My friend's sexy widow mom
Hope all of you will enjoy this real incident which happened between me and friends mother. I dont wanna say the usual bull shit stuff about my cocks size and stuff rather would like to get into the story straight away. My name is hj and when i was in my 12th grade i had a friend who was of my age group they where a family of 4 that is my friend 19 yrs, his younger brother 18 yrs his dad 56 yrs and mom 45 yrs. I use to go to his home very often to play and never had a intention or any kind of sexual intention towards my friend mother.few years back my friends father expired and they where living in the same place as my friends mom wanted her children to complete there studies and then shift over to there native place. So i was visiting them often now after my friends father expired to keep them self busy and make them feel comfortable. One day when i went to my friends home his mother was sleeping in her bedroom, due to head ache and i could see her nice silky legs as her saree has moved up a bit. Myself and my friend was in the same room as we wanted to get the chess board from the loft. So as my friend was busy searching for the chess board i was having glances over his moms legs which are silky and shinny.after this incident i felt attracted to her. My friends mom was about 5’7 in height and well built average body not fat nor thin. She was having medium sized boobs and little extra flesh on her tummy which made her look hot. She is traditional indian woman never seen her in any dress other than saree so things went on like this for a while i was getting attracted to her day by day but never was caught by her me staring at her figure may be she was thinking me as a son or maybe she things am innocent this was my feeling. Once my parents went to their native place and i was alone at home so i bought a few xxx cd’s and watched it and masturbated but never masturbated thinking my friend’s mother. Then around in the afternoon i went to my friends place and rung the door bell. After a while my friend’s mother opened the door and she mentioned me to come in. She was half asleep as you know indian woman go to sleep during the afternoon after tiresome work during the morning hours. I enquired about my friend she mentioned that my friend has gone to shimla along with his friends for a week and his younger brother has gone for a ncc camp. Then i felt i have to leave and she offered me tea and we both had tea together.after having tea she mentioned are you not aware that your friend was leaving to shimla i said i was not aware innocently, then she asked me would you play with me, i was shocked for a moment then i asked innocently what is that you want me to play with you aunty she mentioned game of chess or cards i was happy and mentioned her ok. She asked me to get the board from the loft in her room. I obediently went to her room and got the chess board while getting down i noticed her soiled panties and bra in her bed. But never had the guts to even touch them.then we began the game of chess and while playing she was saying me about my friend and the things their family where going through and then she mentioned about her husband and she was in tears when she mentioned about her husband. I consoled her by saying he is in heaven now and everybody has to go one day and things like that. Then she mentioned me about my friends girlfriend and stuff and suddenly she asked me whether i have a girlfriend i was shocked to be truthful because my friends mom has never spoken in such a open manner before then i mentioned being plumpy i dont have a girl friend and things like that. Then the next question was even more shocking she asked me whether i have had sex before i was stammering and i said no and am still a virgin. She smiled and said you seem to be a very good boy at this age guys are very curious to have

Sex i said well i dont want to end up in bed. She understood what i meant and the game moved on.she then asked me when i can come home again and stay with her in her home as she is staying alone and afraid. Then i asked her to get my parent’s permission and then she asked for their number and i gave her the number and my mom gave her the permission. When i returned in the evening to my friends home she was wearing a white color nightie without any bra and panties i could easily see her ass crack and nipples when she is walking. Then we both had dinner together and was watching television and she mentioned me nothing is interesting tonight on tv would you mind chatting with me? I said i dont have any problem and she asked me to come to her bedroom and we both went to her bedroom and she was laying in the bed and she asked me to lay down in the same bed. I was happy inside but never showed any intentions.then we where chatting about a lot of things suddenly she asked me a question which made me almost jump up from the bed. She asked me whether you like me and how do i look, and what you feel about me? I mentioned she is a nice mother and she looks beautiful for her age. She smile and she rubbed my hair which is the first time she is touching me. Then she got very free with me and mentioned her sexual life and things which took me back. She said after uncles death she has not had sex for about 2 years and i can understand her feelings. Then she asked me a shocker do you like my figure..?I mentioned her she is beautiful but dont know about the rest of things, then she mentioned me she know how i was staring and stealing glances at her body and stuff. I was speechless and then she mentioned nothing wrong in it.she mentioned me that she also likes me and she mentioned she wants to be satisfied. I asked how she mentioned you are a young man you have a long sex life but my sexual life is going to go on only for a few years as am getting old. She asked me whether i will satisfy her then more than sexual desire towards her for her situation i said yes.she came towards me and kissed me in my lips, and she was a amazing kisser she sucked my lips. Then i said aunty your lips are so sweet and i said i want to taste everything in you as i got really horny after her kiss. I kissed her and began to suck her lips and slowly i inserted my tongue she was more than happy to grant my tongue to access hers. Then i mentioned her i want to suck her tongue while kissing with her saliva she said am all yours do whatever you want sweet heart and then she made her tongue wet with saliva and then toss her tongue out and i sucked her tongue hugging her. Her saliva was so sweet and while sucking and kissing her, i was pressing her breasts and with my legs i was pulling her nightie up and rubbing her legs with my leg.she was moaning with pleasure and she mentioned am so happy you are going to make love to a old woman like me then i mentioned her she does not look old to me and she is beautiful. Then i mentioned her i want to see her nude she said ok and she got up from bed and removed her nightie and stood there and she mentioned she wanted me also to be nude, i removed by shirt, pant and my jockey. She said you have a hairy chest and came near me i said aunty you look so lovely she smiled at me and i hugged her while hugging my cock was touching her woman hood which was with full of hair. I kissed her and she was hugging me tightly and her breasts was touching my hairy chest. Now i started sucking her ear lobes and licking her face and neck and slowly came down to her lovely nipples. The nipples where with normal areola and brown in color and i started sucking them and she was rubbing my hair in pleasure and pulling my hair in pleasure.

