My Wife and Servant
Hi I am Sanjay, now just turned 34 I am businessman, based in a big capital city, and live alone with my wife. Most of my day is spent at the office, and/or traveling. My wife is a typical house wife, stays at home all day, takes care of our one daughter, and generally handles the social activities and such. Cynthia (my wife) and I got married about 7 years ago. Cynthia was and is a homely girl, grew up in a small town, with a conservative joint family. She is about 5 4”, 38/30/36 or so, 36A boob size (big firm white tits) and big dark brown nipples. Quite fair, and has long luscious black hair. Shaves her pussy regularly, and has very thick ‘pussy lips’. She is certainly above average in looks, and quite sexy looking. She wears the traditional Saree, with blouse and petticoat. An average good looking and sexy Indian Housewife. We live alone in a medium sized city, and my parents live in a different city from us.
For the first 2 years or so after my marriage, Cynthia and I had a normal sex life. We had sex every day (Except when she menstruating of course), we used to do it in the bedroom, at night or in the morning. Watched a little porn, talked a little dirty, spoke about some sexual fantasies/stories etc. The only remarkable thing was my Wife had a big sexual appetite; she was open to new ideas. Took to oral immediately, and liked watching porn etc. Also sometimes, she would flirt with me during the day when we were in the living room, squeeze my dick, or bare her breasts etc when she was alone, so she was a bit adventurous. We also have daughter after about 3 yrs of marriage, and wife regularly breast feeds her, again not very shyly. It was around 5 years ago, that our old maid servant had to leave and return to her village. We looked around for a replacement, but were not able to find anyone, and we grew desperate after about 2 weeks. Then one of our known relatives sent over this Bihari called Ramu as a servant. Ramu, was around 30 then, big black fellow, almost 5 10”, he had the look of someone who has done a lot of physical labor. From what I could see he was hairy as well. He was quiet, polite and looked simple, seems he had just arrived from his village, and his uncle who worked with our relatives, had sent him to us. I was a bit hesitant to hire a male servant, given my wife was alone. But he came with a good reference (as his uncle was working for my relatives for a long time), and we were desperate, so I asked Cynthia, and she agreed. Next day Ramu moved in with his luggage (We were shocked to see, he had all of two plastic bags worth of stuff), we have a servants room in our apartment, which leads off from the Kitchen. So he moved in and settled in. That same afternoon he came out to start working. Now his working attire, was he used to wear a lungi (loose wraparound), which is common with most Bihari’s. But most odd was that he wore it in a different style, so that it was split in the center, I did notice it but didn’t comment. The result of this split was that when he walked you could see parts of his legs and thighs. Anyhow he started working, and over next couple of days, we saw that he worked hard and diligently, so we got on with our lives. However I did notice that when he worked, sometimes one could catch a glimpse of his ‘kaccha’ (very loose underwear almost like boxer shots, but tied with a string at top), through the split of his lungi when he worked. Again I ignored it, because his Kaccha was almost like a pair of shorts.

The next Sunday after we hired him, I was in the living room, in the mid morning looking at the TV. My wife was next to me, and facing the rest of the living room and the T.V. Ramu was moping the floors of the apartment, and he brought his bucket and mop into the living room. I was watching my TV, and suddenly noticed my wife was constantly staring at where Ramu was moping. I was a big intrigued, and carefully followed her look (since we were sitting adjacent to each other, she couldn’t see my face properly), and the sight which met my eyes was very shocking and disturbing: Ramu was immersed in his moping, but because he was squatting, his lungi had almost fully split in the center, and most of his kaccha could be seen. The center or crotch of the kaccha was hanging down, because of his dick and balls. Now this hanging/bulge was what shocked me, it was huge. You could see that it was pushing his kaccha out almost 6-7 inches, and was broad and thick bulge. Also you could see his legs, thighs, all the way to his huge bulge in kaccha. Suddenly the innocent looking lungi and kaccha, had turned into a very erotic and sexy sight, and Cynthia was ogling him. I don’t know why, but I kept silent, and just watched Cynthia ogling him. There were several thoughts going through my head, a bit of anger and concern, also the fact that Ramu was certainly doing it innocently, but I think there was a certain amount of eroticism about the whole thing as well, which made me keep quiet. Well anyhow, we managed to get through the day, and I started noticing, that Cynthia would often stare at Ramu’s legs or crotch area. And also the more carefully you looked, the outlines of his dick and balls were visible most of the time. That night, well I was a bit apprehensive, but also very excited, and when I fucked her, I felt (or imagined) that her pussy was wetter and more moist. Also I couldn’t keep the image of Ramu’s dick going into Cynthia’s pussy out of my mind. The next couple of weeks went by, I was always on the lookout, and saw Cynthia often staring at Ramu. I slowly got more and more used to and excited by the idea. Though I never thought of turning it into reality, I wanted to work it into our fantasies, using a real person like Ramu, verus the imaginary fantasies we had before. Slowly the idea grew, and with a bit of courage, I slowly started talking about real people, and fantasizing about them, during our foreplay. First Cynthia was a bit embarrassed and didn’t seem to like it, but with persistence I brought her around. Till she let me talk about how I lusted after women we knew, like one of our neighbors in our apartment building, or a maid of another apartment. I built on these fantasies, role-playing them out, until she really started to get excited and into the act. Over a few days, I gradually started pushing her to talk about her fantasies. She was very hesitant at first, but then, slowly she started talking about a servant of her uncle’s. But from the way she talked about him, I knew she was trying to talk about Ramu. Next day, I myself brought up Ramu, and told her to fantasize about him. I could feel her stiffen. Took quite some coaxing to get started, but once she did I could feel her pussy become wet and hot as she spoke about Ramu.

