Neighbor aunt in period
Hi Tapu here I 18yrs old and doing my eng in electrical from Gujarat I am going to tell u the story of mine. In which I have had my neighbor aunt in bed. Then I took her daughter. Her daughters name is pinky so we used to call her pinky anti she is of 43 5’4”weight 55 and pinky is 15 and 5’6” weight 52kgs and pinky also have a big bobs than her mom. This family is staying in our colony science 3 yrs pinky aunt used to come my home everyday to chat with my mom.. Her husband is a project manager in one mobile service company so he used to Rome. When he go for tore pinky aunt asks me to sleep in their drawing room my mom permits me for that. One day in the evening I was on my terries I was looking at pinkies terries which is a 2 storage building and mine is 3 storage.. When I look there pinky aunt was coming up it seems like she has just took her bath .. What I saw next was embracing she took one cloth from a bag and folded it and put it in side her saree and adjusted it fro two min and then went down so I came to know that she is in her period .. I came back and started thinking about it. Us din maina raat koo hilaya.

Uss ke dusre din pinki antui hamare ghar aee aur mom ko bala ki aaj uncle nahin hain to main unke ghar the night aroud 9 I went to her house and started chating with linki I was looking at hae big boobs and I can fell her nipple as she was not in 10 pinki was studying I came out from her room and went to aunt she was coming from bath room and adjusting her cloth pad as I was infront of hin she could not do that cloth fall on the floor I can now see it she took it in her hand and asked me to leave her and she put it in and came to me she offered me some sweet I asked her to put it in my mouth so that now I can smell her hand in which she hold that cloth I was half erect now which can be easily viewed by her from my shorts.

She sat near me and started chatting with me she asked me about my girl friend I said I do not have still my cock was erect which she was looking at.. Will u like to have sex she asked me looking at my dick .. I said yes.. She asked me can I see ur erect dick I said yes.. I open my pant.. And my 7 inch lund came out she asked me to came to her bed room I followed her she then asked me can I hold it I said no problem she held it in her hand and pushed my foreskin back showing my red. I can see she was happy she asked me can I test it I said yes I was also surprised how all this happening but I was happy her tongue was making me happy and my cock is now 8 inch see was taking my road in her mouth fully after 10 min cum she eat all my cum .. Pinki was still studying I asked her I want to fuck her she said she is in her period then I asked her I want to see you all naked. She said ok. I first opened her blouse and bra and started licking her boobs those are 36D size. She was moaning in pleases and holding my dick.. I opened her saree fully now she is in her sayaa only I can fell her cloth pad over her pussy I put my hand over it she said me not to touch that. Then I kissed her in her belly and opened her sayya fully she does not have panty in side that cloth was covering her pussy and ass too I can see the hairs of her bush covered under that small cloth the front part of the cloth was dry smelled it .. It smells like fish market. I asked her to open it she said u only open when I open the cloth I can see her fresh stains over it. Her red pussy can be viewed from her bushes. I was fully erect I asked her I want to fuck u she said no I am on period then I spared her leg ant got over her and kissed her lips and boobs my dicks naked top was touching her pussy I tried to push it hard against her pussy but I can not able to target hit hole.. She knew that and asked me to stop that but I was un stoppable I succeed in my third attempt my dick was almost 5 inch in her pussy she was asking me to come out but I still pressed it and entered my whole lund in her choot and started fucking her I fucked her for 10 min I said I am about to cum she said u can cum inside in the same time she had cumed twice. When I was just cumed in and pull out my dick from her pussy I saw pinki was standing at the door and looking at us..

She came in and said her mom that I am going to tell all things to dad so pinki aunt was crying as she caught by her daughter then pinki asked her mom that i’ll sane you if Tapu will give me the same pleasure .. Then her mom was happy and pinki was ready to loose her virginity. Now pinki was totally naked in front of me and her mom her mom was eating my cock I was pressing pinkies boobs I put my finger in pinkies pusssy and it was slippery with her orgasm I moved toward her pussy and licked hard for ten ,min and her mom was now pressing her boobs and she was eating her moms. Then I licked her pussy and pinki had her first orgasm now her mom hold my dick in her hand and moved it toward pinkies pussu which was also hairy like her mom .. She joined my naked dick at her girls pussy and said me to push hard as she is virgin and her pussy was really very tight. I entered two inch easily now could fell something stopping me to proceed and pinki was crying at this point heavily and holding me tightly..

Then her mom asked me to took out my dick from her cunt and sleep on my back.. She asked pinki to sit on my dick that what experience stand. She guided pinki to sit on my dick by joining her virgin pussy to my dick top now also I entered 2 inch and it stopped and pinki started crying and took out her pussy from my dick then aunt asked her do the same once when my dick entered 2inch in pinki she started crying in pain her mom pushed her from her shoulder and pinki can not move out her pussy and my dick broke her seal and entered 6 inch at least and she was crying heavily but her mom was happy as her virginity was lost pinki lied on me by pressing her boobs to my chest some drop of blood was cuming from her pussy in 2 mi she stopped crying I started fucking her which she was enjoying I also cumed in her pussy she also cumed at the same time she once again lied on me and my dick was in her. After 15 min we all got up from bed ware our clothes and also set the cloth in pink aunts pussy. I slept in between both the women in the night they all are kissing me and pressing my dick and I was also pressing their boobs and fingering their pussy I tall went for the next tow days after that when ever we got a chance we used to do the same. Now they are shifted to Delhi but both of then gave me my most pleasurable movement’s.

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