Rani Mukherjee Fucks for a Commercial
Rani Mukherjee has been having a hard time of late, movies had flopped, she only had one film in her kitty and it had already churned out a few controversies. Katrina Kaif & Kareena were ruling the roost, she was now the older generation star and no longer as sale able as she once was.

Gone were the days when people were lining up to have her endorse their products in exchange for hefty amounts. She wasnt eveh sure how long Adi Chopra would let her suck his cock. Depending on his little habit of a blowjob a day was dangerous as his attentions could shift anytime. Movie business could truly suck once you were 30.

She asked her brother who handled her business dealings to look for some kind of a product endorsement deal that she could align with while her movie career was slow. Raja her brother began asking around and was encouraged by a promising message from a big clothing company.

"they are launching a new Saree brand and are hoping to have you work with them on this" Raja told Rani, who felt fairly encouraged. They were expecting an offer.

One morning Raja informed her that the offer had been recieved and it stood at 75,00,000 for 12 months with a 30% for every year its extended, he was going to leave and heard to Calcutta to finalise the legal stuff with the lawyer immediately.

The next morning she got a call from Raja and he asked her to meet with the CEO RK, who was visiting Bombay for a day. Since he was still in Calcutta, she would have to go by herself and talk to him.

He told her not to discuss money or any other issues but to just go and charm him. Ordinarily Rani hated discussing money or meeting people on her own, especially strangers being a big star meant she got her own way a lot and was usually away from the nit picking that goes on in business. She only liked to get the money in the bank and the star treatment on set. However they needed the money bad and this could turn out to be a long term gig and would go a long way in settling their money needs for the next 2-3 years.

She grudingly agreed to meet with the CEO at Vista, the Taj Lands End coffee shop, a popular meeting place for film folk. Turning up at 8pm she was shown to the table where a middle aged, decent looking gentleman wa seated.

"Hi, i am Rani" she said in her very husky voice. The man stood up and shook her hand "hi, i am RK, CEO of Garmentrix, Pleasure to meet you " Rani took his hand and held it for a second longer than she had to, looked right in his eyes and said "the pleasure is all mine" never breaking eye contact.

The moment he heard Rani say pleasure in that husky voice RK felt his cock stir, this was the first movie star they had hired. He looked at Rani, she was wearing a Garmentrix saree, nice touch he thought.

It was silk blue and clinged on to her voluptous frame, Rani had never been the slimmest girl in the world but her figure lent well to Sarees. Her blouse was adverntously cut, deep showing her cleavage, the pally of her saree was left transparent strategically so as not to hide her cleavge.

She looked smashing. "shall we sit" Rani said, RK, lost in his thoughts, was brought back to earth and apologised,

"Do forgive me Raniji"

"Call me Rani please"

"Okay, Rani. What would you like"

"The contract" she said and let it hang out there

RK was not sure what to make of it.

then she burst out in laughter, her whole face lit up she put her hand to her face and started to shake, the bountious cleavage heaving up and down, RK wondered what her breasts looked like for a moment and then looked at her, she was still laughing.

"i am sorry, i joke around a little too much"

"Its okay, a beautiful woman like you, is forgiven everything"

She smiled, flattery worked well with her but she had to play this carefully. She had butterflies in her stomach, she didnt know why.

"Raniju, ill be honest with you, i think you are brilliant fit for our product but the compensation we have offered you is much too generous considering your current success rate"

Ranis heart sank.

"The board feels we could get someone with a slightly bigger market presence for just a little bit more"

Rani, felt betrayed, she didnt have to listen to this. she had done 40 movies and worked exlusively for Yash Raj, sucked enough cock to not be fobbed off by a fuckwit from Calcutta.

But she controlled her situation. This guy looked straight forward, like he fucked his wife thrice a month and came insider her missionary. If she could play this right she could def pull it off.

Rani, looked into RKs face, focused on his eyes and leaned in. She had made up her mind, to go for broke.

"RKji, where is your brand based"

RK, not sure where it was going said "Kolkata madam"

"So, tell me, where will you find a Bengali superstar who can look good in your product, fit in your market"

RK had no answer.

She then took his hand in her hand

"you are thinking of hiring Katrina or Kareena, let me tell you, they dont wear Sarees, they will only do this for the money and will forget about the next day"

She let that hang in the air.

"But madam"

"RK ji, no butts, only hands"

Rk then felt something move around his cock, for a minute he thought he was dreaming. Then he felt it move even again, it was her foot and it was massaging his cock. The last time he had felt something on his cock, other than his hand had been when his maid had sucked him off 2 months ago.

"But madam, the board"

"Rkji, you are the CEO, it is YOUR board, they work for you, not the other way around"

RK, felt elated, the foot in his cock and a figurative superstar tongue in his ass made him feel like a superstar.

But then again he thought if what he was doing was wise, his shoulder fell, Rani saw that. She stopped moving her foot around his cock and pulled back. RKji, come ill show you something that will help you make your decision quicker.

She walked out of the restaurant and took the lift to the third floor. She walked into the womens room, there was no one there. She grabbed his hand and took him to a stall.

Rk was not sure of what was about to happen but he was prepared. She put him in the stall and made him stand. She sat on the pot and unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

Then she looked right in his eyes and threw her pallu off herself. Showing her cleavage and offering it as a feat to his eyes. the blood rushed to RKs cock and it began to harden.

"RKji, do you think Katrina could do this" saying this she plunged the cock into her her mouth. RK didnt know what hit him, his eyes rolled into his head and he began to gasp. Waves of pleasure were beginign to rise as Rani began to move her mouth over and around the cock, using her tongue to flick around the head while her hands cupped his balls.

She grabbed one of his hands and put it on her breasts, "Rkji, inhe chodiyega nahi" RK obeyed and grabbed the breasts, they felt just like he imagined they would. Round, fleshy, soft but filling his hands. In the middle of his two hands was her wonderful face attached to the glorious mouth which was giving him more pleasure than he had ever had.

"Raniji, ap kitni sundar hain, yeh kitna acha lag raha hain" (you are so beautfiul, this feels so good)

This was just like any other day in the movie business of late she had sucked only Adis cock but back in the 90s she had to suck off even the cameraman. Poor idiot... she thought. About to pay me lakhs for what he could get for 1000 bucks anywhere.

Rk began to pant, he could feel his orgasm building, Rani meanwhile could feel his grip on her tits and knew what was to come. She began to suck even harder and grabbed the base of his cock tight, she then moved her other hand from his balls to his ass and began fingering it.

RK didnt know what hit him and he came in waves, his knees grew weak and he would have fallen if the door had not been shut. Rani took the shots in her mouth and swalloed. Leaving some on her tongue which she licked around her lips and chin.

RK seeing his cum on Ranis mouth and face thought he had died and gone to heaven.

Rani spoke, "Rkji, this is how committed i am to workng with Garmentrix"

RK, exhausted, spent and pleasured said "Ji Rani ji, agreed but we will have to do something about the 30% increase"

Rani, looked up, leaned back spread her legs and lifted her saree. She smiled a smile. RKs cock ached but couldnt help stirring again.

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