My babhi
his is rakesh writing my experience. Mine is a family of four members. Father, mother, brother and me; we all used to have lot of fun and to say ours is a happy family. And into this family a new member joined as my brother got married. I was studying intermediate at that time. Her name is chandrika. She looks gorgeous and she is the perfect one for my brother. They are made for each other. We all used to be in the same house. Babhi used to mingle with each and every one in the family. With in few months she became the favorite member in the family. Even after 5 years of their marriage they had no children.. They have undergone all the tests and the reports suggested no defect in any one. At last after 6 years of their marriage she delivered a baby boy and he is as cute and beautiful as my babhi. As he was born after 6 years of their marriage he was treated with utmost care with all the family members. He was treated as king of the house. I completed the engineering by the time he was born. So i have all the leisure to play with him. I used to spend 12 hours of the day with him. My brother and babhi are employees in different software companies. Babhi started going to office after 6 months the baby was born. As a one year completion of the baby we gave a huge birthday party to all the relatives and friends. The people who came for party asked about what i was doing.

As i was not interested in doing the job i just used to spend the time going for movies etc… But after the next day of the party i became the topic of the house regarding my job. All of them discussed with me and i was just playing with the baby. My mom got angry and gave a tight slap on my face. It made a huge sound and the baby started crying. After that my brother and babhi said that they will try in their companies and i said ok. My brother works on java and my babhi works on dotnet. I have enquired about both the courses and at last i came to know that dotnet is better for me and i said the same thing to my brother and babhi. They said ok and my babhi said she will try in her office about me taking as a fresher. After one month babhi asked me to attend the interview in her office and i said i am not perfect in dotnet to attend the interview. She said that she has arranged everything and i have to attend the interview for name sake and i said ok. I went for the interview the next day and they said i was selected as every thing was managed by babhi. I also started going to office after 10 days. I used to go on my bike, and babhi used to go on her vehicle honda activa as i asked babhi not to inform that i was her relative. Babhi used to help me in learning dotnet at home and at office. As i, brother and babhi used to go for office we used to spend the time with the baby all together.

Everything was happy and days are going on well. In the office everyone used to talk about the ladies in the office. 90% of men in the office have their eye on babhi. As she used to talk more often with me in the office everyone feel i was lucky as she likes me and they use to say the same with me. I feel very happy when ever they say that she has special interest in me. As days passed i was interested in my babhi. Some times i feel happy and some times i feel that i am thinking wrong. Now days i started watching her more closely. As i said before her name is chandrika. She looks gorgeous with a figure of 34-30-34 and her black hair will be just above her butts. I really love her when she wears sari and let her hair loose. She also looks beautiful in all type of dresses but i love her to see in sari. (she doesn’t wear jean pant but wears t-shirts.) When ever she wears a sari i love to see the side view of her breasts and her back while walking because it gives a great satisfaction for me as her butts moves for her every step. My days are passing just by watching my babhi at home and at office. I have completed one year joining in the company as a software programmer. As i completed one year my brother asked for a party and i agreed to give a party. So on saturday evening my brother, babhi and me have went out for a dinner and we all had good time out there and while returning our car have met with an accident. As i and my brother are sitting at the front of the car we are seriously injured and my babhi was less injured. All 3 of us are taken to the near by hospital. My babhi is safe and i and my brother were kept in the emergency ward after the operation and the doctors said that they can’t guarantee till 24 hours. By this time my parents have arrived the hospital.

