Raksha Bandhan - Rakhi Gift
I would like to share my experience with you all. I came to know that many stories written here are fake. But my story is true incident which took place on this Rakshabandhan.

I’m Ananya, 19. I am from New Delhi and studying Engineering. I am in second year of my college. My stats are 34-26-35. I m very concerned about my figure. The most seductive thing in me is my lips. This story is about me and my cousin brother. My brother’s name is Karan. He is very handsome and good looking. He is 20 years old doing BBA from Gurgaon. My brother has a good physique and muscular body. He has many girlfriends.

Now the real story starts from here. It was the time of Rakshabandhan and on its eve, I with my family went to my brother’s house for the occasion. We reached there around 5 p.m. My brother is actually my mama’s son. I really liked him since childhood. But now he looks like a superstar. He is the only child to my mama and I m only child to my parents. So our chemistry was very good. We both are good friends and used to share each and every thing.

He used to tell me all his problems and I used to tell him mine. From our talks it was clear that he also likes me. When we reached his home, we all greeted each other and we both hugged each other too. That was the time something happened to me. I was fallen for him. We both went to his room and our gossips began. We then planned to go out to watch a movie. We decided to go to Ambience mall.

Then we took tickets and went inside theater. Incidentally, there were very less crowd inside the hall as the movie was not new. Most of the seats were vacant. And then the movie began. The movie contained many sex scenes and very vulgar language too. We both were enjoying the scenes. But what I noticed that after sometime my brother’s hand was on my bare thighs as I was wearing short skirt.

As the movie proceeds I noticed that his hand was traveling to my inner thighs and towards my pussy. I was enjoying too but I removed his hands as he was my brother. He felt sorry for that. But after sometime I realized that he wants to have fun with me. Then the intermission took place. We went out and had drinks. After that movie started and I behaved normal as nothing had happened.

It was time for me to begin. I put my hands on his thighs and found that his cock was erected. I touched it and removed my hands from there. Now this was an open opportunity for him. He again put his hands on my thighs but this time I didn’t objected him. I was also enjoying the whole act. Soon he entered his middle finger inside my pussy. It became wet and started leaking juices. He told me to take off my panty.

I took it off in no time. In mean time his hands went to my boobs and he started pressing it hard. I was about to shout but somehow controlled myself. He then again started to finger my pussy. We both were out of control and wanted to have sex. We both left the theatre and immediately went to car which was in parking and had sex in car. While we were coming back I noticed everybody was watching me.

I didn’t know why but later found that I forgot to wear my panty and everybody had seen my pussy. All went so suddenly that there was no time for thinking about all this. We had sex in car and directly went to home. Karan bought some condoms too while going home. As we reached home we behaved normal to all elders. We took dinner with them and went off to sleep.

We both used to sleep in same room and on same bed from childhood and no one had objection with that till now. We both closed the door of the room and locked it from inside. Karan played some blue-films on his laptop and we both were hot again. We both smooched for at least 10-15 minutes. During smooch his hand was on my boobs. He took off my top and I took his T-shirt off too. I also removed his jeans and frenchie.

I was shocked to see his 5.5″ long cock. I started stroking it and soon he released his cum.We then both started smooching again. He then ripped off my bra and sucked my boobs. My pink nipples became red. He then stripped my skirt. As I was not wearing panty so he directly started licking my pussy. Soon he entered his finger inside and was stroking it. It was making much pain but I was enjoying it.

After that he put condom and entered his cock inside my pussy. It was fully inside in 5-6 strokes as I was not virgin. I lost my virginity in college. I had sex with my college mates. He was shocked to know that I was not virgin. We both tried each and every sex position. In the whole night we fucked at least 4-5 times. Next morning we celebrated Rakshabandhan. And as a gift I wanted to fuck again. He promised to fuck me.

After that everyone was busy having breakfast and we both went to terrace. Here on terrace no one will be able to see us. So we removed each other’s clothes and started having sex here on terrace. He fully satisfied me.

Then as evening approached we leaved from here for our home. Karan promised me that will both will remain in contact and will have sex session at least twice or thrice a week. That is how this incident held. It was the most beautiful Rakhi gift I have ever had. This is my first story. So please forgive me for any mistake.

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