Nai bhabhi ki massage
Ne day new man arrived to live in our adjecent house. I was at home on my engineering college vaccation. Soon our & his family was in intimacy due to same cast. One day i came to know that he is goning to marry after few days. But i have to go back to college as my exams were on the same date. When i came back i heard that he has been marries and my introduction was already given to her wife. Next day his mother called me to meet his wife anu. I was really surprize to know that she was aware of may name and y i was not present in marrigel i was there at home for more than a month. Anu’s husband was in job with indian railways so his schedule of office was fixed. Our both house were side by side and when sitting in fron of the house me and anu can see each other. Many times i found she use to see me and when our eyes met, we use to smile. The after sme days i knock her day when her husband was not at home. I knock the door and whithout waiting her reply (as the door was not locked)i entered the house and after reaching the opended door of their bed room i asked can i come, i hear her voice “pls wait”. I saw she was tighing her peticoat. I enter the room after one minute, she said i asked u to wait then y u entered. I said as u said wait for a minute i waited for one minute and then entered the room. She started to tie saree and when finished she sat on sofa & asked me to sit also. She started talking to me of here & there. She also asked me wether i have girl friend, i said no. I asked her to get some water, she went to kitchen & while comming back she hit the bed and shied in pain. I immediately rushed to her and hold her in my arms.

She was crying holding her knee. I immediately hold her knee and start caresing. She was still in pain, i rushed my home immediately and bring pain reliefer ointment. I asked bhabhi to let me put ointment on her knee. Initially she refuses but when i said oh bhabhi its my respinsibility to take care of you. She agreed, i lifted her saree & peticoat to knee & started massage. While massage i started my hand to upper area. But she did not cared as she lying on bed. I asked bhabhi r u feeling better now. She said “yes” pls do some more time. I said bhabhi your skin is so dry, don’t you apply oil to your body as dry skin causes etching. She said it is not possible to put oil my self. I asked bhabhi can i do for you. She said no no. I again said bhabhi i am your dever and its my responsibility to serve you , or you tell me who will come to serve you. After some time she agreed and i got a chance to touch her body. I started applying oil on legs from bottom and reched to thighs. I put some oil on saree & peticoat, i said soory bhabhi. She asked what happedned, i said by mistake i put some oil on saree & peticoat. I requested her if you want to avoid oil on saree & petocoat pls remove. Shee agreed and remove. Now she was lying on bed in blouse & panty with her back towards roof. I started sliding my hand on her upper thighies & to upper back. I asked bhabhi, i want me to put oil on ur back, she said yes. I started open her blouse hook. Now she was in bra & panty. I started oil on her back and started hitting her bra hook. Suddenly she cried in pain when i rubbed her bra hook by force. I asked what happen bhabhi, she said that u pressed bra hook. I said bhabhi u you dnt want this then pls remove bra & use towel. She said ok then instead of waiting for her acting, i unhook the bra. After finishing back, i asked her to turn around. Now i started rubing her legs & stomach. I started touching her boobs boundries. As after some time she did not responded, i asked bhabhi do u want massage of your boobs she not responded. I thought that she is ready as she not said “no”. I removed her towel from boobs and took her nipple in mouth and started sucking hard as this was my first attempt. She ws noe moaning. I put my lips on her lips and started sucking her tounge.

My hand started slinding on her stomach to her penty and then i inserted my hand into her panty and my fingure in her pussy. Her voice was now loud. I removed her panty and folded her legs ny knee and put my head between her thighs. She started very loud noise and start saying pls dont stop suck hard suck hard and by tounge & not by teeth. My cock was hard till now. I reached her mouth and touched my cock on her lips. She immediately opended her eyes and said “no”. But i force her to take my cock in her mouth. She was not a good sucker. I held my cock in my hand and pushed in her pussy. She started crying now as my cock is 8-inch. I put her legs on my shoulder and put full pressure on my cock. Yes pls fast fast fuck hard come on do it do it she was saying. After 20 minutes my cock was aching, i put out my cock and put on her lips to suck again. I used my hand to finish and all my cum was on her lips & some was in her mouth. She started spitting on floor. I asked sali bhabhi if u want me to fuck next time then drink all the cum. She started licking floor my led to take all the cum in her mouth. She drank the all. I asked, bhabhi u enjoyed ? She said pls do one more time. From that day i started fucking her daily in absence of her husband till i was at home for month. When i went back to colleg i came to know that they have shifted to new house in some other city due to her husband posting. Now also i masturbate after recalling those days of her fucking.

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