They enquired about our condition and after 1 week of complete care from the doctors i was survived and my brother’s condition was not good. After 10days my brother expired and our happy family was in world of sorrow. I was discharged after 30 days and the doctors advised me to take rest for 6 months as my leg was severely fractured. For the first time i came home and i have never seen my house like that before. Every one in the family was weeping and i never expected that i will see my babhi in such a position so early. After few days babhi left to her parents house to have an environment change. After 4 months she returned back with her child. Now he is 3 years old and the only person who brings the smile in our family is rahul; my brother’s son. Babhi decided to go back to office after a gap of nearly 5 months. She got ready for the office and came out of her room and for the first time i felt ‘why was i alive’. She has no sindoor on her face and it’s very hard for me to see her like that. She said bye to me and to my parents and left to office. At 7pm she returned from office and sat on the sofa as she was very tired. My mother went up to her with a glass of water and greeted her. After some time my mother asked her to keep sindoor as she was just 30 years and after hearing my mother’s words she said ‘in the office my colleagues have also said the same thing’; but i am unable to do that. After some arguments between them babhi agreed to dress normally as before and i felt happy for that. All our family members were unable to stay in the house because we are unable to forget my brother. So we shifted our house so that we may not get much disturbed by our brother’s memories. The next day morning i was practicing to walk with out the stick as my leg was fractured in the accident and my babhi was in the hall watching the news. After few steps i fell down as rahul came running and i didn’t watch him. As soon as i fell down babhi came in a hurry and lifted me and tried to slap rahul but i caught hold of her hand and said it’s my mistake and i have not watched rahul coming. After that she said from tomorrow we go to the near by park to practice walking so that you wont fall down by hitting some thing or some one and i said ok.

After that she went to office and i played with rahul. Next morning babhi came and woke me up at 5.30 am in the morning and asked me to get ready to go to park for walking. I said i will go at 6.30 am but she said then i don’t have time to take you to park. I said ok and was happy as babhi is coming with me. At 6 am we went to park on babhi’s bike. To some distance we walked with the help of the stick. After that babhi took the stick and took my hand and placed it over her shoulder and asked to walk with her help and i did. For the first time i felt my babhi so close to me and i was very happy for that. After some distance i was feeling some pain and we sat on the bench; after that we went home. On saturday i and babhi went to hospital to know the condition of my leg. Doctor took the x-ray and said there is a good improvement and he also said to take care for the next six months as it was seriously injured. He advised not to run, kick start the bike etc before leaving. I said ok and thanked the doctor and went home. Before leaving the doctor advised to take the help of the stick even i was walking fine with out the help of the stick. Next day morning we went to park at 7pm as it was sunday and while walking i thanked babhi for coming with me regularly and taking care of me. She just smiled and said stop talking too much and continued our walk. As days passed my leg gained its normal position and i have to go to office after a gap of nearly 8 months. While going mom and babhi asked to go to office along with babhi as i have to kick start the bike. I said i have self start and so i don’t have any problem and thanked babhi for the offer. After 30 minutes of my arrival babhi came to office. She greeted me along with the other colleagues as if we are not relatives.

Even after my recovery i and babhi continued walking in the park as it is good for health and we are habituated to walking. As we are spending more time than before we became closer and we are now just like friends. If she wants to go for shopping she asks me to come with her than my mom. So me, babhi and rahul go outside and spend some time. On sunday we went to park for walking at 5 am as my mom and babhi have planned to go for a temple at 7 am. After walking for 45 minutes we sat on a bench and while talking my brother got into my mind and suddenly my mood changed and babhi noticed the change and asked for reason. I said my brother came in to my mind and stood up from the bench and my eyes are filled with tears. Babhi stood from the bench and came near me and tried to console me. I said because of me only you lost your husband. When my brother asked for a party if i have said no we would not have gone for a party and we would not have met with an accident. Babhi said it’s not your fault and don’t feel guilty for that and tried to console. But i am unable to control, so babhi asked me to turn to her side and i did as babhi was at the back of me. She took my hands which are wiping the tears of and asked me to look in her eyes and i did. It’s not your fault, it just happened and wiped the tears on my cheeks and i hugged her hard and said i am sorry babhi and she patted on my back. After few seconds i realized that i hugged her and left her and again said sorry. After that we reached home and she said the matter to my mom about me crying. After that my mom and babhi went to temple and i went to take bath. While taking bath i remembered that i have hugged babhi and my blood flowed from head to toe. I didn’t remember that i cried but only the hug. The whole sunday i was happy.

