My true stories
hai every body. I am a 47 years old guy and doctor by proffesion. My name is deepak gupta but people calls me deep or dr.deep. I am going to teel you all guys about my true sex experiences for the first time. Actually i got courage to post my experiences on this site after reading the stories of other persons. Let me tell you about my self. I am a doctor ,doing my private practice since last 26 yrs at a town in u.p.(western).and having a very good practice. I am 5-3″ tall ,handsome and having a medium size cock, 6″ long when erect and 1.5″ wide.i am always very horny and looks to get opportunity to get some babe between my legs.

I have fucked 125 girls and ladies and i have the records of every one. Today i am going to tell you how i lost my cherry when i was only thirteen year old. At that time i was studing in class seven. My hormones were flowing abundantly. In our house we were having two families as tenets beside our famili. We lives on first floor and the two tenets lived on the ground floor in two separate portion. One of the tenets were asthanas. The father a bdo ,mother and three daughter. The eldest one was sunita two years elder to me, second guddan one year yonger to me,and youngest one was shobha two years younger to me.

This suneeta was very hot having a pair of big boobs must be 38 d,5″2″ hight wheetish complexion.she was very bossy in nature being the eldest among us. We used to play hide and seek every day at evening time. On one day shobha was chor and we all were hiding in different places. Suneeta came with me and we hid behind a almira oin one of the room. That place was very congestd and we were stnding with difficulty. Mera sara badan uske badan se chpka hua tha aur who mere aagey khari thee. Mera lund immidiatly khara ho gaya aur uski gand par thokar marne laga. Maine bahar jhankne ke bahane se apne ko adjust kiya aur apna lund uskee gand ki darar me fit kar diya . Who skirt aur blouse pehne thi aur bra bhi pehne thi. Usne peeche mur kar mei taraf ajeeb nigaho se deha aur gand ko peeche ki tatf dabay. Ab meri bhi himmat bar gayee aur maine apne hath uske boobs par rakh diye. I was so excited and horny that i stared humping in her gaand and started pressing her boobs very hard. She too become very horny and started moaning and said to me ddeep dheery se daba , dard hota hai and she kissed me on the lips. That was my frist kiss. I was in heavens.then we heard that shobha was coming towards our direction.

We separated immediately .her face was red and i was also very horny. Then our mother called us for dinner and we have to stop our game. Suneeta came near me and said in my ears that come on the roof next noon. I have to mastubate that night four times to clam me. Next day at 3 at noon every body was sleeping in their room. I went to the terece .there was a room to keep cots etc in it. Suneeta saw mw going to the roof and she followed me in 10 minutes and we sneaked in the barsati. Suneeta ne mujhe turant pakar liya or jor jor se me lips chusne lagi .usne mere shorts me hath dal kar mera lund pakar liya aur jor jor se dabaney lagi aur boli hai deep tera lund to abhi se itna mota or sakht hai. Maine bhi uske boobs par haath rakh diya. Who bra nahi pehne thi ,usne siskari bhar ke apni shirt e batan khole aur kaha deep mere bachchey mera doodh piyega ,aur mera sir pakar kar apney boob par rakh diya .maine turant uskey nipple ko choosna shuru kar diya aur doosra boob zor zor se dabaney laga. Who siskariya le rahee thee sssssssssssssss.. Han aur zor se chhos aur tabhee shayad who jhar gayee. Ab usne mera shot utar kar mere lund ko apne muh me le liya. Aur choosne lagee. Main us samy heaven main tha .pehli baar koi larki mere lund ko choos rahee thee. Maine uske baloo main hath dal kar sar pakr liya aur dhakkey amrney laga. Aur bola hai didi bara maza aa raha hai aisehi chooso. Thori der baad suneeta khari ho gaye aur skirt ko upar utha kar apni chhot mujhe dikhaee.

Aur mera muh apni choot par kheechne lagi. Main ne kaha didi kya kar rahee ho to boli ab too meri choot knowledge of sex was limited upto the descriptions in mastram books. And at hat time sucking and licking the choot was a rare thing. And i was seeing the fully grown choot for the first time. It was all wet. She forced my face on her choot and started humping it on my face. The smell was intoxicating. I take out my tongue and touched here choot and she immediately cummed on my face and pressed my face on her choot. After cooing down she showed me her choot and tell me abou all the parts of it and said that the real thing is to insert the lund in it. My lund was aching to be realesed. I asked her didi kya main ab aap ki chhot ke ander apna lund daaloo. Wo h boli haa tu bhi to nahi jhara hai. Aur wo h turant zameen par let gayee aur apni taangey pela kar mujhse kaha ki aaja raja meri tangoo ke beech main. Main turant apna tana lund le kar uske tano ke beech aya aur lund ko uskee chhot par rakh diya. Usne kaha pehle thora thook laga kar chikna kar aur mainy turant thook lagay aur lund uskee choot par rakh diya aur kaha didi kya ab dhakka maaroo. Usne kaha dheerey se dhakka marna . Aur mainy ek dhakka dheeey se lagaya aur mera lund 1″ ke kareeb ander ghus gaya.

Who dard se cheekhi haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gayeeeeeeeeeeee.main dar gaya .who boli ruk mat aur dheere dheere poora dal de dard to hoga hee. Mainy ab ek dhakka zara zor ka diya aur mera lund uski kuwari jhilli(hymen) ko phra kar aadha ghus gaya. Usne kas ke dant bheech rakhey they takee cheekh na niklee aur mainy mauka dekh kar 2-3 zor ke dhakkey marey aur mera pura lund uski choot main ghus gaya. .i was in heaven. She was weeping .i started kissing her on her lips and started pressing her both boobs.and i started stroking my lund with speed i was mad with lust this was my first experience .initialy she was weeping and pressing my sholders away but after some time she also started humping from below and started kissing me. And after ten minutes of hard fucking i came in her choot and she also cummed with me. We both were soaked in sweat. We separated and kissed each other. When i saw at her choot blood mixed with my cum was leeking from it. We cleaned ourselves and went to our rooms.

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