My own sister with me
My older sister who is married & had two children’s stays with me in a rented flat provided by my firm. My sister is with me for a month for some reasons. She is a woman of gorgeous figure you can see in any nude magazine. Reena is a 34 year old with a fair complexion. She is 5’4″ 85kg with a set of tits that a man wants to suck & see naked. I am very much fascinated by reena’s ability to maintain her figure with two kids. Her having tits are complimented by round firm ass chicks. I always watch her from behind when she is doing routine cleaning. Her buttocks shape is outlined by her shear nightgown she wore indoors. Reena always wore a blouse which shows off her tight bra giving me a turn on. I also spotted her checking my pecker in pants whenever she spot me looking at her cleavage often reveals from her inadequate blouse. More often she undid topmost button or sometimes top two to beat humid-hot climate of our city, from which i benefited most. Watching her tits give me a plot to indulge in my fantasy during masturbation. I regularly masturbate with imagining myself screwing my sister in her ass, sometimes i imagine i am sucking her pussy dry my playing with her enlarge breasts. All my fantasies now a days are centered around my gorgeous sis reena. I also fantasize about reena fucked by three studs with our consent in all her holes at one time. At times since reena has came to my places a week has passed so far but i made no progress towards screwing her. I usually came from office & after changing to new clothes give company to my sister small kid. Both are below 7 years old. My sister prepares us dinner & then she serves us on dining table. I used watch her show of tits whenever she bends to serve me something. She requests me many times during dinner so much so that her saree slips down from shoulders, showing her bloused tits & bare waist. After dinner we watch tv for some time & i go to my room saying them goodnight. Sometimes reena discuss with me about the happenings of the day while kids are watching cartoons. At morning reena wakes me up as she came for cleaning & making me aware of her presence. She usually wore her nightgown that time of day. By saying me morning she always smiles at my face. I then remain in my bed until she sweeps the room. She bends at her knees & try to sweep below my king size bed allowing her loose shear gown to show her magnificent large tittles’ admire her bra cladding tits defying the law of gravity. Reena one day spotted some girly magazines in my drawers which mostly comprised of incest family sex. I also has a large collection of xxx dvds in my rack beside my pc. One night after our dinner she came to my bedroom while kids are watching tv. “hi karthik, how is the day” said reena approaching my bed.

“hi dear sis., i am fine.” turning down towards her from my pc’s chair. I that time had inserted a porn dvd in pc to have some fun. So i prevented dvd from starting & join my sister on bed beside her. Reena asked looking at my pc’s screen “what are you going to do with your pc so late at night.” i told her hesitantly that i am going to watch a film which i borrowed from my friend. She changes the subject by saying ” why not you join me in living room when children’s go to slip” i somewhat guess that she has got something of mine bad acts & that’s why she is daring to strike conversation which may not be suitable for family relations. I remain silent & watched at ceiling dumb faced. Reena continued ” i spotted some dirty magazines in your drawers. Come on don’t be shy you like to watch young girls exposing themselves a lot of skin, right my dear brother” i am not that much shocked with her statement as i know she has more daring than me & that is why she shows off herself a lot to mine. I told her “i read them for fascination” “oh so nice ,tell me how much you like to read them & what do you do as i spotted a dozens of magazines having dirty stories & exposed skin” reena enquired in a slight husky tone looking directly in my eyes.

“i beat myself off by seeing them” i declared finally.” i had spotted a white cream spot in your underpants three times since i came, i like boys with such a nice frequency of masturbation” reena told looking at my developing bulge. I am completely stunned by the bold statement of my 34 year sis sitting at my king size bed in front of me. “o.k. what you expect me a young boy seeing her married sister showing her body from morning to night” i said looking at her shear nightgown showing her enlarge breasts peeping out from her half cup bra. She adjusted her gown in such a way to give me more erotic & full view of her heaving large titties giving my already stiffening member a thrilling chill. “karthik dear did you have a nice porn film, so that we can watch it together after children’s slept” reena says lustily looking at my rapidly hardening cock under my knee length bermuda. “sure, sis i am right now planned to watch it as you had turned me on considerably at morning showing tits & thighs as your gown stuck in a nail of table. I will put on this dvd all ready so all that you have to do is that make sure we are not get disturbed by anyone, got it sis” i cautioned her by this way to hurriedly sent her kids to sleep. After an hour & half reena came back n my room. This time she is wearing a tight black bra & a black petticoat way below her deep navel. “why are you take so much time” i asked as i am expecting her within an hour. “well i hadn’t shaved my pussy since last time i make love with my hubby. I thought you also like to eat my pussy. My hubby always insists on me to completely shave it, he says that way i feel him as if he is eating a fairly young girl” reena told sitting beside me, her eyes glued on pc’s screen. Meanwhile i watched some parts of porn dvd, so i reminded it back for reena’s sake. “well, i think this bf is very hot as the model she seen a while ago is pretty tight & sexy. We rest on my king size bed lying on our back our heads resting on cushy pillows. I am completely naked as film continued its journey & my sis playing with cock. It has risen right now to a handsome six & half inches with her encouraging strokes. I initially my flaccid prick am just three inches but her hand on my dick & i fondling her breasts causes my member to its natural erection. Every time a girl in porn movie sucks the manhood strongly reena’s fist on my dick hardens & she strokes it a little faster causing my cock to milk precome on my belly. This way cock has hardened like a still rod inch by inch to almost impressive nine inches by the end of the movie. Reena has squeezed a lot of white cream from mine during the one & half hour long flick.