Next day morning we went for walking and while walking we talked about some problem i was facing in the project and she clarified it to me. After walking we sat on the bench and relaxing. I touched her hand and she opened the eyes and i asked her can you do me a favor. She asked what favor. Today evening our office colleagues have planned to go for a pub; i too want to go with them and asked her to manage at home. She asked what about the ladies in your batch. I said they are also coming; then she said you don’t want me to come with you. I asked her are you joking; she said i am serious. I said if you are coming with me i will be the happiest man; then she said but. I asked what babhi. She said can we go alone because if i come with you they all think of us in a wrong way. I have an intention to go to pub and i asked your brother many times but he was not interested in it. I said ok and we two can go to a separate pub. Then she waved my hair and said thanks and i said you are welcome.

After that we went home and got ready for office. While babhi was going to get ready for office i called her and asked her to tie a sari for pub as she looks different from others who wear jeans mostly and she said ok. She got ready and came out in a light pink color sari and she was gorgeous. After that i went to office and she came on auto as we are going to pub in the evening. I was just waiting for the clock to strike 6pm. After i and babhi moved from office at 7.15pm so that all the others will go. For the first time she came and sat on my bike and placed her hand on my shoulder. I can’t explain those feelings. At 8pm we reached the pub. She was little tensioned or nerves as she is coming for the first time. While we entered into the pub she caught hold of my hand tightly and i was happy as she was catching my hand as a lover. I can see the smile on her face as soon as we were in the middle of the pub. After looking around for 5 minutes she said in my ears ‘thank you’ and i smiled looking at her. We took a corner seat and watching all the things going on and kept talking with babhi. After 15 minutes i took her to the dance floor and started to dance for the dj. She was feeling shy as every one is watching her. She came close to me and asked the reason. I said ladies who come here will not come in sari. She said you have asked to wear it. I said yes because you get the attention of all the people; and a lady who was dancing at the back of babhi pushed her while dancing and babhi came closer to me. Slowly and slowly our bodies became closer and i placed my hands around her belly region and she didn’t say anything and we danced for 5 more minutes. At 10pm we left the pub and on the way we stopped at the restaurant for dinner. We ordered for it an asked her whether she liked the pub as she came for the first time. She said i don’t know whether i liked it or not. It was completely a different experience for me she said.

We had our order and went home and we said to our parents that we had a birthday party of our colleague and went to our rooms. While leaving to my room she said thanks once again rocky (at home they call me rocky). I just lay on my bed and recollected all the things happened in the pub. Next morning we went to walking and after that we sat on the bench for relaxing. While relaxing she laid her head on my shoulder and i was little surprised by her behavior but felt happy. On friday babhi came to me in the office and asked me to take her to pub and i said ok. Today she was dressed in kurtha and as usual she was gorgeous. At 7pm we started from office and reached at 7.45 pm to pub. Now she caught hold of my hand so firm that she inserted her fingers in between my fingers. Today she took me to dance floor and danced with me and kept talking to me as never before. Slowly i kept my hands around her belly and pulled her closer to me. After dancing for some time we danced shopping and went home. Next day morning we went for walking and today just walked for 15 minutes and spend the remaining time in talking. As she was placing her head on my shoulder i dared myself and placed my hand around her shoulder and she didn’t say anything. As days passed we are becoming closer and closer. November 21st is my birthday and i wanted to give a grand treat for babhi on that day. On my birthday also we went for walking and i made 4 rounds which we usually go for 5 rounds. But babhi went for 5th round and came back with a rose flower in her hand and sat next to me.

