My dog helped me to mastubate
My name is sumitha. I am from kerala. I am doing mba. I am a fair girl with 34 d-30-36 shapes. I have good shaped boobs with big rounded black sharp nipples. I like to masturbate and i keep my pussy shaved and clean. I happen to see this site when i was in search for some hot thing to make myself wet. I don’t have a sex experience to narrate here. I am going to share my sex habits with you. This is not a story. I am writing how i use my dog to satisfy my sexual needs. Before that i will tell about my family. My family consists of four members. Me(22) ,my father (52) my mother(45) and my brother(19).

I used to masturbate almost every day. One day when my parents were gone to a wedding, i was in a good mood to masturbate. My brother went to play. Then i closed door and went to my room. When i started to see porn pictures my dog (his name is arjun) came to my room. I tried to get rid of him but since there is no one else in my house he didn’t went way from me. He came near to me and started to play with me by jumping over me and sucking my hands and face. Then i got an idea,’ why can’t i let him to suck my nipples. Then i unhooked my churidhar and took my boobs out from bra. Then i went to bed and called arjun. When he came near to me i caught his head and directed him to suck my boobs. To my utter belief he was so good in sucking and he sucked each boobs for more than ten minutes. The scene and his licking on nipples really drive me crazy. I lied on bed on bed and he played with my boobs as if a ball. Smooching, sucking and licking. My nipples became hard. Then i put one hand in panty and started to masturbate my pussy which was already wet. After a few minutes i reached orgasm. Then i went to bath room and cleaned myself.

After a few days when i was browsing for same porn site i came across a site in which i found a girl fucking a dog. Then i understood that i am not the only girl who got sucked by a dog. But in that site a dog was not only sucking but also fucking that girl’s pussy. Then i thought why can’t i try that?

I was looking for a day to be fucked my dear dog. After a few days waiting i got a chance. There was only me and my mom in my house. Since it was my study leave i was in my room and no one came to my room to disturb me. Then my neighbor aunty came to my house and started to spend that noon by chit chat with my mother. Since arjun will shout to aunty, my mom asks me to keep him with me in my room. Then i brought arjun to my room and closed the locked door and kissed arjun on forehead and said “hey,i am going to suck you, will you fuck me my dear”

Then i immediately removed dress and wearied a t shirt and skirt without anything under it. So that even if anyone come to my room i can manage to open door fast. Then pulled my t shirt up and lied on bed and called arjun. Then he gave my nice sucking. Then i pulled my skirt up and forced arjun to suck my pussy. I spread my pussy lips wide so that he can suck inside my pussy. I can explain how good was he in sucking my pussy. I got orgasm only with his sucking. Then i took arjun and forced him to lie on bed and spared his legs and touch my penis and balls. He was trying to jump but i caught him tight. After some time his cock begin to rise then i sucked his cock. His cock was almost 5 inch by then. Then i sat on his cock and jerked. Then i got a feeling that it is going to work.

Then i lied on bed and hugged him tightly and shredded my legs and took his cock in my hand placed in my pussy. Then i caught him and jerked him until i reached orgasm. Then i let him go and i went to bathroom and cleaned myself. We repeated this in many days. Meanwhile he too started to enjoy it and now he learned everything.

Now we have tried different positions and he started to fuck me from both frond and back and he ejaculate. Sometimes he ejaculates in my pussy sometime in my asshole, sometime in my mouth. First i was curious to taste his cum and then i started taste it every time. If he cum in my pussy i took it my finger and eat it.

Now every day we are fucking. I gave blowjob to him if he is near me and i do not wear panty so that whenever i got a chance a call him and he will ran to me and i lift my dress and pose like a dog then he put his front legs over my back and i place his cock in my pussy or asshole from back and he started to jerk off. Meanwhile i finger my pussy too. Sometimes he does not stop even if i reached orgasm many times. Now whenever i give him bath or i am alone in room i suck his cock and he fuck me.

One day when my mom was cleaning floor bending to front arjun jumped over didn’t realized what he is up to do and she scold him to go away. Then i laughed and called arjun and went to my room and lied on the edge of bed with legs down and pulled my skirt inviting my arjun…………….

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