“my god brother your prick is so strong & thick ,it’s thicker than mine wrist. Wow, you are sure to be a mind-blowing lover of mine tonight” reena exclaimed as now she has spotted a large pool of come on my lower belly which is staying there due to shear thickness covering my novel. While she continued playing with my stiff cock i concentrated pinching her nipples through her tight bra. I hadn’t still undone her bra as i like to watch her tits causing a line in between her mounds due to tightness of bra. Meanwhile i also undone her petticoat straps during watching bf & alternated between stroking my sister’s completely shaved pussy and large tits. “ooooohhhhh so nice your dick is wonderful dear brother i am first time seen such a large dick fondled by my own hands & that is also of my own brother. I think i must admit it is a way longer & thicker than my hubby’s pecker” reena told in a lusty tone. Her body is shivering now as she is nearing her third orgasm. My own condition is also not better as i am nearing bursting a thick load of my spunk on my belly if her stroking to my throbbing cock persists. All my dick demands to release tension created by her expert hands. I told reena that i am close to shoot my wad so she has yo decide where she want my shaft to dislodge its contents. Reena liked the way a stud in bf has tit fucked a busty blonde. So she asked me to tit fuck her a lot in that fashion & shoot all over her tits & face. So we changed our position for forthcoming action. I undone her tight bra & thrown it to floor by clearing it from her shoulders. I cupped her large tits & suck them one after another. “wow sis you had such a great set of tits that i consider myself lucky to have sister like you.” reena cooed from the sensation of my mouth creating on her titties “well, you also like my pussy dear just like my tits ,it is also a stretched lot complimented with big full lips. My husband very much likes to eat my shaved cunt just like he admired my full lare 38d breasts.” “did your hubby also like to fuck you in ass pinching your tits from behind ” i asked her taking my mouth off her pert nipples. “ya ,he used to fuck me a lot since we saw this live action in a porn film. He also likes very much to try to fuck me in various position. We recently fucked a lot in me on top & also fucking me in my tits when i lay back spurting cum all over my face”. “now, please stop speaking for sometime & just concentrate on sex. Otherwise i fear my cock will set off hearing your erotic pleasure stories”. I told in a light tone putting my knees in between her abdomen. She adjusted her breasts to make a tunnel by supporting them with her both hands subjecting my cock to great friction between flesh. The skin of my sister’s tits is very tender so it feels as if i am putting my cock through loaf of silk balls. I penetrated my full nine inches cock in between her tight crack of her handsome tits & fucked her that way for next fifteen minutes. Neither of us says a word during this. Finally when i guess i am unable to hold my spunk i thrust my prick with increased frequency. Every time my prick knob reaches to her lips she touches it with her long tongue engulfing precome from my cocktip. My cream has spurted in between her valley making it smooth for my cock to fuck her tits with high pervert. Finally i moaned a lot as i feel a load of wad spurted out of it with great pressure. First five spurts directly lodge on her eagerly open mouth then as frequency of spurt lowers it lands on her lips, her chin ,on her neck & finally i directed my remaining stream of spunk on my sister’s tight swollen breasts. As frequency of my cum is lowered as i stroke my still omitting cock in her totally as our eyes lock with her face showing satisfaction & she is spotting myself guiding last drops of cum from my boner at desired location with fully satisfied reactions. After eating thick wads of my tasty cream by collecting with her fingers reena rub off remaining spunk in her tits & her skin around her big mounds. I lay to her side smiling at her completely exhausted. “thank you sis your tit fucking idea is awesome” i told reena looking at her cunt which is also oozing cunt cream around it with our racing actions. Though the only cloth both of us now wearing is a petticoat my sis is wearing which i lowered to her thighs while finger fucking her. Her cunt lips are fully swollen as i compared her puss lips with a model we both watched recently in dvd.

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