I asked where she got the flower and she said where she got. After 5 minutes she stood from the bench and came infront of me and gave the flower to me and wished me happy birthday and took my face in her hands and kissed me on the forehead. I asked her for one more and she waved my hair and kissed again on the forehead. Now i have the confidence to move more closely to her. After that we went home and go ready for office and when we are about to go to office i asked babhi to come on my bike for this one day and she said ok. After that i took her to temple and said that i want to spend this whole day with her with out going to office. She kept silent for 2 minutes and said ok. We sat in the temple for 30 minutes and kept talking. In the talk i said that she is looking gorgeous in this sari and she just smiled. I spend the whole day with her going for cinema, restaurant and going around the multiplexes etc. At 10 pm we reached home and my mom opened the door and went to sleep. Babhi whished me goodnight and went to her room. After 5 minutes i went into her room with out knocking the door as the door was opened. By the time i went in she removed the loose end of the sari and was about to change the sari. I just had a quick glance of her sexy figure and turned back and said sorry and was about to leave the room. She asked me to wait and covered herself with the loose end of the sari and asked the reason for my visit. Now i turned towards her and said thanks for spending the day with me. She came closer to me and patted on my cheeks and i hugged her tightly with all my energy. She too hugged me and said thanks for making this day a memorable for me also. She kissed on my cheeks and again said happy birthday. Then i said if you give me a kiss daily i will celebrate my birthday daily and came out of the room and went to sleep. While i was leaving she called me and said tomorrow we will go to walking at 4.30 am and i said ok. Next day morning we went to park at 4.30 am and no one was there at that time. We started walking and completed one round and babhi sat on the bench and i went for another around and completed it and kneeled in front of babhi and started watching her but she closed her eyes and relaxing. She asked why you are looking at me like that. I asked her how she can know that i was seeing her. She opened her eyes and said i just know what you do and leaned forward and hit my head with her head slightly.

After that we completed our walking and went home. Now days i am unable to control when she moves close to me. One day while we are walking in the park casually she placed her hand around my waist and came closer to me and looked at me. I was really disturbed and uncontrollable with her behavior. So on sunday when she was cooking chicken curry i went and placed my hands on her waist and said you are beautiful in this sari as my mom and dad are busy playing with rahul in the lawn. As soon as i touched her she leaned back on me and said please don’t do this. As soon as she said i left her and came out of the kitchen. At 1pm we all came to have lunch. While having lunch babhi is just staring at me and i sighted her what. She sighted nothing. While having lunch i asked her that i have some doubt in the project; is she has time please clarify. She said at 2.30pm and i said ok. I was waiting in my room at 2.30pm and she came in and closed the door as rahul while disturb us if the door is open. Previously also we used to close the door if she comes to clarify the doubt. After she closed the door she came to me and asked what doubt you have while running her fingers in to my hair. I said you know what’s my doubt is babhi. I stood up and we are facing each other and caught hold of her hand and kissed her hand and she moved very close to me and then i kissed her on forehead and she hugged me. I too hugged her hard and said i love you and i want you. Then my mom knocked the door and said some of my babhi’s friends came and she went away.

