My pregnant mom
I am Rajeev, a 15 year old boy living with my mom. My mom Sneha is 35 now and a widow. I have never seen my dad. When asked about my dad, mom gives a vacant look on her face and says he died long back. It was a mystery to me. I learned not to mention it anymore. Most of the time living with mom is great. Once in a while she gets into one of her rough moods. I could guess her illicit relation with the manager of her office. One evening I came back early from my private tuition. As I always carry duplicate of the house, I quietly entered into the flat. Listening to low whisper sound coming from mom’s room, I looked through the key hole to see mom lying naked in front of a stranger to me. The man, naked too, was holding mom tight in his arms and kissing her passionately. I moved to my room. Later I recognized the man to be manager of mom’s printing press.

I had few dates with my neighbor girls Shreela and Rani. But they are too young to be enjoyed sexually, as they are hardly 12 or 13 years old. They have not yet reached the stage except hot and deep kissing followed by tiny breast feeling only. These dates always leave me partly satisfied and searching for more. But I never got the nerve to drive into the sea of gold and taste the tender fruit of womanhood. As a result, most of the time I feel horny even at home. With no female comfort, this leaves me with no other option but to utilize my manly hand to quench the thirst of my body. Sometimes I would fantasize about my mom, who is very close to me. She is my guide and friend. When at home, we normally share every thing together. In the process I had glimpses of her breast so many times during her daily routine jobs around the house. When excited, being nude in my room, I jerk off. This usually gives me pleasure and I shoot off almost immediately.

My mom is owner of a small printing press and makes herself busy with her livelihoods. Recently my Mom’s printing press is not running well. She was spending many late nights at the office working on ideas to bring back the press to a profitable concern. So, when she got home she was not in the best of her moods. This time her clients were switching off their orders elsewhere and mom was at a loss to control the situation. But her stormy moods usually don’t last long at home. Her nerves start paining, and she can’t get her normal sleep at night. Every time I push my head in her room, she wants to avoid me. After a few days, she was sent back from the office. Her employees told her to take rest for few days. She was getting worse gradually and I told her to consult our family doctor, as she is in need of sound sleep. She visited the Doctor next day and came back with a prescription of high powered sleeping pills.

That night she took her first pill and slowly she entered to the world of deep sleep. I was tired too and fell asleep while watching cricket game in TV. At around 10pm, the telephone rang and I woke up. It was that bloody manager, mom’s bed partner. He wants to talk to mom for some urgent business. I went to her bedroom and found her snoring. I tried to get her up to attend the phone, but it was of no use. I didn’t get any response. Nothing short of a nuclear explosion was going to wake her. I hung up the phone after telling my mom’s manager that she won’t be available until next morning.

A chill went down my spine. My disturbed mind converted to cyclonic disaster. What else can I do to her without waking her up? It was a tiring study week for me and I am a healthy teenager needing some relief. My hand job came to mind, but a better alternative was available with my mother’s sub conscious body. That very moment I decided to fuck my mom. I was so excited that I almost shot my load before I reach her on the bed. She was lying on her back with head slightly tilted away from me. Her mouth slightly open and her dark black curled hair were spread across the pillow. My mom is really very pretty and sexy too. When she dated her manager after my father’s death, I didn’t understand why she didn’t go out for another marriage. I saw a lot of guys trying to put the moves on my mother over the years. I knew she had plenty of opportunities.

I slowly pulled back the blanket to reveal her body covered in a pink color night suit. Her brest was rising and falling with each breath. Every time she inhaled, her breasts seemed to be released from their confinement. Her nipples were outlined inside the thin material dress. She didn’t wear the bra. I also knew from my previous investigation that she never wear panties. My mouth was watering for a taste of those tender rose buds. I slowly started to unbutton her top three buttons of shirt. I had to stop for a second and get hold of myself because my hands were shaking a little.

I finally got her last button undone. Her breasts were revealed in all its glory. Her breasts were of the size of large orange. I bent forward, put my lips on mom’s right nipple and slowly started sucking it. Using my hand I fondled and squeezed the other. The nipples hardened getting my touch and mom started to breathe faster. I got my tongue into action.

