss papa allowing papa to taste his cum and my pussy juice. She did this until there was no more of his sweet juice left in my pussy.
Mom came to us again “You my lovely little bitch, my son’s sweet wife, from today onwards you are my husband’s second wife. He will give a monthly amount to you, which you cannot imagine. And you should obey all our orders.” I told mom, “Mom. I will obey anything. Please let him fuck me every day. Mom said, “Open your mouth now.”
She put her big vagina on my mouth. Before I could begin licking it her pee started flowing like water. I drank it as far as possible. Dad said, “Good. Now get ready and we will teach you how to make our son enjoy his life and you follow that and never tell him any of this” So dear readers this is the story. Hope you enjoyed it. If you like, the story, please post your comments.

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