That whole day we never find a chance to talk or meet freely. Next day morning we went to walking at 4.30am and at that time no one will be there. After going for half a round babhi caught hold of my hand and stopped me and said take me to a place where no one can see us. I took her behind a big tree where no one can see us and babhi was leaning against the tree and i was facing her. I asked her innocently why she asked to take to a lonely place. Then she slowly started to remove the jacket which she usually wears for walking. She usually wears a track pant with silver color and above she wears a banian like one which covers her breasts and shoulders. Her navel will also be exposed. So she wears a jacket over that dress to with stand the cold as we stay in bangalore. When she walks wearing that track pant it gives the sexy look of her butts. She completely removed the zip of the jacket and gave a nice view of her figure. I can view her figure with the help of the streetlight. Then she pulled me closer and said do i need to say any thing more and kissed me on the lips gently. She closed her eyes while kissing me. We are kissing and tasting each other’s saliva. While kissing i removed her jacket and it fell down. After 3 minutes i broke the kiss and when down kissing on her neck, breasts, navel, and her pussy. I asked her to turn around and kissed her butts and bite them and said i love these. Then i went up and kissed and bit her breasts over the dress and then removed her banian and she was on her bra and track pant. Then she pushed my shot down and i was in my underwear and t-shirt. Then she took my hand and placed on her breasts and pressed them hard and kissed me again. While kissing i started caress her pussy over the track pant; then she placed her hand over my underwear and started to caress it and said i need it in me and pulled my underwear down and my 8 inch cock is waiting for the womanhood. Then i removed her bra, track pant and panty and she was nude infront of me with one a golden chain around her neck. I looked her from top to bottom and said you are sexy and she pulled me by holding my pennies and guided it towards her pussy. I managed to insert it into her and was sucking her breasts hard. After 2 minutes she asked me to stop and i asked why. She said that the people are increasing and it is not safe to continue and i thought she might be right and stopped. Then we dressed and kissed again before we moved to home. I went to my room and lay on the bed and was thinking whether it is dream or real.

After that i went to bath and came out for office. Babhi also got ready for office in a sari. The sari is a mixture of colors and she is looking hot and sexy. If i have the chance i would i have fucked her there itself. She sighted me how is the sari and i sighted it’s sexy. We went to office and she came with a 5 minute gap between us. When she was coming every one are staring at her as if they are going to eat her. We just smiled at each other and she went to her separate cabin as she was project manager (pm). After 30 minutes she called me in and i went. Outsiders can’t see what is happening inside the pm cabins; but the pm’s can see what is going outside. By the time i went in she was leaning against the window and waiting for me. As soon as i entered we smiled at each other and she came towards me and hugged me. But i was much tensed that some one may come in. She saw that i was tensed and said no one is going to come until i say. Then i put my hands around her waist and kissed her on the lips once and asked why she called me. Then she asked me to kiss again and i did and she said that i wanted to kiss you. I tried to control myself but i am unable to do it from the last half an hour. Then she placed her hand on my pennies over the pant and pressed it hard and said i need you. I said we need to wait for the correct time as it is office. Then she moved 3 steps away from me and removed her loose end of the sari and asked do i need to wait. As soon as she removed the loose end of the sari she was like sex goddess and moved forward and pulled her closer to me and her breasts hit my chest and said let’s do it in the lunch time or we can go to a hotel taj in the lunch time. She said i don’t want to waste my time in traveling and took my hands and placed them over her breasts and pressed them and said i really need you all over my body.

After few minutes we went back to our respective seats and waiting for the lunch time. Our lunch time is from 1 to 2 pm. Mostly every one will go by 1.05 pm. At 1.05pm every one went to have lunch and i started towards the cabin with some tension in me. As soon as i entered she asked me to lock inside and i did. As soon as i locked she came in a hurry and kissed me and we kissed for 5 minutes leaning against the wall. While kissing i moved her sari along with petticoat and removed her panty. She managed to remove my pant and lowered my underwear below my knees. Then i lifted her and inserted my pennies inside her. While inserting she was making slow moams; so i closed her lips with mine. After moving for 5 minutes in rhythm she asked me to place her on the floor and fuck. So i placed her on the floor and made huge strokes and after 10 minutes i cum in her and lay in the same position for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes we dressed normally and i went out of the cabin and while i was leaving she said this is the last time we do it in my cabin and i said ok. We finished it by 1.30pm. After that we went to lunch separately. We are waiting for the time to go home. On the way to home we stopped at a coffee shop and started talking. In the talk i asked her why she accepted me. She said when i went to my native place after your brother’s death there was a lot of change in my sister’s behavior. She called me to stay in their house and all of their family members compelled so i went. She was very happy as never before. I thought both she and her husband are having good understanding. But after one week i found my sister and her husband’s brother having sex in the bedroom giving to me. They thought i would be late in coming from temple. As soon as i saw them i was shocked by my sister’s behavior and shouted at her. She said that we like each other from the first time we saw and now we are in to this relationship. After that i got angry on my sister’s behavior and came back to my house. I can’t remove them from my mind and her words she said.

