Raped my cousin sister with me
hi am MNkumar and my sis name swathi she is (Engg) age 24 and my age 22 she had married but in 6 months fightened and try take dievors she can give birth one child, my further studies i go to my sis home.
Last March 24 my uncle aunty has One month tour, so they offer me to stay with she because my sis has don’t any relatives.
next day morning she is giving milk to she’s children so i’m seeing from opposite and i think how to convince to sex with me. At the evening time again she is feeding milk to child infront of me and i decided today i fuck to her. slowly my hands moving to child head and sis is watching moive in tv i slowly my hand touch his boobs
suddenly she seen me and i keep hand in my control again she is watching movie !i taken child from his hands and go to another room there that child is sleeping on bed! i go to that room back side to swathi with saree red colour red blouse and slowly my one hand move her stomach she suddenly turn 2 me and seriously seeing me & i told him please i love you , we have sex! she’s shouting on me but i very excited abt her i take him bed forcely i opened she blouse and bra i sucking to boobs very hardly and drinking the milk its very tasty i opened saree and langa,panty she lokeed me very hot girl she is accepting me and i open all clothes we both are nude & i’m sucking she pussy , and i my cock is hardly push insert and output she is giving sounds ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhhahhahahh hahahahhah but she is looking very hungry at the time i dont worry that and lot lip to lip kiss so many i had given at time we can go to sleep
From Next day we are living like wife and husband and now she is pregant and i have married but staying with both sister & wife.

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