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My wife and my sister in law (Sali) have little difference in age of 16 months but my Sali has a calling beauty for sex, good athletic and beautifully curved body. My Sali married after three months of my marriage while my wedding life was eight moths and we are in family way since last 5 months, My Sali & her husband visited to us on a courtesy call. We four are very open in talks and friendly. My attraction towards her was more sex than relationship. Since I am also a gim goer we also fancied towards each other. I took her to the morning gim where as her hubby was simple and educated but not interested in gim. And was enjoying good sleep. I could not make myself free in the gim by the site of her erotic figure. However we finished our activities there. When we returned from gim my wife served some tea and requested me to accompany her to temple which is a few minutes job. I agreed her and asked her to take bath and I also went for a bath. When I returned from bath I found my Sali her husband and my wife were chatting on a cup of tea. I requested my brother I law if he can take my wife to nearby temple on my car and in the mean time I will finish my puja at home and to send an urgent mail to a client.

He agreed and I went for my job. I was in a shorts and my body was uncovered from top. By the time I finished my job they were moving for temple and Saliji was shutting the front door. My job was also complete and I was just shutting down my computer. She came to me and stood near me as to see what I am doing. Till then I was not filled with sex but having a look on her sexy body and finding alone I got horny. Perhaps she was also in the same way as she told me latter on at the site of my uncovered body. I took her n my lap and kissed her chin, lips kandha, near her ear, and pressed her boobs also. She was in real mood. We had only five minutes on hand when my wife may return. I released her from blouse and bra. Boobs and nipple were childlike and in full bloom. I took those sexy items in my mouth and caressed her. She became very sexy. Without thinking anything I put her on the carpet removed her pajamas and panty forcibly though she was nagging but not restricting me. I opened my shorts my 8 in tool was very furious at time. I asked her if she had closed the front door carefully.

She replied yes. I kissed all her body naïve and enjoying her body. She was very wet. I hold my limb and brought near to her whole rubbed for few seconds and then thrashed a push. She cried a little .She was wet but was tight. My passion was on 7th. Seven. I had no time to hear her. I continued pumping her as we have very few minutes in hand. She was adjusting my strokes now. After 15/20 strokes. She grabbed my body and bite my face and chicks probably she came on her orgasm. Soon her chute was lubricated. She got relaxed due to orgasm. But I continued fucking .I was also thirsty since few months due to unsatisfied sex from my pregnant wife. To close the event I was ramming her like a beast where she was participating as a wild partner. I was hearing the sound of chupp ah who etc. I folded her legs on her chest and giving wild strokes. We were sweating heavily, suddenly my stroke frequency increased abnormally and teething at many places of her chuchi and chhati etc done. She teethed my shoulders nailed my body and we reached to climax. I shoot her deep into her vagina with fabulous man-juices. She told she never enjoyed orgasm which she read in sex books.

First time you have given me the pleasure of sex. You have bombed my choot and killed the sex enemies she was contented. She told Oh it was a hurricane and subsided now I am happy jijaji. I was waiting for this since long I have not been quenched like this earlier from my husband. My husband loves me but he is very mild in sex. I told her saliji I am not satisfied with this rehearsal. I will fuck you whole night one day then I may be satisfied. Had I seen you earlier to my marriage I had not married your elder sister. During this talk my tool was inside her. I told her I dropped my lava in side you which I shouldn’t but I was so sexy that I couldn’t do so.. I advised her that I fear this will make you pregnant so at least you get a fuck from your husband to night otherwise we may caught later on. My limb was getting strength during sexy talk. I immediately took out and asked her to go to bath and in the mean time I will be on the computer. Soon the door bell rang she ran way to toilet holding her clothes on chute disallowing any juice from her chute.

I put a big towel on my body opened the door for my wife and brother in law. I told my wife to ready for breakfast as I was getting late. When asked about sarita I told them she is in bathroom. I washed my organs and left for office but I was in a good mood throughout the whole day and we dined in a hotel. We behaved as nothing has happened. But whenever I remember the incident I get horny as agreed by Sarita she arranged a whole night wild chudai samaroh at her place within 20 days. Then she had said my husband cannot satisfy me sexually like this jijaji. I am depending on you. She and he left us satisfied with our courtesy. At the time of delivery of my wife my brother in law volunteered sarita’s help and again we enjoyed some good sexual feats which I will provide to readers later on. Then I was informed that she has missed the menses this month meaning as the first quickie wild sex on the carpet made her pregnant which I had the doubt

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