Slowly and slowly my mind is occupied by you. You are the only person who was in my mind when i was with my parents. I got dreams of being fucked by you; i tried to avoid you in my thinking but i am helpless. After one month i asked myself “why not you” because i too need to make love because you brother and i use to make love regularly. After that i was only thinking of you all 24 hours of the day. After i came here i was totally attracted by you. After she said this i said then i should thank your sister for this. While we are moving home she asked me to come to her room at 11.30pm after everyone sleep. I said ok. After we went home and before everyone are going to their room’s babhi asked my mother to take rahul with her because rahul was getting up in the middle of the night and disturbing her and she is not having enough sleep and she is unable to concentrate at office. After hearing her words my mom said then rahul is going to sleep with us (my parents) and took rahul with her. Our house is a duplex house with one hall, one bedroom and one kitchen on the ground floor and 3 bedrooms on the first floor. As my parents are aged they take the ground floor. Babhi and i took the first floor. So we won’t be getting disturbed in the middle of the night. At 11.30pm i went to her room and locked the door. By the time i entered she was totally nude and was on the bed and waiting for me. I went near to her and she pulled my shot all at once and pulled me on her. When i was about to say something she kissed me and said don’t talk just work. Then i sucked her breasts like a cherry fruit and bit them. The only care we have taken is not to make sounds. After sucking her breasts i went down to her pussy and started licking it. I was inserting my tongue into her pussy and she was enjoying it by running fingers through my hair. After i licked her pussy she pulled me up and she started to kiss me from head to toe.

She bite my nipples and took my pennies in her hand and kissed it at the tip of it and applied saliva to the complete pennies and then came over and sat on it so that it gets inserted into her pussy. After inserting it she moved up and down in rhythm and after 10 minutes i cum in her and she lay on me. After 5 minutes i asked what if you get pregnant now as we are not using condom. She said i am using the pills for not getting pregnant and kissed me. She said i don’t want you to use condom because i don’t want anything in between you and me and we went to sleep in that position. At 5 am babhi woke me up and asked me to get ready for park. I pulled her on to me and said one more round. She said your mother will wake up and come to clean the rooms at 5.30am. So let’s go to park. So i got ready and went to park and made only one round and she said that she wants to talk to me. So we sat on the bench and she said “i want you each and every minute of my life. I want your love, anger, hatred and your manhood. I just need you and kissed me on the lips once with out thinking that some one will see.” I was happy because she loves me. After that we continued our walking and went home. After reaching home babhi was preparing coffee for both of us as my mom and dad went to the temple as it was an auspicious day. They took rahul along with them. As there was no one in the house; no one is going to stop us. As she is preparing coffee i went at the back of her and moved my hands on her butts over the track pant and hugged her from behind. I placed my pennies on her butts over the track pant and removed the jacket which she was wearing. While she was preparing i started rubbing her pussy with one hand and with other hand i was pressing her breasts.

Then she switched off the stove and took the hand on her pussy and kept it inside the track pant and started rubbing. After 5 minutes she turned towards me and we kissed hard on our lips. She started to remove my t-shirt. So i lifted her and she caught hold of me with both of her legs around my waist and moved towards my bedroom. As soon as we entered we became nude and i asked her to show back to me and she did. Then i inserted my pennies from back and fucked her in doggish style. I made huge strokes of our life. She was making sounds of both pain and joy. After some time i cum in her and both of them went to bath together and got ready for office. By the time my parents returned everything was normal. After that we went to office. Today she was wearing kurtha and i like to see her in kurtha because i can have size view of her breasts. After one hour i called to her mobile and said i want to press your breasts over kurtha and bite them. She said you are invited 24 hours but not today as we have client meeting today and i have to be prepared for that and kept the phone.

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