Pakistani Father Fucked his Daughter
Hi I am an 58 year old Pakistani American living in Waco, Texas. I have been born and lived all my life in America. My grandfather came from Pakistan so I am third generation Pakistani American. I have been to Pakistan few times. Like my father I married a Pakistani girl who has born and raised in America also.

Since we both lived in America all of our life. That’s why we are very open about sex. Believe it or not, this is true story, and if you're offended, don't read any further. This story shows how a liberated sexual mind can give such satisfaction, without any harm.

I have three children first two boys and then one girl . My both sons are married and living with their wife’s in other states. My daughter Mahreen lives with us.

I seemed to have been watching Mahreen all my life. Watching her as a baby, watching her as she grew up, watching her through her school years...and now, incredibly, watching her as a woman.

Like a average American girl Mahreen found a Pakistani boy friend in her collage. I was so mad about it but I could not do any thing about it. Because she was an adult person .

Even thought I tried all my best to stop her seeing this guy, but she never listen to me .So finely When she threatened me that she will run away with this guy if I don’t stop bothering her, I gave up.

Mahreen is my beautiful daughter. Recently turned 22, of average height, dark hair and slim. Over the years, I slowly discovered that the way that I looked at her had changed – she had developed from a girl into a woman, and I was looking at her as a woman. The fact that she was my daughter, to my shame, only added to the illicit thrill. One weekend, as we were lazing in the lounge, Mahreen was laying on her front on the floor watching TV, and I noticed that her low cut trousers were revealing the bare skin of her lower back and also the top of her panties. They were clearly a thong, of lacy black cock swelled slightly as I stared, safe in the knowledge that Mahreen wouldn't be able to see from her position. What I didn't consider, though, was my wife, Fozia – it was only when she coughed that I looked up, embarrassed and guilty. But instead of the angry look that I expected, Fozia smiled at me, pointed at Mahreen's exposure, and winked. Not knowing what to do, I just carried on watching TV.

In bed that night, Fozia reached for my cock and gently manipulated it until it was hard and erect. I was enjoying the sensation, until Fozia said "I think our daughter is turning into a slut, showing her knickers off to her Dad". I froze, but Fozia's hand continued to jack my cock, more insistently now. "I saw you looking babe, no point in denying it".

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"I- I'm sorry,", I started, but Fozia cut in. "Don't worry about it. Men your age often look at young girls, and I'd rather you looked at your own daughter than some other slut. But if you ever touch her I'd kill you, but you may as well enjoy looking at her..." I gasped as Fozia ducked under the covers and licked the length of my cock. "You can think of her now, if you like. Imagine what she gets up to with Mahmood," (Mahmood was Mahreen’s boyfriend). With that, my liberated wife mouthed off on my cock until I came, hard, picturing my daughter doing the same thing. Over the next few weeks, things continued in the same vein. I was careful never to initiate anything, but my wife would provide me with regular 'entertainment' – one time when Mahreen was wearing a low cut top and leaning forward, I got a great view of her breasts while Fozia kept her talking, and on another occasion Fozia showed me a pair of Mahreen's panties, a navy-blue thong, with distinct stains on it. Our sex life got more excited, with Fozia seemingly enjoying our activities as well, as many was the time that she would jack or suck me off, whispering in my ear disgusting images of our daughter naked, or performing lewd sex acts with her boyfriend.

I guess it had to lead to something more, and one weekend that 'something' occurred. Mahreen had been out clubbing on a Saturday evening, and Fozia had kept me at a state of arousal all evening, reminding me of the tight top and miniskirt that Mahreen had worn that night, or suggesting that Mahreen was probably on all fours at that very moment, taking cock. It was around midnight when Mahreen came home, clearly drunk, and she stumbled up to bed. Fozia and I stayed downstairs for a while, we watched tv, before going up to bed. I was just about ready to get into bed, looking forward to some action, when Fozia came in with a glint in her eye. "come with me," she said, taking me by the hand and asking me to keep quiet.

Fozia led me to Mahreen's bedroom, and the sight that I got will live with me for the rest of my life. Mahreen had clearly just wanted to go to bed and sleep off the drink, and the trail of her sexy clothes led to the bed – where she lay, naked. For what seemed like and endless moment, I just stared at my daughter – her jawan jism , and her young breasts, seemingly so big against her slim frame. Before I had fully taken in the situation, Fozia whispered "here, sniff these," handing me the pretty pink panty that Mahreen had been wearing that night. This was the furthest that Fozia and I had ever been in our new sexual world, but my hesitation was only minimal before I raised my daughter's used panty to my face and inhaled the intoxicating mixture of piss, sweat and feminine cunt musk. My cock was already rock hard, and then Fozia took it further. Mahreen was sprawled on her bed, deep in sleep, one leg straight and the other bent, and before my disbelieving eyes my wife took my daughter's leg and slowly, carefully, pushed it away from the other. My cock jerked as I drank in the sight of Mahreen's ( ) naked shaved choot, with the pink lips clearly exposed. Her voice husky, either with whispering or with desire, Fozia muttered "go ahead darling, take a closer look," and gently pushed me towards the bed. Almost in a trance, I dropped my daughter's panty and bent towards her parted legs.

As I stared at her bare choot, I felt my wife's hand reach into my underwear and grasp my cock. "Smell it," Fozia whispered, as she started to jerk my cock. Moving even closer, I inhaled deeply, and the smell was pure choot musk, the illicit scent of one's own daughter. I was close to cumming, too close, and moved my head from between my daughter's legs to stare at her face and breasts. I was close enough to feel Mahreen's breath on my face . Fozia was relentless in her stimulation of my cock, and for a moment I worried about spraying out my cum over Mahreen's body and waking her, but then I felt my wife's mouth engulf my hard lora. I didn't hold back – staring at my daughter's face and big exposed breasts, still with the scent of her cunt in my nostrils, I imagined that it was her sucking me off as I exploded in my wife's mouth.

After that occasion, things never seemed to reach the same pitch of excitement. My wife would still occasionally tell me that it was OK to think of my daughter whilst we fucked or she brought me off, but nothing could compare to that crazy night. A few months later, Mahreen married and went to live with her husband, but the experience and excitement will live with me forever.

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