Older Men... They always know exactly what they're doing!
Like I mentioned before, I was ten years old when I figured out that touching, rubbing, or lightly spanking my cunt would give me a peculiar feeling. Kind of like a million ants walking up and down my legs. It was a weird feeling, but very satisfying none the less.

I was not your regular ten year old, I come from a big family, but being the only female gave me privacy. This was something that my brothers could only dream of, and instead of playing with my friends, or playing with babies, I would rather be locked up in my room playing with myself. Not just with my hands, but with different toys, markers, and even vegetables. I had never had anything inside of me, but I craved it. Once, while I was being the busybody that I am; I found a playboy under the mattress in my brother’s bed. I immediately locked myself in my room and began to flip through it. That tingly feeling of excitement filled my body, the female body was beautiful. I just hoped to grow up and look like them. I started wearing skimpier clothes, and acting like the girls that I saw on TV, and even though I was young, I looked older, and I know I attracted the attention of many men. One of those, my daddy’s “compadre Mario” (he was Daniel’s -- my younger brother’s godfather) he soon started paying more attention to me than my brother. He would pick me up at school, take me to get ice cream, and he even bought me clothes. I loved all of the attention, I guess I liked it even more ‘cause he was a handsome man. In his late twenties, tall, dark skin, I guess you could say “tall, dark, and handsome” he had the sweeties brown eyes, and a smile that you make you wet your panties. He would visit us often, and for six years he worked hard to make his way into my bedroom, and what’s more important he made his way into my panties… I clearly remember the day that I lost my virginity… It was December 24 th 2003 my mom and my dad were working, and my brothers were out with their friends. I decided to stay home and wrap some presents. I was almost done when I heard a knock on the door. I was wearing a long white shirt, with nothing underneath. I walked over and found Mario outside my door. -My daddy’s not home, Mario… -- Are you alone? I nodded, and he made his way in… He ogled me for a couple of minutes, and then began to tell me how beautiful I was “you’ve really blossomed into a beautiful young lady” he said “I bet your dad is a jealous freak” he smiled flirtatiously. Even though he was now in his mid thirties, he was still the sexy man that would rock my world in my wildest dreams. He sat on the couch and I sat on the floor, with my legs underneath me, leaving little to the imagination. I could tell he was trying to see deep into my shirt, his eyes kept squinting, and he keep pausing while talking. “So, Mario do you want something to drink?” he nodded. I walked over to the kitchen, feeling his penetrating eyes follow me all the way; I bent over to get a beer. Leaving my exposed ass, and part of my moist panochita in plain view. Before I could come back up, I felt a strong hand massaging my butt. “I’m sorry Mara, I can’t help myself… God forgive me” his voice was shacking. I couldn’t move, this was exactly what I had been dreaming of, but now that it was happening I didn’t know what to do. His hand was now in my shirt, gently caressing my back. I stood straight, still with my back to him. He gently pushed my hair to the side and began kissing and gently biting my neck. I got goosebumps all over, his hand still in my shirt, gently rubbing my belly with one hand. His body was pressed against mine, his firm manhood pressing against my ass. His other hand slowly made its way to my face, tenderly massaging my face, then my lips, and slowly penetrating my mouth with his finger. “Mmm Mara, I’ve been dreaming about this since you were ten.” He whispered in my ear, I couldn’t reply… I wanted to, but I was just too into it. I wanted to let him know that I had dreamed of this moment for years. My body was shaking, trembling under his jagged hands; he was now fondling my breast, playing with my nipples, and firmly pinching them. My cunt was now dripping that sweet nectar; the smell of fresh pussy juice filled the air… He stopped and grabbed my hand “Come, please. Let me show you something” I followed him into the living room. The bulge in his pants now very noticeable, I had never seen a penis before, but my curiosity was peeking. He sat down and slowly undid his pants, his penis jumped up, like a caged animal. It was so big, and full of veins, kind of intimidating, but inviting at the same time. At the tip a small drop of clear liquid was forming. “Have you ever seen one of these?” his voice faded, more like a murmur. “No, can I touch it?” I replied teasing him, he nodded. I kneeled in front of him and put my tiny hand around it, it was so warm, pulsating in my hand. I began to move my hand up and down, his body responding to my sensual touch. “Taste it Mara, please just put it in your mouth” he pleaded. As a young woman I was always thought to listen to my elders’ hahaha and that’s exactly what I did…I gently licked my lips, preparing them for that succulent piece of meat. I put the head on the tip of my mouth and slowly started sucking, his hands were now in my hair, I took it out and began to lick around the glans, his hands were quivering, and without noticed he stuck his whole penis in my mouth. I had to fight back the urge to vomit. He held my head in place, my eyes crying, unable to breathe. He let go, and I finally was able to inhale again. He pushed me forward, got a hold of my shirt and pulled it off quickly. Picking me up with one hand, and laying me on the couch, he began to nibble on my nipples, while fondling my drenched cunt. With great force he bent my legs forward, leaving my knees in my face, and without warning, dug his face in my cunt. His lips and tongue working together to bring me pleasure that I only dreamed about before this. His movements rough and quick made my experience unforgettable. “Have you had anything inside your pussy before?” he asked frantically. “NO!” I yelled back in between moans. I had my eyes closed, concentrating. I felt his finger go inside me, I felt a little pain, but my excitement was stronger. “Mmm Mario, it hurts so gooood!” I said moaning. He moved his hand, and gently pressed his glans on my tiny hole. Slowly, but forcefully putting every inch inside me. I tried to move away, but he held me in place. “Relax… The pain will go away in a second” Once he was inside me, he stayed still for a couple of minutes, kissing me, and gently bouncing my boobs. He started moving again, with every stroke taking me on a ride of pure ecstasy. He put his hands behind my back, picking me up off the couch; I surrounded his waist with my legs, and arched my back to feel him completely inside me. He started moving faster, deeper, vigorously; until he filled my insides with that thick cum that I now love so much… We sat there for a while, just looking into each others eyes. “I’m sorry Mara, please forgive me” His eyes tearing up. I kissed his forehead and told him “Mario, don’t worry this will be our little secret”

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