Over next 3-4 days, our conversations during foreplay, centered on Ramu, and Cynthia really expanded her fantasies about him. Our sessions became hotter, and certainly I could feel Cynthia’s passions were reigning supreme. Now is when the big shift happened, after a few days of our talking, and seeing that I was equally excited, Cynthia turned up the stakes. She started flirting with Ramu in the day, and telling me at night. First it was something simple, like letting her pallu drop for a moment, or accidentally brushing against his hip when working in the kitchen. But as these narrations became hotter, our sex improved, and Cynthia got bolder. She even played a soft porn movie one day in the living room, and pretended she didn’t see Ramu was behind her sweeping the room. Poor Ramu, by now he was going crazy, and most often he would be squeezing his dick, or staring at Cynthia’s boobs (she had completely started tucking her pallu into her Saree, so her cleavage was visible throughout the day). Cynthia was going crazy as well, and the whole night in the foreplay, she would moan about Ramu and his big black dick. One evening, I finally convinced synthia to take it further. She was particularly horny that day, and I just made her hotter and didn’t let her cum. I told her she should make Ramu do it. She was hot and moaning, and agreed, but asked me to please make her cum. However I stuck to my plan, and didn’t allow it. I just talked to her to finalize how to go about it. Next day I sneaked into our apartment at 3:00, (Ramu used to sleep from 2 to 5), and went and hid in our bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar and light off. Synthia, quickly disheveled her sari, so it looked like she just got up from sleep. Her pallu was off, and the saree was low below her navel, so you could see her stomach as well as a lot of cleavage. Synthia went into Ramu’s room, he was sleeping, and his lungi was again split, and synthia saw that he had a bit of a hard on, and his kaccha was pointing vertically up. Synthia slowly shook him near the hip, almost touching his dick, Ramu got up, and immediately stared at synthia, half naked rubbing near his dick.Synthia moved away from him, and said in a soft voice “Ramu my back is paining quite hard can you pls come maalish it (massage)”. Ramu got up and followed synthia to our room, where there was a bottle of sensual massage oil waiting near the bed. Synthia got onto the bed, with her back facing up, and asked Ramu to start. Ramu started massaging her back, sitting on the side of the bed, and rubbing synthia’s fair back with his big black hands. Synthia was fully excited now, and she could barely suppress some moans. After few minutes, she said “Ohh Ramu, this sari will get spoilt because of the oil, let me take it off” She then started taking it off, and Ramu being there also helped in pulling it off. She was now lying on the bed in her blouse and petticoat. Next, she said “Ramu take off my blouse so u can rub my back nicely”. Ramu by now was also very excited, I could see his dick was completely pushing his kaccha out off his lungi. And he was staring as he removed synthia’s blouse, and then the bra. He massaged synthia’back, and synthia had turned her head, so she could stare at his crotch area, which was really by now huge. Then synthia slowly said “Ramu do my legs now also, please”. Ramu moved to her legs, and she gently pushed up her petticoat with her legs, so it was up to her knees. She slowly encouraged Ramu to move up, and suddenly Ramu was massaging her bare ass (synthia had stopped wearing panty for past few weeks except when mensurating). I was going crazy in the bathroom, watching this big black bihari fellow, massaging synthia’s naked ass, with his dick hard as a rod inside his kaccha.
Ramu was slowly massaging synthia’s ass, and also running a finger down the central area. Synthia was wimpering by now. Slowly she turned around, and said “Ramu do the front now”. Ramu was shivering by now, as synthia turned, and he saw for the first time, synthia’s big white breasts with huge brown nipples for the first time. He hesitantly started doing synthia’s stomach, but synthia pulled his hands up to her breasts saying “Ramu press these, they are really hurting”. Ramu now started pressing her breasts, while synthia was moaning, his dick was getting harder, and a huge wet spot was spreading over the front of his kaccha.

