Richard is the managing director of a big FMCG company in London. He is a bisexual though he is married to Jennifer who is fully aware of his sexual inclination. Richard is a handsome and charming man and master of a well built body. He usually invites people with similar inclination to his house to have bisexual fun. He and his wife enjoy such experiences. He tried to make Jennifer have sex with other ladies but she did not enjoy that and preferred to remain straight. Though she always supports her husband in his bisexual fun.
One day Richard had to hire a taxi to go to his office as his car had a break down. He looked at the driver and was extremely impressed with his massive appearance. He started imagining him on his bed. Eager to have him in his bedroom he started a friendly conversation. The driver was from India, named Omkar Singh. Omkar was married and his family was in India. He lived in a suburb with his fellow countrymen. Omkar was nicely built, he had a round face and robust moustache, small eyes and wide forehead.
Richard tried to get informal with him by telling him to address him by his name and not ‘Sir’. At this Omkar responded by telling Richard to call him as Om. Richard told him to call him up if he wanted to have fun and they exchanged their phone numbers. Richard saw his gleaming eyes and was ecstatic.
Richard told his wife about Om and she was sarcastic about having sex with a taxi driver. They argued for quite a long time and after that Jennifer gave in and agreed believing her husband that he would be the best mate ever and was eager to meet her.
Richard waited for Om’s call for three nights but he didn’t call up. On the fourth night he got too desperate to wait for him and himself called him up. But since he had no idea whether he would like the bisexual intercourse or not, Richard did not dare explain him everything and asked him to come and enjoy as he had called up a call girl.
Jennifer frowned at tagging her a call girl. But Richard insisted and she agreed for that too.
Within an hour Om was there. He was wearing a cheap striped white half sleeve shirt and jeans. Om was not a gym freak as suggested by a little flabby body but he was naturally endowed with a great body. He had muscular biceps and well developed arms covered with hair.
He welcomed Om and Om entered with a bit of hesitation. Richard tried to make him comfortable and they sat on the couch. Richard opened a bottle of whisky and poured it in two glasses. Richard cried cheers and clinked their glasses and started sipping the whisky. Richard was getting excited.
Om asked about the ‘girl’, to which Richard replied that she’d be there soon. After waiting for too long, Richard realised that it was useless effort on his part to arouse Om as he seemed to be a perfectly straight guy. So he gave a missed call to Jennifer who got out of the back door and took a round and arrived at the main door and rang the bell. Richard jumped up to open the door as she would seduce Om and then he could see him naked.
Jennifer entered. She was wearing a shabby make-up to look like a call girl and was wearing a very sexy black outfit that covered her from the middle of her oozing boobs to a little below her pussy. Seeing her Om relaxed on the couch. Richard indicated Jennifer to remove his clothes. Jennifer ran her fingers on Richard’s face seductively and advanced towards Om. She was all praise for her husband’s choice.
Jennifer sat in the lap of the dark and handsome man. Om wrapped her up in his arms and rubbed his nose across her neck electrifying her. She groaned and stroked his hair. Om kissed her neck and then her cheeks and then advanced towards her lips. He tightened his grip and locked his lips on hers. They were engaged in a passionate smooch. Om and Jennifer were getting dissolved into one another. Om’s tongue was wandering into Jennifer’s mouth and transferring his saliva into her and sucking her. Jennifer was caressing Om and feeling every move his body made while he sucked her and caressed her.
Richard was getting uneasy as he felt like the odd man out in the room. He wanted Om undressed.
Om rubbed her thighs and slipped his fingers under her dress and pulled out her panty and now played with her pussy. Jennifer was moaning with pleasure. Om then pulled off her dress and she was all naked. But Richard was waiting for Om to get bare.
Om now stood up and picked Jennifer in his arms and asked Richard for the bedroom. Richard showed him the way and followed him.
Om carried her through into the dark bedroom. Richard switched on the lights. Om turned and questioningly looked at Richard, who explained that he wanted to see their sex episode. Om put her on the bed and began undressing. He removed his shirt and threw it off. Richard was standing at his back and was greedily looking at Om’s perfectly V shaped torso from the back. Though he was slightly bulky at the waist, but had an awesome body with strong and round shoulders. He was enormous. He rushed to look at him from the front and was ecstatic when he measured him up. He had manly bulging chest with very nice chest hair adding to his machismo. He just wanted to rush and kiss his wide chest but he controlled his emotions. Om took off his jeans and Richard looked at his nicely carved out calves that looked like those of a footballer and he had strong thighs. His legs were also covered with body hair. Om was too focussed on Jennifer to notice the greedy eyes of Richard. Om took off his underwear and held his large and erect penis. Richard’s eyes were wide open at seeing the dark and hot beastly rod of flesh. It was an enormous one.
Jennifer was throwing her legs on the bed in ecstasy.
Om slowly went near the bed and Jennifer turned and looked at Om and then his majestic, hot and lusty organ. She held it in her hand and kissed it. Then she started licking up Om’s penis like a lollypop, a large one. Soon, she was sucking it passionately and Om was rubbing and caressing her. Om was standing beside the bed with one knee resting on the bed and Jennifer was wrapped up in his legs sucking the penis of her man of the night. She was enjoying it completely, Om’s presence near her and his stout penis into her mouth. Both were enjoying and Richard stood like a mute spectator, unable to decide how to start and break the ice. He was aroused at the sight of Om and seeing Jennifer enjoying the Indian man, he was getting tempted to join.
Om ejaculated into Jennifer’s mouth and released his molten lust into her. Jennifer happily swallowed every drop of it. She was now exhausted and panting.
Richard was aroused and found himself unable to control his urge. He wanted to have Om’s penis in his mouth.