I began to lick her breasts and immediately I had hard on. My penis was hard as a steel rod and straining to let out. I reluctantly let go her breasts and quickly undressed. I stood naked above my mother’s body and enjoyed the strange feeling running through my body. I wanted to see her all. I worked my fingers under the elastic of her pajama and pulled down, but didn’t get far. The pajama was tight under her butt. I had to shift her hips to the side and pull her pajama down inch by inch. After all this moving around, she was still out of sense. I had a good view of her pussy. The pubic hair was dark curly and thick. I went in for a closer look.

The nearer I got, stronger the sweet musk became. I stuck my face into her pussy and took a deep breath. I absorbed her flowing juice. This was too much for such a young mind to have a taste of mom’s wonderful pussy juice. I ran my tongue up along the slit. I felt like I touched a live light wire. I went mad with lust. My tongue probed inside her cunt. Mom’s mind was out of consciousness, but her body was responding to my eating her pussy. Her legs became wider and the muscles of her cunt grabbed my tongue and wanted to pull me in. I found the clitoris and my tongue started a soccer match. I licked up around and socked on it. It was like Niagara Falls down there, it was wet. I lapped and socked up the love juice, mom was gifting me. My mom started to moan.

This scared me, because I thought she was waking up. I looked up to find her in the same position when I last checked with her eyes closed. I was safe, but something was hurting me. My cock was ready to burst. I got up on the bed and moved in between her beautiful legs. I grabbed my penis. My balls felt like two green mangos hanging between my legs. It was pulsing and jerking around. I was more then a man now. I rubbed the tip of my cock along her pussy. I said in a whisper, ‘Do you want my big cock in your cunt Mom?’ Getting no response to this question, I slowly slide my trunk of the cock into her already wet pussy. Ultimately I enter home until all my 6 inch penis was in. She was so tight, it felt like crushing my cock in a vice. The moaning from my mother was getting faster and louder. Man was wet and warm. I started to push and pull inside her.

I could not last long. I felt my ball tingling. My first hot molten jet of cum pulsed into mom’s vagina. Jet after jet started filling her up and it felt like it would never stop. Cum leaked around my cock periphery and also down the crack of her ass. She couldn’t hold the large load of cum my penis was injecting. Slowly the pulses ebbed and stopped. I never felt pleasure like this ever in my life.

I was tired after shooting my huge cum. I was feeling weak and collapsed onto mom’s body. When I came to my senses, I looked at the clock and it was 3:00 AM. I pulled out my deflated dick. Excess cum was oozing out of mom’s pussy onto the bed sheet. I ran to the bathroom and got some towels to clean up the mess. I put her pajama back on and buttoned her shirt. I was exhausted.

I went for sleep with a satisfied smile on my lips that night. I awoke late next morning, still felt a little drowsy. I showered well and then prepared some breakfast to consume. Mom got up after lunch. I was having a cup of lazy tea in the kitchen when she came in. I got little nervous. I was not sure as to if she would remember what happened last night during her heavy drug dose. She was softly humming to herself. She came up to me, kissed on the cheek, and said, ‘Morning beta’. I replied with a smile, ‘It’s now afternoon mom’. With a breaking voice I continued, ‘Did you sleep well last night?’. Mom said, ‘I had a wonderful sleep, best ever. I had some interesting dreams too. Those sleeping pills are great’. I was relived to get her mind. She thought last night’s activities were a dream.

Her so called dream continued till the pills lasted. Every morning she always woke up with a big load of my cum in her pussy. But all good things come to an end one day. She ran out of pills and the doctor won’t allow her to consume further, as they were addictive. My sex toy went out of reach. I had to go back to my original use of my hand. After having the best going back to second best was not at all satisfying.

Several weeks later mom went to the doctor for a different problem. When she got back, her face was blushing red. I could hear her shouting to her manager over phone, ‘You bloody scoundrel, I thought you took enough protection while fucking me. But now I am pregnant’.

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