Then i started sucking her breasts wild and pulled her nipples and she asked me to bite them hard and pull them with my teeth i did so. She was moaning in pleasure and mentioned me hun do whatever you want with my body it’s for you only from now on after my husband. I then licked her hairy armpits and she felt ticklish and started smiling and giggling in pleasure. Then i went down to her belly and licked her belly button and rolled in my tongue inside it she almost passed out in pleasure. I mentioned her she has a lovely tummy she said it’s all for you sweet. Then i rubbed her pussy with my fingers and in anticipation she put her head behind with closed eyes and running her fingers on my hair i slowly went down and licked her thighs and leg and licked it she was enjoying it then i went on to her pussy and sucked her pussy all of a sudden while she is standing she almost shouted in pleasure but she control and mentioned my husband has not even touched my pussy but you a young lover sucking them you are real sweet i love it. Then i said i want to lick her ass she said she has not experienced oral before i mentioned she will enjoy i was bringing in my xxx movie watching experience. I opened her ass crack and started licking her pussy and ass.then i mentioned i want her to lay on bed and want to taste her wetness. She obeyed me and went and lay on bed and opened her legs and i immediately went in between her legs and started sucking her pussy. She said suck them hard, i started sucking her entire pussy with my lips and inserting my tongue on to her pussy she was wet and her salt juices of her pussy began to flow then i inserted my fingers into her pussy and was licking her pussy simultaneously she was rolling her head left and right in pleasure and she mentioned that she was going to cum. I mentioned i want to taste her honey and i began to ginger her pussy and lick and suck her pussy faster she cum in my face and i sucked her wet orgasm from her pussy. She then mentioned she wants to pass urine and i mentioned go ahead and i mentioned her i want to see her peeing she smiled and said you are a naughty boy i said i love to watch your gold rush she said come in and she stood and squatted on her legs and started the gold stream. Then when finished she was about to wash i mentioned i will do it and went in between her legs and started cleaning her pussy with my tongue. She said your really a good lover. Now i took her to bed in my arms from the toilet and while doing so i was kissing her in her lips and made her lay on bed and she mentioned she cannot wait anymore she said she wants to feel my cock deep in her and want me to cum inside. I said i would do anything to satisfy you. I started rubbing my big head of my dick on her wet pussy and she was moaning in pleasure. I inserted my cock in her pussy it was a little hard to insert it in as i was new to sex but she helped me out and more over her pussy was wet. Her pussy was tight but not as a virgin pussy. Inside her pussy i felt as if my cock was melting because of the tremendous amount of heat from her pussy.i slowly started my to and fro motion she asked me to go quicker as she wants me to cum and i began to be quick and hard she said she is feeling so good even she mentioned she has not got this much pleasure while having sex with her husband. She asked me to fuck her fast and while saying that she put her legs behind my back to allow the rythm to go more well. I was pumping her harder and harder she was holding my hands and rubbing my chest in pleasure. Then i laid on her and started kissing her and she was also enjoying the kiss and playing with each other tongue. Then i sucked her breasts and licked her nipples well and she mentioned she is going to have her second orgasm and i mentioned her am gone cum too she asked me to go more harder and i was kissing and also i was sucking her tits now and then. Then she mentioned i am cum i felt a huge gush of fluid on to my cock and her clit flesh gripped more and i began to cum along with her. Then i shot my first load of my life deep in her pussy and she was enjoying it. After that i kissed her on her lips and she hugged me and we both slept like that till morning. We had many more session after this will post after i get good response from you guys.

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