Hi to all O9L readers.. This is the first time i am writing this story and also this was my first sex experience with a matured girl. I am vikie,23 yrs guy working in delhi riight now. But this experience is when i was of 18 yrs. And that time i used to live in ludhiana. I was net freak at that time . I used to keep sitting on net chatting on messenger all day and night. I started chatting on net when i was 15 years old and i had many net gfs with whom i enjoyed cam sex many times bt never had been through real sex experience anytime. When i was 17 i got across a gujrati girl on chat , she used to live in gujrat that time . V became very good frieends online. Then v shared our phone numbers and used to talk on phone evry night . Her name is sonali .she is 9 year elder to me . After an year i heard from her that sshe has shifted to delhi for her job. She called me delhi telling me to make a trip to goa. I agreed instantly. I left for delhi and wheni reached there . I booked a hotel room there. Then she came up there in hotel with her bag packed for trip. It was my first time , i was going to face her. I was feeling bit shy too as she was elder to me. So when she entered hotel room, i pretended that i was sleeping. She locked the room and turnned on the lights. And pushed me from bed and told me to wake up. I stood up and i didnt knw wt to say n wt to do though on phone talks i used to b very talkative with her . She then hugged me and gave a cheek kiss to me. Now i was fully awake.(lolz) then sh went to washroom and got fresh . We were suppose to leave fr goa next day evening. . We had lunch together and decided to go for movie late night . She said she want to rest till that time. I was watching tv and she slept . I started looking her .

She was in sleeveles tshirt and small shorts. Trust me guys she was absolute fantasy . Long blonde hair , juicy lips inviting to bite. And she was 34-26-36. A fabulous figure . I kept staring her while she was sleeping. Then at nite v woke up and went fr movie and turned back late around 2 a.m . I took shower and got in bed, then she went for shower and to my astonishment when she got out from shower she was wearing towel wrapped around her huge mealons and hardly covering her butts. She got in bed. To my shyness i couldnt face her fr much time and i pretended to sleep saying that m sleepy. She said ok and started watchin tv . Lights were off. After sometime i noticed her hand in my hair playng with it. Then she kissed my forehead and then she moved her finger on my lips . I still pretended as if m sleeping. She then kissed on my lips . I didnt respond. Then i turned otherside showing back to her. It seems she was waiting. After few minute when i turned wt i saw under the blanket was her bib boob was in front of my mouth with towel on it . She then puushed herself more on me . And now my face was touching her boob. She then opened her towel from front and let it go down. I was totally stunned to see such a huge mealon in front of me for first time in my life. I was hard from my bottom. I couldnt wwait and pounced my mouth on her boob . Kept sucking the nipple for around 10mins .

Then she put another nipple in my mouth. I was feeling in heaven that time. After 30mins, she took my hand n guided it to her pussy. I noticed it was a clean shaven pussy. She rubbed her pussy with my hand and then i started rbbing it gently and she was in moans. I was still sucking her tits and she kept her hannd on my hardon over my lower. My penis was damn hot n rock hard that time. Then she tried to open my lower bt cudn do that. She then whispered in my ear to open the lower. I did that and she pulled my lower away and then opened my underwear and my 7 inches cock was in front f her. She took It in her hand and squeezed it gently. I was stunned at that moment as it was first time some girl touched my cock. It was awesome feeling . Then she started moving her hand up and doown masturbating and giving me a handjob. I started biiting her tits and she replied to that by shaking my penis harder. After about 15mins she got over me and started kissing me and then she smoooched my lips . And then she moved down and started rubbing her breasts on my cock that was erect and hard………….it was erotic feeling that i always saw in porn movies or in my dreams . Then she took my penis in her hands and put her tongue on top of it and started lickng it. I felt like exploding out . Then i did precum and she gulped it giving me a smile and then she took my hard cock in her mouth. I moaned at high pitch…ahhhhhhh..ohhhhhh.myyyyy… Uhhhhahhhhufffff. And she kept sucking it like a lollpop. In girls in like long hair the most, and she had long hair which she had tied with a band and i love to open the hair and play with it. While she was sucking my penis. I kept moving my hands in her hair and then she stopped and got up on bed and pulled my hand to get me up. And then she knelt down and started sucking my cock again. Then i put my hand in her hair and hold it tightly and started fucking her mouth to and fro. She then stopped me aand started giving handjob to me . I opened her hair from band started playing with them(i love this activity the most). Then i caught hold of her hair and pulled her up and smooched her . She kept holding my hardon cock in her hands all time .

She then guided me to her back and told me that she want me to put inside her from back that she was me to fuck her ass first. She then spilt some vaseline st her ass and then guided my cock in her ass. I wasnt ablee to put it in her ass as it was too tight to enter. Then she told me to push it till i get in. I pushed more and more . My penis was paining a lot while pushing in. But i didnt backoff. She was in pain too but told me nt to stop. I finally pushed it hard and it was in completely and she was crying iin pain moaning …ohhhhhhhhhhh fukkk, ahhooouuuuchhhh. Come on fuk harderrrr. I started moving in and out gently . And she kept moaning ..fuck me hardrrr..ahhhh…ooooohhhh….yeaaaahhhhh….ummmmm…. Then i increased my pace and started stroking hard . After abt 10mins only , i got slow as i was abt to cum out . She understood and told me tocum inside ass only. I then started moving my penis inside her and then shred out all cum in her ass. And then i lied down in bed . And my penis was getting down bt sonali was nt complete as yet . She took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it more and more with my two balls also. I got hard again in 2mins and then she told me to get up and took me to bathroom and she sat on the shelf near washbasin spreading her legs and told me to suck her. I hesitated first and went near her and deviating her mind i started sucking her breasts but she pushed my head down to her open pussy. Then i put my toungue at her cunt and started moving it there with her clitories . She kept moaning in pleasure , ohhhhhyaaaaaa..uhmmmmaaaaa. Lick it harder. Eat my crotch…ahhhyesssss. I was gettting mad by her moans and started moving a finger in her cunt with my toungue also at high pace.

She got mad with pleasure and pulled my hair and shifted my head away from her cunt telling me that she was about to cum which she didnt want to so early. Then she opened her legs widely and told me pulled my penis and kept her at the lips of her pussy and started rubbing it there. I felt as if she is my sex Teacher telling me each n everything openly. Then she hold her hands on my hips and pushed me closer and my cock was in her wet n hot pussy completely. I felt as if i entered a hot burning area . It was feeling as if i was in seventh heaven . Then i started puahing in and out for 5mins slowly and she started moaning goooo hardrrrr.fuckkkk meeee son f biaaatch…hardrrrrrr..ooooyeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhh… I started fucking her cunt harder and harder.after 10mins her liquids came from her cunt. . And she was breathing heavily . She told me to take her to bed . I picked her in my arms and took her to bed. And we both lied down . Thats all .. I will write my all experience in coming stories.

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