My first experience with reshma aunty
Hai to every body,i am a regular stories reader of iss for a long time,my name is dilsan from tamilnadu(chennai)i want to tell you all about a real incedent happened in my life before 6months ago,during my 3rd year starting of engineering recentlly,before going to story i would like to explain about reshma aunty she is from orissa very sexy,and she is 32,24,32 she is married and 26yrs mother for 2yrs child and is husband works as an superviser in supermarket he as night&day shifts alernately every week.

Here the story begins as they are from other state they she don’t no tamil but very good in english somewhat as we have rented a portion to them,my father know english and mother doesn’t know english,so she always come to me to ask some help because i am the only person to understand her fast way of speaking of english and my mother ask me to do it because they are new to the area.

I was became a good friend to her,after an 4months for the first time i got a chance to pick up her in my bike as her son was not feeling well and her husband as gone to the dayshift,so there is no body to take her to the hospital by keeping her beside my bike and enjoying the bikeride each second,by her touch everywhere in my body then my mind changed and started to look her everymoment in the house and made me mad on her.

Then on words i spent much time on looking on her only we are in one fence then i asked here mobile no & she got mine to, i forwarded messages her every day after few days she called me for shopping dresses we went to pothys textiles and purchased dresses,she bought me a pair of dresses and i bought her an pink transparent salwar to her and asked her that i want to see her in salwar,she laught at me and told me that i don’t were salwar and we are very close to each other by talking any topic to her.

Then after 10days there was a problem between aunty&uncle i reguarding money that aunty as spented 6000 amount of office money of her husband, thinking that it is his salary amount without asking him and they have to pay with in two days then she told me that can i arrange it because she doesn’t no anybody i told to my daddy some lies&reason and gave her money.

From that day on words she had became my thickest girl friend,even i have shared my lust&sex feeling while seeing the actress in movies&etc,and even shared about porn movies to her,then my study leaves started then we planed to go to theatre,shopping,themeparks etc.

Then one day finally she asked to me that do you had sex with anybody??????I told her that i am an virgin till now,and she asked what do u think about me???I told her that she is an good person and i like her very much & i love you aunty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From that day she doesn’t talk to me for one hole week,then one day she came to our portion and asked me to my mom, that their t.v is not going well can you sent your son to fix it,then i hesitated to go then asked sorry to her like begging please forgive me aunty then she laughed at me and tightly hugged me i was in heaven in that moment of her reaction then i kissed her in lips to around 2-3min and my hands are going around all over her body backside then my mom called me what are u doing so long there boy,then we started all things of chating,touching,etc then she explained that uncle has no strong sexual feelings

Then we had our own chances that my mom’s brothers engagement is in combaiture then they left me in care of aunty because my 5th sem is coming so i have to prepare for it they have gone for one week and gave me 1500 to manage my self then my aunty’s husband had nightshift for that hole week then we planed for the hole week then on saturday my mom and dad went to mariage that hole night i was so exited,

On the monday evening around 5.00 the climate changed to rainy then uncle gone to office aunty came to my room locking her portion around 6.30pm because my room has a.c and system consist of porn movies alot then aunty made her son to sleep asoon as possible by feeding milk at the same time i decorateded the bed with roses and increased the cooling eventhough raining and sparyed jasmine room spary in room, because this is my first night with aunty then i asked her to get makeup like bride and asked her to wear salwar what i bought for her earlier and she obeyed me and came like that on that moment i feel like married and waiting for bride and i kissed her for 5min and the i licked her hole body with dress and removed one by one from top and she was half naked in front of me then i removed my shirt and wastei of here uncle then then i sucked her boobs for a long while then she got horn and bited me in lips while kissingthe we were fully naked and the movies were going on system then i sucked her boobs again and fingered her pussy for while till i feel the wet in my fingers, while fingering she shouted like haaaaaa……ahhhhhhhh in an retham wise then iasked her to fuck me to and then we both were in 69th position and after a while i fucked her in indian old style man on the top for few mints i ran out of power and cumed then we played movies till we get horn and then we were again in action in different position i like dogge very much and then i done with dogge keep her to stand in knee and then cummed again in her innercute tightass itself, we had sex till morning 4.00and then slept by hugging each other, what a heat & wet of pleasure are veerry good feeling than handwork…..

Then on the next day morning before me aunty gone to her house and came to me around 10am and waked me with bed coffee with a kiss on that day i cant’t able to move a bit because of tired and for the one week i owned a cute pussy and ass at the night what a great week that was it is a evergreen week in my life time,then when ever we had a chance we joined and fucked each other when ever we need(or)wanted now she is not here because of here husbands promotion they moved to other places of tamilnadu state.

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