Om was on the bed now and both were ready for action. Om was gazing Jennifer hungrily and his penis was erect and hot again. Om lied over Jennifer wrapping her up. Jennifer’s delicate body got buried under Om’s rough body. Om was kissing her wildly and slowly he had made his move towards her boobs. He was sucking them like a beast. Jennifer was enjoying him. Shrilling out the lusty words. They were engaged in the lust game and locked into one another.
Now Richard found the opportunity and removed his clothes and was on the bed and kissed Om’s butts. Om didn’t notice it and kept kissing and smooching Jennifer. Now he started licking his ass and moved towards the hole. Now Om turned and got infuriated and slapped Richard very hard. Richard was shocked and rubbing his aching cheek he sat aside watching the two tossing on the bed. Jennifer was too ecstatic to notice or maybe she didn’t want to react and spoil the fun. Richard felt disgusted and questioned himself if he had invited Om to fuck his wife.
Jennifer was moaning and groaning in Om’s strong arms. Om had become a wild beast he was smooching her vigorously and simultaneously squeezing and caressing her boobs. Om turned and now Jennifer was on Om. Om released her from his liplock. Her lips were wet with Om’s saliva. She kissed his hairy chest and again kissed it and again. Then Om lay with his hands at the back of his head. She rose up, her curvaceous breasts brushed against Om’s massive and hairy chest. She ran her tongue all through his chest and then into his armpit and sucked it. Then she moved her tongue again through his chest to his nipples, circled it with her tongue and then sucked it.
Raising his armpits, Om had diffused his warm and manly aroma that had intoxicated Jennifer and was making it difficult for to Richard control his lust for Om. Om again turned and buried Jennifer under him and slowly placed his burning cock on her pussy. His penis lips kissed Jennifer’s pussy lips and then his cock made its way into her. She screamed with joy holding Om tight. Om started pumping his large penis into her and kept kissing her lips, neck and breasts.
Richard realised that Om was a perfect fucker and an expert at that. Om’s stout penis found it a little hard to make its way but when it was completely inside Jennifer he started thrusting it to and fro. Jennifer was extremely excited and kept moaning.
Richard’s wife was getting fucked and Richard was watching them. Om was getting wilder and wilder. He kept changing her position from time to time and kept pumping her hard. Om got into rhythm and his body moved violently over Jennifer vibrating her along. Finally he let loose his sticky and hot gift of a violent stream into her and filled her up. They kept kissing even after that. Om didn’t let her calm down so soon. She had got the perfect gift from her husband. The perfect man as his sex mate for the night, who satisfied her completely.
After a while Om raised and sat taking support against the back of the bed. Jennifer lay her head on his hairy and enormous thighs. His penis was brushing her face. She even held it and caressed it and then licked it. Om pulled her into his arms. She sat beside him hugging him and resting her face on his chest. She ran her fingers through Om’s chest hair and closed her eyes. Om also closed his eyes.
Now Richard got up and gathered courage to draw near Om. He saw that they were engaged, and hungrily licked Om’s penis. Om didn’t react. So he started to run his tongue through it, holding it with his hand.
Om opened his eyes and looked at Richard and put his hand on Richard’s head. Richard looked up and Om told him to continue. At this Richard was happy and put Om’s dick into his mouth and sucked it. It started expanding and filled his mouth. Richard’s mouth was stretched wide open to accommodate it. Om applied a little pressure and pulled Richard into his pubic region. The penis drilled Richard to his throat. He gasped for breath. But Om held him in that position for a while and then released him. Richard again started sucking his penis. Jennifer watched Richard sucking Om’s dick like a hungry dog while Om rested with his eyes closed caressing Richard with one hand and Jennifer with the other.
After a few moments, Om released Jennifer and turned around holding Richard and making him turn along with him. Now Om was over Richard with Om’s penis stuck in Richard’s mouth. Richard’s eyes were wide opened with fear as he guessed his intentions. Om held Richard’s head and started thrusting his penis to and fro into Richard’s mouth. Jennifer kept caressing Om’s biceps and arms and kept kissing his body, unfazed by circumstances. So now, the husband was getting mouth fucked by Om and wife was caressing and kissing Om.
Om got wilder and wilder and pumped the heat of his fleshy hard and lust filled rod into Richard. All this while Jennifer was clinging to Om. The suddenly a violent stream of thick and hot liquid filled up Richard’s mouth. Om lay like that over Richard, holding his face between his hairy thighs into his extremely hairy pubic region. So Richard had no choice except to swallow down Om’s semen.
Jennifer was exhausted so she slept beside them.
Om’s penis started getting harder in Richard’s mouth. Om moved and his penis was out of Richard. Om now turned him over. Richard was panting and gasping for fresh air. Until Richard could understand, Om pressed the stout tip of his large and expanded penis onto Richard’s asshole. Richard cried and resisted. But Om overpowered him and pressed his penis into Richard’s hole again. Om’s dick drilled its way in and the hungry beast tried to enter deeper. Om kept thrusting and Richard cried out loud with pain. But then he started enjoying the game. He kept calling Om to push it deeper and deeper. Om gradually had entered his penis completely into Richard and now started pumping up and down. The movements caused Richard sweet pain. They were shaking vigorously, Om over Richard and Richard buried under Om. Ultimately when Om had fucked him to his content he released his hot and burning semen into Richard.
After a while Om moved aside and cuddled Jennifer in his arms, Jennifer also embraced Om. Richard moved to Om’s hairy thighs and dug his face deeper into Om’s pubic region rubbing his large and dark penis.
In the night Om was again aroused as Richard was rubbing and licking Om’s penis. He pulled Jennifer who woke up and then after a little foreplay he again fucked her.
The threesome enjoyed the night. Richard and Jennifer enjoyed their Indian man fucking them up. Om fucked up Richard twice after that the same night.

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