Synthia was almost delirous now, and was squirming and moaning. Problem was Ramu wasn’t taking the lead (We found out later that he had never fucked a woman, only fooled around with some men). Anyhow synthia was now too far gone, she pulled up her petticoat, so her white pussy was completely visible (she shaves her pussy completely). She took one of Ramu’s hands and pushed it on her dripping pussy, and with the other hand, slowly reached out and grabbed Ramu’s hot bursting dick over his kaccha. Ramu was breathing hard by now, and stammering, “Memsahib, Memsahib, what r u doing”. Synthia started slowly squeezing Ramu’s dick (she told me later it felt like a hot rod) and said “Ramu to massage this (indicating her pussy) you have to use this (squeezing his dick”. Ramu was shaking now, but didn’t make any move, synthia slowly reached up and undid the nada (cord) on his kaccha, and slowly pulled it down. My GOD I was shocked, his dick popped out, it was huge. Black, thick and around 9” or even longer. It had a red head, and was dripping wet. Synthia too got shocked, and then immediately took it into her mouth, and started sucking deeply. Ramu was still shivering, and said “Memsahib what are you doing”, synthia while sucking deeply muttered “Ramu I have to lubricate so you can massage this area nicely (indicating her pussy)”. Synthia continued to suck for about 5 mins, moving her mouth up and down over Ramu’s dick. Ramu was squeezing her tit with one hand, and rubbing her pussy with the other. Finally synthia took out his dripping dick, and told him to kneel between her legs (Ramu was still wearing his lungi and his dick was now sticking out of the center like a huge black flag pole). She took his dick and pushed it on her pussy, and guided his hand so he was rubbing it on her pussy. Moaning she said “Ramu bahut maja aa raha hai (Ramu this is feeling very good)” Ramu was breathing hard by now, and precum was leaking from his big dick. He was moaning and saying “Memsahib mereko bhi accha lag raha hai (I am also enjoying it madam)”. Synthia then reached out and pushed one of Ramu’s fingers into her dripping pussy. Moaning she said “Ramu you have to massage inside here also”. Ramu was delirious by now, and synthia grabbed his black dick and guided into her dripping wet white pussy. Ramu caught on quickly, and started shoving his dick in and out. Synthia was screaming by now, and moaning and whimpering, and Ramu was grunting and sweating. I could see Ramu’s big black dick going into synthia’s white pussy, and was driving me nuts, I was masturbating in the bathroom. Ramu started fucking synthia, in long strokes, pushing in and pulling out, synthia must have come 2-3 times. She wrapped her legs around his black ass, and tried to pull in deeper, she would push his head to her nipples and scream Ramu “Choose, inhe choose (suck these suck)”. Ramu kept fucking her, clearly straining but in seventh heaven. His dick was pulsing as it moved in and out, with a squelching sound, synthia was moaning and screaming, finally Ramu shivered and cried out “Nikhal Gaya” (Came Out) and shot deep into synthia’s pussy. There was no condom, so synthia’s pussy was filled with Ramu’s sperm, and she was pushing her hips up and down to get more of his sperm. Ramu fell onto synthia, clearly exhausted, and sweaty, and still sucking synthia’s tits. Saying “Memsahib bahut accha laga (Mesahib I enjoyed it a lot)”. Synthia also slowly calmed down. Then she slowly pushed him to one side, so he was lying with his wet limp dick facing up. She then got in between his legs, and slowly licked his wet dick, cleaning it up (I could see she was still horny). Ramu was still moaning, and saying “Memsahib kya kar rahe hai” (Madam what are u doing), synthia moaned “just cleaning you up Ramu, u will need this to massage me again”. Ramu was semi-hard again, and he wanted to squeeze her tits again. But synthia knew I was waiting, so she told him “Not now later Ramu”. Ramu tied the now discarded lungi around his dripping dick, and picked up his kaccha, and said “Ok Memsahib” and left. As soon as he left, synthia locked the door. I rushed out, I had already come in the bathroom once, but still had a raging hardon. I sank it into her waiting pussy, and fucked her. She kept moaning about how good Ramu was, and how big his dick felt, and I kept sliding my dick into her pussy, feeling Ramu’s sperm around my dick. I soon shot into her, then synthia asked me to lick her deep. I got down and really licked, her tasting Her Juices, Ramu’s sperm and mine all in one. We finally got together and fell asleep exhausted, and naked.

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