My mom’s brother’s wife
I read almost all the incest stories except stories containing the stuff between mother and son because i dont like those.i know most of the stories are fake. But some are really horny while reading i used to mastrubate. Sex between sisters and brothers are the most i like and i also love to have sex with my cousin sister.but this incident is between me and my aunty (sri devi).

This incident took place 3 years before and i was 16 and she was 37 that time.they were in shimoga and they used to visit our house once in a year, moastly during summer uncle’s age was 49 that time.yes there is a 12 year gap between my aunt and uncle.i didnt knew about their sexuall relationship but i had no such idea to have sex with my aunt and also i was not friendly with my aunt.she was not having that much attachment with us.

2 years before that is in 2006 vacations they visited our house at that time i had a good physic.before that i was a bit fat. Seeing me my aunt and uncle was surprised and told that i have become slim and smart.

My aunt was 37 years that time and she is not fat but also not too thin. She is like tamil actress suganya.she is fair and white in colour, many of them asked weather she is a bramin.she had a very good size of boobs and had a fold in her hip which was damn sexy.she wears sarees and nighty during night times.she looks like a perfect south indian housewife.

Everytime when they visit our house they use to go for temples as manglore is famouse for temples.but this time my aunt stayed back at home. I dont like to go for temples so i also was in home along with my was 3:00 clock in mom told that she , her brother and brothers daughter will return at 6:00 in the evening from the temple.i asked my aunty” why did u not go to the temple” she said that she is suffereing from stomach pain. I was watching a tamil movie in the dvd player. She was talking with me very friendly and was watching at me and was smiling.i was happy that my aunt is now happy with us. In the movie thirutta payane which i was watching there is a sex scene.i forwarded that scene, my aunt said “why ravi put that scene also.i said “aunty thats a bad scene”. Then my aunt said thats normal and why you take it in a bad way.and she said “ravi you know the reason why i have not gone to temple”.i said that you are suffering from stomach pain and she said no i am going through my periods.and she told about periods and she said you arte grown up and you should know about these things otherwise what will you do after marriage. I was shocked. She now came and sat next to me. I was a bit shy now.she said look at your face how many pimples you have attained your puberty and came more close to me and she took my hands and gave a shy smile nd she looked at my eyes.and she gave me a hug. I was tottaly confused she whispered in my ears ravi see how heat your body is. I had my sex 8 years before and she hugged me tightly.

I didnt knew what to do she held my head and she gave me a kiss on my fore head and she kissed me on my lips and she pulled out my tounge and started to suck it like a icecream. She took of her pallu and she removed her hooks and she said to press them softly. And she took my hands and kissed and said dont feel fear nobody will know and kept it on her boobs and said mmmmmmmm press it will be like a sponge mmmmmm press. And she held my head towards her boobs and i was licking her neck and now her nipples were getting hard and hard.i started to pinch her nipples . And i also started to suck them she hwld my head tightly and closed her eyes and she was mouning mmmmmmmmmmmmm,shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​h,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm raviiiiiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmmmmmm dont bite hard it pains mmmmmmmmmmmmmm haaaaaaaaaaaaa.
I stood up suddenly and she gave a smile and asked it is nice to suck.and we went to bed room. She removed her bra and petticote and she showed her pussy to me. She had many curly hais and her puusy was wet.she now took my cock and squezed them while i was playing with her boobs and she told me to kiss from top of her and i started from her lips and when i reached her pussy region she held my head tightly with her thigh and then with her hands and she told mmmmmmmmm stop, there ravi there, kiss mmmmmmmmmm haaaaaaaaaaa, i was firsty hesitated and started to kiss and she told to lick there. I was licking and a liquid fluid started to come out that smell was not good but also i tasted it it was salty. She was pulling hard my hairs and she told to incert and i holded her sexy hips qand pressed them for 2 minutes and i inserted . She was mouning when i was stroaking like shhhhhhhhhh,shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmm,laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, nnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ammaaaaaaaaa,shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ayyaio, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And with in 4-5 minutes i cummed in hers and i slept over her her for 10 minutes and again i started to play wi8th her boobs ,time wa already 4:30 and we went to bathroom and while bathing i told let me clean yopu and i inserted my fingures inside her very tight ass hole. And i said aunty please and we came out from bathroom and i bannged her in her ass hole. She was jumping in pain and shouting rascal mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you ideot ravi slow amma ayyoooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm haaaaaaaaaaaaa and with in 3 minutes i finished and i inseretd my fingures in her pussy she was jumping again . And we had sex again.

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