Pados ke Ladke ki Gaand Maari
Hi readers, I m Aakssh, I m 22 extremely fair guy gym built as I have already discussed in my earlier story. Now I m going to describing when and how I fuck a smooth twink very hardly to take revenge of my last fuck by my best friend Rahul. The time was of 2 months earlier when I was on my native place at Delhi Vasant Vihar.

There was a Gujrati family in my neighbor they have two children, one boy named Aman age 18 years and a girl of 18 years. As I was much elder than them and also studied well Aman’s mother use to send him to clear his doubts in hi studies, he was slightly weak in math. Let me describe Aman, he is smooth whitish fair guy of age sweet sixteen and just having smooth few hairs on his mustache. He came to my house that day in morning and there was raining outside. My parents have gone to their jobs and I was alone at my home.

There was extremely hard raining outside with some kind of showers. Aman came to my house on about 10 am for study and he was totally wet due to rain. I gave him towel and said him to wipe out his body and gave my boxer to wear. First he resist but after my insisting he took off his shirt and waist and wiped out, I gave him my T-shirt to wore and then he take off his lower. His slim and extremely white slim body visible to me and I was astonished to see that sex packet.

I asked him also to remove his underwear as it was also wet then he cover his area with towel and take off his underwear. Till then I was prepared myself mentally to fuck him as it was first chance to fuck someone as was fucked by Rahul at last but not to fuck him. My seal was also not broken yet thus I went near Aman and hug hum and drew him towards sofa. He resist and show anger but suddenly I was shocked that he kissed me on my lips. He said that he was waiting for this moment after when he saw me in boxer while

I was doing gym at my roof. Then I took off his towel and saw his semi erect tool but it was too small as about 4 inches and now the time of showing myself to Aman as I become naked in front of him his tool become rock stick and took it in my mouth. He was moaning and moaning. Now the time came to fulfill my intentions thus I make him in doggy position on ground and his hands on sofa and applied some oil and insert my middle finger. He cried with pain and resist but suddenly insert my second finger and began to two and fro movement.

Now he was enjoying the fingering. Now I lubricate my monster cock of 9 inches with 2 inches wide with oil as my seal was not yet broken I can only applied it on my foreskin. Mow he tried to ran away to see my monster but I grabbed him and took his tool in my mouth and make him ( ) arouse again. Then I insert head of my cock in hi tight asshole just 1 cm of dick gone he start crying with pain and it make me more horny. I took towel in his mouth and gave harder jerk but this time I was also in pain as my seal gonna tighten my tool part.

I also put my underwear in my mouth and give a sudden hard jerk as half of my tool got inside his tiny hole and my half of seal were broken. I cried at my loud in pain and Aman was also crying but our both voices were not louder due to clothes in our mouths. After sometime I again gave a hard jerk and make my whole tool inside his hole and my seals were broken down and Aman was cried at his loudest and tears came out of his eyes and ass start bleeding it also torn out.

Now I increased me pace in pain and start enjoying hard fuck but his ass was too tight and resist moving in and out my tool but I keep tried and now Aman was giving mixed reaction of pain and pleasure. Just after 15 min. my pace increased and I m in the time of coming. Then I burst in his asshole and loads gallons of juice inside his hole. Then lied tiredly on his back for a moment and move out my cock from his ass.

I saw that my cum is coming out from hole mixed with his and my blood and also my cock was bleeding yet and in pain. Then we both went for bath and clear ourselves and got one more session of fuck but this time Aman was on my laps and sit on my cock and I got the pleasure of seventh heaven. After bath we came outside, I applied cream on my tool and also on his asshole and make lip locked kiss to each other and start reading......

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