My son in-law
This is a real story happend in my life one year before. I am 42 years old sexy lady with lot of boobs and thick ass, my speciality is my Big navel, which is attractive and normally i wear saree low waste to visible others. When i go to market and shops all eyes will watch my belly to see the attrctive navel, normally i will love others seeing my navel. My husbend is working in dubai as civil engineer and he wil visit every year. I got one daughter aged 25 who is married to a 32 years old handsome boy with good physique, actually i love my son in-law vey much and sometime i will fantasise thinking of him when i am in good mood.they are staying in 20 km away from my home and they will visit occassionally to my house. One saturday my daughter and SIL stayed in my house actually my daughter is carrying for 6 months and her health is not good and they visited doctor and he prescribed some medicines.

At 9 clock we all finished our dinner and my daughter gone to sleep, cause the doctor prescribed sedative for her sick, so me and SIL sit in drawing room and watching t.v and chat together, that time i weared transperent saree which my navel is much visible, my SIL is watching movie and starts rub his cock which is erected in his shorts, and he purposely rub his cock to attract me, while seeing this i also got sexy mood. But i dont have courage to go forward. After seeing movie i think time is 10.30i told i am going to bed suddenly he asked me how you are managing yourself without husbend,
I told i dont have such thinking, when husbend comes only i will do sex, suddenly he came behind me and hugged and kissed in my ears and told i am too sexy in that night and he wants me in bed, i told its not correct after all i am his MIL and daughter is in pregnency period, that time he told that is the problem for him also, she is not allowing for sex last 3 months, after hearing that i also got erect.Suddenly he put his fingers in to my navel and starts circle it, i told him to take the hand but he forcelly start rounding it and one hand start squeeze my boobs and i lost my control. I forced him to remove from me but he removed his underware and taken out his cock outside and put in my palm, ohhhhhh what a thick cock, and its too hot also first i hesitated but he forcefully pressed
His cock in my plam and he starts rubbing my panties.

Really i lost my control and i start shaking his 9 inch cock, then we moved to my bedroom and he removed my saree, again i told its correct way to do this, he didnt listen anything and he is busy in,licking my big navel and murmered its one of his long time wish to lick my navel, actually this time i am slo in horny , but i dint showed , then he start to un-button my blouse i told please dont do that, if he wants i will shake his cock and made him happy, but he is not in a mood to here, he starts and un hooked my bra also, then he starts lick my erect nipples, that time i lost all my control and pressed his head in my boobs, suddenly he stand and forced me to lick his cock, i told i dont have experince sucking cock, he told my daughter is very much interest in cock sucking, and he forced me to his cock first i licked cock head, he is start making sounds and forced my head to suck further, then i also start sucking fastly and i shaked his cock suddenly he came and lot of white creme is came out.

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